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STX Duel Head Review

Two competitors enter a small circle in the middle of the field. They lock eyes, staring each other down with a steely gaze. They get into position. At the mark, they charge towards a small ball in the center. The competitors are locked in a battle for the ball. Their allies stand around them. After a few seconds of might and fight, one emerges with the ball. This possession has changed the tide of the game completely.

What was just described is none other than a lacrosse face-off. The lacrosse face-off is one of the most important parts of the game. Possession of the ball can lead to a quick goal, shifting the momentum of the game and stealing the fervor of leading team.

The STX Duel Head ensures that you will be the victor in these crucial battles and take your team to the heights of glory.

The STX Duel is the only lacrosse head EVER to be designed specifically for face-offs. True to its name, the head is split into two sections:

  • Bottom – Very rugged and stiff for solid support w/ great flex while maintaining strength
  • Top – Flexible head for easily scooping up ground balls

Together, this allows the face-off specialist to easily emerge as the clear winner.

The head has incredible scoop on ground balls. The head is designed to flex and compress when the player is low enough to the ball, making for easy transition to the pocket and an easier transition to a fellow player.

This lacrosse head also has an incredible throat, which means better clamping control and the ability for the head to collapse on the ball in an aggressive manner. This gives faster movement on the face-off.

Overall, this creates an uncompromising design that allows the player to have a strong head that won’t falter during one of the most crucial moments in a lacrosse game.

The STX Duel is designed to be used with the Duel lacrosse shaft as a combined system for the face-off player. The Duel lacrosse shaft has a strong grip at the top of the shaft so that the face-off player has strategic control over the ball. The shaft is lightweight and durable, made with Scandium alloy for a long lasting and incredibly stable shaft.

Together, the Duel system (head and shaft) are designed to win arguably the most crucial part of the game. This head and shaft can be used for other midfielders as well, due to its ability to take up groundballs with ease.

If you’re a face-off guy, you simply have to get the STX Duel head and shaft. This combo will ensure that you get the most out of face-offs and give your team the fighting edge they need to win games and compete at a high level. Lightweight, durability, and control make this head and shaft combo a force to be reckoned with and will make you the most feared face-off guy in your league.

Last modified: September 5, 2022