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Your Guide to Lacrosse Quick Stick

Lacrosse Quick Stick

A quick stick is an advanced lacrosse shooting technique in which a player catches a ball and throws it all in one motion without cradling. You will often see attackmen use it down by the crease. With a quick flip, the ball hits the back of the net before a goalie has even realized what happened.

How to add Quick Sticks to your Lacrosse Shooting Arsenal

If you play an offensive position, it’s important to have the ability to catch and release the ball quickly. It leads to many goals, because it can catch the defense off-guard or in the middle of a slide.

You will see it used in almost any Major League Lacrosse game you watch. If you learn this valuable lacrosse shooting technique, you could be the one responsible for late-game heroics.

Quick Stick Drills to Practice

The wall, of course, is the perfect place to practice your quick stick moves. If you hit the wall for 20 minutes a day, four to five times a week you will see big improvement. In each of these three quick stick drills, perform 50 repetitions with both your right and left hand.

Many coaches suggest youth lacrosse players practice quick sticks by throwing and catching with two hands, one hand and while kneeling.

As you practice, remember these basic quick stick tips:

  • Catch and release in the same motion
  • Have soft hands
  • Choke up on the stick
  • Keep your bottom elbow high
  • Snap your top hand towards your target
  • Don’t bat at the ball

As you practice, try aiming for a target on the wall, so you can improve your accuracy at the same time. Next, grab a buddy and find an open net. Feed each other passes so you can both practice lacrosse shooting with quick sticks.

Two-Ball Triangle Game

You don’t only have to practice quick sticks at the wall. With two friends, you could run a triangle drill where you quickly pass the ball back and forth to one another. For best results, use two balls and keep the triangle moving across the field at all times.

The two-ball triangle game will also help you develop other key skills, including:

  • Communication
  • Concentration
  • Chemistry

As you continue to work on your quick stick move, remember to let the ball fall soft in your stick like an egg. Then, redirect it with a quick snap of the wrists. But, never hold on to the ball long enough to need to cradle it.

Last modified: September 4, 2022