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New East Coast Dyes Mirage Head Review

After taking the Mesh game by storm, we have recently seen East Coast Dyes (ECD) start expanding their brand to numerous other marketable aspects of the game. From their Carbon Shafts to the Mint balls, no matter what these guys seem to cook up in their new and improved “lab”, the people seem to be foaming at the mouth for a chance to get their hands on these game changing products. Now, yet again, ECD has given the game a whole new product too praise and (in my situation) analyze. We present, The ECD Mirage Lacrosse Head!

Named after the risqué evil assistant, turned good, from the Box-office smash “The Incredibles” (2004) OR the optical allusion caused by atmospheric conditions (you be the judge) the Mirage Head by ECD is the newest item in their product line. It is offered at three different purchasing prices, which are entirely dependent on the stringing options; ranging from $89.99-$129.99. Aside from being reasonably priced, there are a few other aspects about the Mirage that make it unique.

When I first took a peak at this universal head, I noticed the narrow pinch, much like you would see in an STX head. As the throat merges into the side wall you can notice a small flair right before the sidewall continues. This is caused by the dropped offset you can see a bit more clearly when you look at the head from the side. I’ve started to notice this in a few other newly manufactured heads. This offset not only increases the strength in the base of the Mirage but also narrows the flex-points in the head itself. When bending it, as it would be on a hard check or a face-off, you can see most of the flex happening near/at the flair I mentioned earlier. I think this will decrease the amount of cracks and snaps in the sidewall.

The Mirage also has a matte finish, another trend you are seeing with a lot of the new models. However, as I looked closer, the inner part of the head has a gloss to it until you reach the peach of the head where it arches back into the matte covering. The peak also seems to be flattened a little more than the usual head I see. I thought this would make groundballs a little more difficult but after my first scoop, I was proven wrong. Quick, clean GB and in the pocket, just like my favorite Cold Stone Creamery Scooper Lady (S/O Lauren).

As for the rest of the head, it is pretty user friendly. There are enough port holes to string any style you can imaging and they’ve even added their own custom “Mirage” ball-stop (shiny of course).

All in all, this isn’t a bad first go for the ECD Team. As customers continue to buy this product, we will obviously learn more about the longevity of the head but as of now, I’d have no problem recommending this head to any player looking to hit the field. So go pick one up, hit the field, tickle some twine, rip some cheese, or even throw a few rusty-gates if you have to! Then, come back and tell me what YOU thought of it.

Last modified: September 5, 2022