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Tips Beginners Lacrosse

Tips Beginners Lacrosse

Throwback to a couple of decades, Lacrosse was not as popular as it is right now. It is popular with high school and college students as a sport for recreation, of which many students may go on to pursue it on a professional level. It is an open secret that a plethora of students is introduced to the sport in high schools and colleges each year. Additionally, there are many youth leagues that provide opportunities for kids to come forward and take up the sport.

Certainly, lacrosse is a high impact game in the advanced levels. But, you can always take slow steps towards being a pro-lax player. When you are starting out, it is important to have patience and take time to understand the game. A greater understanding of the tricks and tips, followed by hardcore practice will drive you to shape your skills the best way possible.

But if you are a rookie into this game, there are a few tips that come handy. We have listed some of these tips and trips down below:

1. Practice Cradling the Ball

If you are a beginner, it is given that ‘cradling’ the ball will be one of the biggest challenges for you. While the tricks may come really naturally for some, others may need to take time to master nestling the ball in the net. Once you have mastered the art of cradling a lacrosse ball, you no longer will have to look into the head to see if it is there. Typically, cradling techniques vary with the depth of the pocket. Pro-laxers have the ability to cradle the ball using just one hand.

2. Throwing and Catching the Ball

Basically, you need to learn to throw and catch with both hands to be able to excel at the game. You can also come up with a great trick to confuse your opposition if you can throw and catch a ball using both your hands. This is also a versatile trick and you can use multiple versions of the trip in the later stages in the game. Ergo, it is important to practice throwing and catching the ball with both your hands from early on.

3. Catch the Ball like You’re Catching an Egg

The player must maintain proper posture and have proper mechanics while practicing a catch. You must take note of the positioning of your body before making a catch. Ensure that your shoulders are directed at the passer, and grip the top and the bottom of the lacrosse stick with your hands. Keep the shaft parallel to your body in a manner that the head is right next to your helmet.

Receiving a pass is really easy. All you have to do is practice it more often. When receiving a pass, you must drop the head of your lacrosse stick back to prevent the ball from popping out of the net.

4. Don’t Face The Receiver Directly When Passing The Ball

To be able to pass perfectly, you must be aware of the mechanics. For instance, while making a pass, you will need to push the stick towards the receiver with your top hand and snap your wrists simultaneously. You must immediately pull the stick with your bottom hand. Practice the same with your front foot towards the target. Rotate your hips in the process so that your back should is directed towards the target by the end.

Practicing these moves is taxing initially. Starting out, you shall not be able to pick up speed or pass the ball with accuracy. You must remember to take some extra time to practice the moves. 

Learn to Communicate on the Field

Just like in any other game, you must communicate with your teammates in the field. Clear communication on the field is one of the contributing factors to the success of a team. You must keep talking to your teammates on the field. You can pass loud and clear instructions on whom to mark, what position must one take up and make calls for the ball. If you really want to be an asset to your team, do not shy away from being vocal on the field.

Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

Beginners need not worry about lacrosse equipment. However, beginners must only invest in equipment certified by the NOCSAE in case they would want to use them in the long haul. Beginners are often confused about what sticks to buy, and whether they should buy complete sticks.

Honestly, if you are just starting out, you do not need to worry about buying a customizable stick. Just buy a complete stick; that should suffice for your game-play. When you progress to higher levels in the game, you might just want to go for a lacrosse stick that is personalized enough to suit your game play.

Please make note of the protective gear that you need and make sure that they come with quality padding to shield you from high checks and whips. Evaluate the products on the basis of quality, and safety before finalizing a purchase.

Try Mini-Lacrosse

Also known as soft lacrosse, the game is an inexpensive version of the original. The game does not involve any body contact or stick checking. This game was developed to make students familiar with lacrosse and to incorporate the best gaming habits right from the start. If you would like to get an insight into lacrosse, you can try playing mini-lacrosse before you take a full-swing into the game.

Keep it Simple

The beginner’s version of lacrosse is pretty simple as it does not involve any complicated steps. You shape your basic skills before moving a notch higher in the game. Ergo, you better keep the game simple. Learn to make short and crisp passes. If you are scooping up the ball, you must learn to pass it as there will be a defender near you waiting to pounce. Use only the basic shots unless for perfect them.