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STX Hammer 500

In the game of lacrosse, having a superior defense is essential. A solid defense can win championships or put you in a sharp losing streak. It makes sense because after all, you can’t defend a castle if there’s no wall. Defensemen are that wall. Defensemen with great lacrosse equipment make a better wall. Defensemen with the new STX Hammer 500 are the best wall.

The STX Hammer 500 lacrosse head gives you the strength and power you need to absolutely decimate the opposing team and disintegrate any chances of the offense scoring a goal.

We at Lax World have tested out the Hammer 500 and we can definitely say without a shadow a doubt that the head is super stiff and ground ball-friendly. It has to be one of the best heads on the market available for defensive lacrosse players right now.

The head has a new “speed scoop” technology that allows the defensive player to pick up ground balls with lightning fast speed. The Hammer sidewall has a “brace” design that has incredible durability. This means that you won’t have to worry about this head cracking during the middle of a season or worse – in the middle of a game.

The C-Channel technology spreads stress and impact on the sidewall, to allow for more even shots and passes, ensuring that you don’t place the ball in the enemy hands.

Simply put, the Hammer 500 is an incredible head for an incredible price. This head is a must buy for defensemen who want to help their team rise to the top. You’ll be getting great value for the money and an even better head that will last a life time.

Last modified: September 5, 2022