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Traditional Lacrosse Trophy VS Wooden Lacrosse Trophy

Traditional Lacrosse Trophy

There are many aspects of the lacrosse game that are enjoyed by the players and fans. The teams usually offer lacrosse trophies to the players with glorious track records and graduating members etc. These trophies are laden with cherish-worthy memories and fun times spent with teammates. The Wooden Lacrosse Stick Trophies can be customized and they look superb.

It is true that you can opt for plastic lacrosse trophies nowadays but they do not look as gorgeous and classy like the wooden stick type trophies. The handmade wooden lacrosse trophies reflect sheer craftsmanship. These are cherished by the players who receive the sticks as well.

As a lacrosse player, you may want to grab a wooden lacrosse stick but getting such a stick as a trophy elevates the experience to a new height. It makes heads turn and serves as a conversation starter in many places.

Lacrosse Trophies made customized by Traditional Lacrosse

The wooden lacrosse stick trophies by Traditional Lacrosse look stunning and the recipients will cherish these trophies for a long time. These trophies are not only liked by the recipient players but the coaches also admire these. The nice thing is you get plenty of customization choices. The trophies can be embossed with names, numbers, and logos, etc. Such abundant customizations make the trophies, even more, relish worthy. As the trophy owner, you may draw envious gazes from everyone and feel proud about it.

The Traditional Lacrosse wooden trophies are sold in 2 sizes. The larger 24-inch model sells for $70 while you can buy the 2-inch model for only $33. It is up to your penchant and budget. The craftsmanship you get in both models will leave you amazed. You can also check out the other items made by Traditional Lacrosse, apart from the enticing wooden lacrosse sticks and customized trophies.

The amazing versatility in Woodworking

Until you see the specimens of Traditional Lacrosse, you may not understand what woodwork craftsmanship is! The team is extremely talented and their work leaves the viewers stunned. The popular items are ornament lacrosse sticks, wooden plaques, and the lacrosse stick keychains made of wood.

The wooden feathers are what the majority of people opt for. It is a fact that the game’s roots are in nature. The wooden feathers by Traditional Lacrosse make a statement. They cost as little as $15 and even these items can be customized. You will spot the same attention to detail their products are known and loved for. The buyers use Traditional Lacrosse products in so many ways. For example, you can use these items as decorations, keychains, and mirror hangers.

When you buy from Traditional Lacrosse, it is easy to locate something apt for every player in the team! You may even buy any product in the group. This can be useful when you want to gift the same item to every member in the team. You may be able to get some wallet friendly deals on such orders. You will not have to think of the quality and durability of such products.