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Shooting Space in Girl’s Lacrosse

Safety is and has always been a top priority in women’s lacrosse, and which is why there are certain rules in place to keep players protected from injuries. Shooting space rule is one such rule. Simply put, what this Shooting space rule states is that a defender under no circumstances run into the path of the attacker. Basically, the idea is to keep the defender away from the attacker’s line of fire. Defender should always try to avoid getting into the shooting lane of the attacker and failure to do so will invite a penalty. The penalized defender will have to stand back four meters from where the shooter takes his shot and believe me, you would definitely not want to deal with this situation because the attacker will then get an undue advantage in the game and it is all because of you!

Of, you can always approach the attackers but don’t go straight into their attacking lane rather try to tackle them from the side and you will be just fine.

What is Free Space to Goal?

Free Space to Goal is an area, outside the goal circle, marked by two lines touching a circle. As long as defensive players stay outside the extension of the goal line, they have nothing to worry about. Basically, this free space allows an attacker to take a shot at the goal from a safe distance, and should any defensive player violate that space by making a forced entrance into that spot, the referee may award the attacking with an Obstruction of the Free Space to Goal penalty. As the name suggests, free space to goal ensures that attackers have enough room to work with and secure a successful shot at the goal without any interruptions or interference from defenders.

In short

What Shooting Space simply means is that a defender just can’t run into the path of the shooter of the opponent team. Failure to abide by this rule will get the defender into trouble, as the referee would blow the whistle and penalize the defensive team. The attacking player will be awarded an 8-meter shot while the defensive player will have to stand 4 meters away from the shooter.

Last modified: February 9, 2023