Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills

Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills

The sport of lacrosse is a highly-skilled game that requires hours and hours of practice to be good enough. However, one type of drill can help almost any player improve their skills in the sport: wall ball drills. These are especially great for new players who need to work on catching, shooting, throwing and passing with ease; but it’s also an excellent way for seasoned athletes looking sharpen up areas they may have been neglecting or struggling with like accuracy when trying shots from far away distances. These drills are also good when you want to enhance the areas of weaknesses in the sport. It can be a nice means to amaze your lacrosse teammates by secretly enhancing your skills.

Accessories That You Need Before Trying Out The Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills

You will need to use the below-listed accessories to practice such wall ball drills properly and safely.

  • Lacrosse helmet – By not wearing the lacrosse helmet you risk getting hit by lacrosse balls on the face and that can lead to injuries.
  • Lacrosse gloves – Not wearing the gloves while practicing wall ball drills is another mistake you should not commit. The feel of stick in hand with and without gloves is different.
  • Multiple lacrosse balls – It may so happen you can lose a few balls while practicing and so carrying spare balls is a good idea.
  • Marker or athletic tape – This will be necessary for marking spots on the walls.

Here Are Some Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills Meant For New Players To Practice:

  • 25 right-hand passes with right-hand catches
  • 25 right-hand passes with left-hand catches
  • 25 left-hand passes with left-hand catches
  • 25 split dodge & shoot- left and right
  • 25 left-hand passes and right-hand catches

Now, you can try out these Wall Ball Drills meant for Intermediate & Advanced Lacrosse Players:

Canadian style – Pass the ball using your right hand and then catch using your right hand too but on your left side. Of course, the stick has to be used across the body. There are a few variations of it as well.

You may try different shooting angles like underhand, overhand, sidearm against the wall.

You may try changing the distance from the wall. The distance can range from 3 yards to 10 feet. The throw will vary based on your distance from the wall.

You may also run along the side wall catching and throwing the ball.

Try scooping up groundballs while shooting low and then scoop up the ball returning.

It is a good idea to practice fake shots against the wall.

  • One-handed – You may also try out a one-handed catch. Catch passes coming off the wall while using just one hand on the stick. This is not easy but later you will be able to catch those difficult out-of-reach shots.
  • Quickstick – In this style, you throw and catch the ball as fast as possible.
  • Shuffle – If the wall is big, you may practice wall ball while shuffling in a direction. This drill helps to simulate real-time passes in this game.

Wall Ball Drills For Veteran Lacrosse Players

The seasoned lacrosse players need hardcore wall ball drills to retain their on-field prowess. These are not meant for beginners in the game, for sure. The thing is you will need to complete the entire drill without dropping the ball even once!

  • 100 regular Throws Right, followed by 100 regular Throws left.
  • 100 Far Back Throws towards Right, followed by 100 Far Back Throws in the opposite direction.
  • 100 In Close Throws Right, followed by 100 In Close Throws in the opposite direction.
  • 100 One-Handed Throws towards Right, followed by 100 One-Handed Throws in the opposite direction.
  • 100 Quickstick Right and then, 100 Quickstick Left.

Some Handy Wall Ball Drill Tips

  • When trying out various Lacrosse wall ball drills, you should move your feet. Do not stand in one place. In real games, your feet do not stay fixed at the same place, regardless of your position.
  • To make the drills more competitive, ask a teammate or partner to accompany you and see who can finish fast and with more accuracy.
  • You can try new and innovative ways to use the wall for drills.
  • If you think trying the wall ball drills is getting monotonous, there are ways to spice it up! You may play foot-tapping music with fast beats as you try out the drills.
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