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Lacrosse Protective Gear (For Men)

Lacrosse Protective Gear

Lacrosse is a fast-paced as well as high impact game and this necessitates usage of several protective gear for the players. While both men and women play this game, men’s lacrosse tends to be more impact intensive-forcing the male players to use suitable protective gear. Regardless of age and level of interest in sports, male lacrosse players need to buy the apt type of protective gear. There are several brands selling lacrosse gears and attire for male players and so they need to be careful about selecting the right items.

Listed below are the major protective gears used by male lacrosse players and tips to buy the apt ones:

1. Helmets

Beyond doubt, a lacrosse helmet is the most important protective gear used by the male lacrosse players. The helmets protect their heads and face from the forceful impact of the balls and sticks used by the other players. While shopping for helmets, male macros players should check the following aspects.

  1. Padding – the internal padding of the helmet has to be checked well before buying. The inner padding is made of soft material to soak in the impact well. It should be soft but offer a firm grip on the head and face contour.
  2. Outer shell – The outer shells of male lacrosse helmets are made with toughened plastic material, usually. You may find models with an outer layer made with impact-resistant polycarbonate.
  3. Ventilation holes–  This is important as inadequate ventilation will make your scalp sweat and lead to a risk of germ breeding inside the helmet. You need to invest in a lacrosse helmet with adequate ventilation holes or slots if you have long and thick hair.
  4. Facemask– Facemasks are integrated into male lacrosse helmets. These are made typically with heavy-duty lightweight metals like tungsten or steel. The ideal helmet should have sturdy facemasks without being heavy overall. Besides, the facemasks should not obscure visibility.
  5. Chin Straps – The helmets also have Chin straps for holding the helmet securely and chin bars to safeguard the chin area from blows and stick impact.

Above all, you will need a helmet that fits snugly on the head and offers comfort. It should also have a stamp of NOCSAE which ensures durability and safety. The helmets are sold in 2 sizes- for the young and adult players.

2. Shoulder Pads

The lacrosse shoulder pads are somewhat underrated in men’s lacrosse but they are important safety gear. They protect the players from rough ground, hard shots and stick impacts. You get 3 types of shoulder pads- shoulder pad liner, hybrid shoulder pads, and typical shoulder pads.

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The traditional shoulder pads offer male lacrosse players a good level of security and protection. These sets contain layers of padding that may expand and contract with movement. The Hybrid Shoulder Pads fit the chest anatomically and make you feel as if you are not wearing any pad. These come with bicep guards. The Shoulder Liners is like a Hybrid shoulder pad set minus the bicep guards. These, however, do not offer very good protection while allowing maximum flexibility.

When buying a lacrosse shoulder pad a few aspects have to be checked carefully. These are

  1. Breathability -The pad should not make you sweat profusely or make uncomfortable.
  2. Strapping – The pad should have a flexible strapping mechanism in place. This will ensure the players feel cozy while wearing them. There are models with plastic buckles and Velcro.
  3. Chest Protection – Some shoulder pads come with additional sternum plate for chest protection. You may get an additional air bladder system in some models.

Ultimately, your shoulder pad buying choice will depend on the style of playing! The Aggressive players need traditional shoulder pads and the Athletic players fare better with the hybrid shoulder pads. They prefer agility and protection.

3. Elbow And Arm Protection

In men’s lacrosse, using arm protection gears is also necessary. You can pick from 3 kinds of lacrosse arm protection. The full arm guard is for the attack men while midfielders or defenders use arm pads. Some players go for smaller elbow pads.

4. Mouthguards

The Mouthguards safeguard the mouth and teeth from getting hit by ball and sticks. They can be segregated into 2 types- Boil and Bite type and instant fit type. These are made with flexible materials to minimize damage to the face and mouth. You may check for mouth guards with embedded lip guards. Top-notch models are sold with dental warranty.

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It is also necessary to invest in a proper case for the mouth guard. In any case, the mouth guard set has to be quick-drying and well ventilated. Ideally, you should go for the Ethylene-vinyl acetate Mouthguards as they are elastic and not toxic. However, those on modest budgets can opt for the Silicone base mouthguards.

5. Gloves

Lacrosse gloves not only protect your fingers and palm area but they also offer you a firm grip on the stick while playing. Besides, these also keep hands warm during chilling winter days. While buying lacrosse gloves for men, checking a few parameters will be necessary.

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  1. Padding – The gloves will have padding but the thickness may not be the same across the models. The palm region should not be padded to ensure a good grip on the stick. The gloves typically come with a wrist guard. The goalies need gloves with thicker padding and extended wrist guards.
  2. Ventilation – The logic is the same as lacrosse helmets! The hands and palms should be ventilated. If the palms become sweaty and greasy, the grip will loosen. The palms will also smell bad then. So, buy a pair of gloves set with ventilation holes.
  3. Grip – You may check out the gloves with textured palm as these offer enhanced grip.

Above all, the lacrosse gloves should for the palms and fingers really well. If the gloves are too loose that will be hard on you and overtly tight gloves will cause trouble too.

6. Athletic cups

The Athletic cups offer protection to the groin area and this is something you cannot overlook. You may buy polymer-based cups and models with gel pads around. There are some pads with steel plating for enhanced groin protection.