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Lacrosse Stick Checks

Lacrosse Stick Checks

The success of a player in lacrosse depends on factors like his/her agility, stamina and stick checking skills. In fact, learning the nuances of stick checks in this game is vital for any lacrosse player. Stick checks are necessary for dislodging the ball from the sticks of rival team players with ease. It also comes in handy for disrupting the shots of an opponent player. There are basic and advanced stick checks in lacrosse that coaches recommend to the players. A player has to learn the basic checks first and after mastering these they proceed to the more advanced ones.

Basic lacrosse stick checks

Lift Check

It involves “lifting” the hands of an opponent player using the stick so that ball drops out from his/her stick easily.

Slap Check

This lacrosse stick check is like “slapping” at stick of an opponent player, while running. Doing this roughly however, can lead to a penalty being imposed on the player.

Tomahawk Check

This is described as a desperation check. The lacrosse player brings stick down resembling the motion of a tomahawk to dislodge the ball from the rival player’s stick.  If the stick hits the helmet of a rival player, the referee can call a penalty.

Poke Check

It involves “poking” the hands of a rival team player with your stick and this leads to the player dropping the ball.

Advanced lacrosse stick checks

Over The Head Check

This advanced lacrosse stick check is used by tall lacrosse defensemen.

Ding Dong Check

This defensive stick check is deployed to strip the ball from a rival player. It involves a fake check over the head.

One Hand Wrap Check

Using it, a lacrosse defender can dislodge the ball from a rival player’s stick who is attempting to guard his stick using the body.

Two Hand Wrap Check

This is a variation of One Hand Wrap Check involving both the hands.

Kayak Check

It involves using your stick’s butt end to dislodge the ball from stick of an opponent team player.

Ice Pick Check

This high-risk check is meant for lacrosse defenders.

Rusty Gate Check

It is a type of one-handed lacrosse stick check.