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Women’s Lacrosse Wall Ball Drill

Ready to take your lacrosse game up a notch? All you need is the right wall or rebounder and then it’s time for some stick skill drills, passing practice, and mastering those catches. Lacrosse rebounders will help you perfect your throws and passes with accuracy and repetition by allowing you refine your techniques gradually.

First you will have to find a suitable spot on the wall or rebounder where you can ricochet the ball back. The spot should have enough with enough oomph behind it to make the ball bounce back to head height. Use as much power as you want while throwing the ball at the wall or rebounder. You can always use both the hands to generate more power. Once you’ve managed to identify the sweet spot, it’s time to show off your skills! Try a few fancy tricks with the wall or rebounder and get everyone talking about how awesome you are.

First you need to start with some basic lacrosse skills like catching balls close to the head or making accurate passes while on the move. Trying cradling the ball while making the passes as this will help you hone your skills and don’t forget to move ahead with the other foot.  

To be a top-notch lacrosse player, it is important for you to master the art of passing with both hands. Make sure you switch your lacrosse stick with each pass – that way both hands will get equal reps and help boost performance! Each time you pass a lacrosse ball, you should try to switch hand quickly while keeping the dominant hand on the top of the stick.

You need to do something about your sidearm passing skills as well. Try this technique to make your sidearm passes sizzle! Begin with a high pass fake (which in real life game is used to distract the defender). (Once you catch the defenders of the opponent team off guard) Next, you will then have to drop the stick to the side.

Put your fast-paced reflexes to the test by working on quick sticks! All you have to do is to near a rebounder and practice catching and passing without cradling. The challenge? See how many you can do in record time, then try and beat it tomorrow!

One handed catching and passing is another technique that you can try to up your game.  Make sure to practice this technique using both your dominate and non-dominate hands. Doing so shall not only improve the strength of your arms and hands, but also will help you increase your accuracy and control over the ball. Just move your top hand toward the head of the stick and then try passing and catching the ball with one hand. If you want to make sure your skills stay sharp, don’t forget that it pays dividends in the long run if you use both hands for practice. Keep things balanced and reap the rewards!


Last modified: January 13, 2023