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The Ultimate (Women) Lacrosse Goggles Buying Guide

Lacrosse Goggles Buying Guide

There is no denying that Lacrosse is a fast-paced game with plenty of action. In it, the players run across the field and catching and passing the ball is their aim. The ball also travels at a high speed and it can also hit the players-if they are not careful or properly guarded. So, the male players wear helmets to protect their face and head while the female players wear goggles. Lacrosse goggles offer the female players protection and also ensure required visibility. So, they need to invest in suitable goggles.

Importance Of Using Goggles In Lacrosse

In lacrosse, every player is required to wear a number of protective gear. Without wearing goggles, you can risk getting hit on the nose and eye region. With the usage of goggles and eyewear, the instances of eye injuries have come down.

Things To Analyze When Shopping For A Lacrosse Goggles

To ensure you buy the right and fitting lacrosse goggles, it is necessary that you analyze a number of factors. These include:

Frame Material

When buying a lacrosse goggles – you cannot overlook the frame material! It ensures the durability of the item in the long run. The majority of such goggles have frames made with silicone or polymer. The advantage of such frames is that they can be easily cleaned. So, you need not think much about dust and grime buildup. These frames also fit in with face contour without woes.

You will also come across a number of goggles with a hardened plastic front for enhanced protection. These also have a softer silicone pad fitting on the face. These models offer a better experience to the users. There are lightweight models with a simple cage and polymer frame.

Cage Shape And Material

The majority of lacrosse goggles have metal cages barring a few all-plastic models. While the metal cages are on the heavier side, they offer better durability than plastic. On the other hand, the plastic cage models are so lightweight that you barely feel they are there! It is hard to say which the best option is though. You may also opt for scratch-resistant plastic made models for enhanced durability.

The goggles may have varying bars and they are more suited for the younger players. However, the lacrosse players with several years of experience often opt for minimalist and lighter cages with fewer bars. They prefer better visibility over the protection or weight of goggles.

Size and fit

The goggles usually come in one size for youngsters and another for adult players. The players have to adjust the strap well to ensure the goggles fit on their face. If you feel they are loose when you run, tightening the strap will be necessary. The same model which fits on the face of a player really well, may not be apt for another player. This can be caused by a difference in face shape and contour.


The padding of lacrosse goggles is something you need to check carefully. Lacrosse goggle padding is typically made of materials like foam, rubber or silicon. While all of these are shock-absorbing in nature- you need to check your comfort level. The padding should be able to soak in velocity impact easily. You should buy a goggle with padding that is essentially water-resistant and antimicrobial in nature. This is especially useful if you stay in a warm region and sweating cannot be evaded. Those with sensitive and acne-prone skin also need such models.

Additional Features

Some such goggles are meant for reducing the glare of the sun and they offer protection from UV rays too.

While the lacrosse goggles are not exactly style accessories for women, it is possible to pick from a wide range of designs and colors. You may think of your jerseys, backpack or duffel bag color while picking such goggles. You can also buy some models with bi-color frames.

Is It Okay To Wear Glasses Under Lacrosse Goggles?

This is an issue the female lacrosse player often faces. It is recommended if your eyesight is poor but there can be disadvantages too. You may not be able to wear glass under all goggles- for example. You will still be able to find some goggles that are made for wearing over existing glasses. Ideally, such goggles will be big enough and have enough space for ventilation. You can check up the webshops to find such items.

What Else You Need To Check

Nowadays, you can shop for lacrosse gears including goggles in sports shops and online. In typical sports shops, you can try the goggles before buying them. While there are many reliable websites selling lacrosse gears including goggles, you have to be careful if you buy such stuff online. If you buy goggles online, check for several high-resolution images and adequate product descriptions. Also ensure, the shop offers easy return and replacement policy.

Another thing you need to be careful about while buying Lacrosse goggles is ASTM certification. It is the industry standard seal of approval. These goggles can also be used in recreational sports. The ASTM certified goggles can safeguard your face from the ball and stick impacts.

Summing It Up

While you need to focus on usability and durability while buying lacrosse goggles- there is no single model that fits everyone’s needs! For some veteran players, the durability of metal matters more than the lightweight feeling offered by plastic models. On the contrary, the new players may find the metal models too heavy for their needs. Stylish looking models are there but these goggles are meant more for productivity than flaunting!

 As for usability, the 2 major aspects that matter are clarity of vision and protection. Some models have anti-glare and UV coated or tinted glasses. If you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin, consider buying goggles that have antimicrobial coating laced inner padding. The goggles must be easy to wash and maintain as well. It is okay to check out the online reviews of such products before buying.