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The Making of a Great Lacrosse Pocket

The Making of a Great Lacrosse Pocket

You must have found that the most versatile lacrosse pocket, as well as the best performing lacrosse pocket, is soft mesh with hockey lace. This combo will give you the best feel in all weather, is the easiest to maintain, and can be adjusted quickly and easily.

Here are a few quick tips to help make your pocket the ultimate:

1. Always use an interlocking sidewall!

2. Tie the end of the mesh correctly at the bottom. There should not be a gap larger than 1/2 inch there. Tie it without any wrinkle in the mesh. You’ll be surprised at the difference this makes.

3. After it’s strung, if you need to stretch the depth of the pocket some, do it by adjusting the interlocking sidewall. This will keep the pocket from becoming too big, and allowing the ball to move around too much. It adds tremendously to control and consistency.

4. When tying the hockey lace up top, allow some play in the top shooting string. This will give you a MUCH smoother release. I have seen people tie it too tight, and the stick actually bumps when the ball hits the top shooting string.

5. Make sure the top two shooting strings keep the ball off the plastic when it’s thrown. I said earlier that it shouldn’t be too tight, but it also can’t be too loose.

6. Pre stretch materials before stringing. If you “weather” your shooting strings and sidewall and mesh beforehand, they will be much easier to tweak afterwards, and less likely to stretch as frequently, while playing. It is a pain to have to retie your shooting strings every day for a week because they keep stretching every time you play. I’ve strung lots of sticks, and I know that each of these tips work, so give them a try!