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Three Seconds Rule in Girls’ Lacrosse

Three Seconds Rule in Girls’ Lacrosse

The Three Seconds rule in girls’ lacrosse can be a maddening mystery for a parent and player just getting their feet wet in the game. Newcomers often find themselves scratching their heads when the game suddenly grinds to a halt with a whistle and no obvious violation around the ball. But fear not!

Staying in the 8-meter arc for more than 3 seconds is a big no-no. So don’t even think about trying to pull a fast one and hang out back there any longer than that, unless you are marking an opponent within a stick’s length, of course. Otherwise, you’ll be in hot water with the referees. It can be risky territory at times because defenders tend camp out back there when they’re in a pinch, so watch your step and stick to the rules!

It leads to an unsafe condition when players are just hanging around unnecessarily within the 8-meter arc because it is the zone where the most shots are taken place. Defensive players will be at risk violating the shooting space. Offensive players will also be at risk getting entangled in complex rules like dangerous propelling.

When it comes to lacrosse, an all-too-common foul at the beginner level is due to two main causes. First, many girls often lose track of who they’re supposed to be guarding and end up loitering around in front of the goal if they were playing soccer – thinking it’s their best bet to stop the other team from scoring. This is a big no-no in the game of lacrosse.

And the 2nd reason is – sometimes, the coach gets a little too excited and starts screaming like crazy. If you get carried away in such cases, you will end up causing a foul. With the pressure to defend coming from their coach and teammates, a player may be tempted to double or even triple team an off-ball attacker. However, this isn’t allowed under lacrosse rules; only one defender can guard within stick’s length of another opponent. Trying to use too many defenders won’t get you out of trouble – it’ll just give the referee a reason for blowing that whistle!

The three seconds rule comes into effect once the lacrosse ball goes past the Restraining Line in the attacking third of the field. This rule is limited to a narrow scope, with only 8 meters in its purview. Plus, it comes with certain caveats that must be observed for compliance.

Stepping partially into the 8-meter area is a risky move for defenders. Any player who chooses to toe that line runs the risk of being whistled under three seconds’ rule regulations! None of your feet should be in the 8-meter area otherwise it will be considered as foul.

Last modified: January 23, 2023