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Lacrosse Passing tips For Beginners

Lacrosse Passing Tips For Beginners

Passing is a vital skill to have when Lacrosse is played and can be one of the most important skills for you. If you don’t pass well then your team is going right into the hands of your opponent which gives them a chance to score Lacrosse goals.

Lacrosse Passing Tips For Beginners

There are many ways that beginners can improve their Lacrosse passing and all of these points have been made by top Lacrosse players themselves.

Use Tennis Ball

You may be thinking ‘but it’s Lacrosse, not Tennis’. However tennis ball passing is a great way to improve on Lacrosse passing. Passing and catching with a tennis ball is an easy way to introduce younger players to the sport of lacrosse. It’s less intimidating than being hit by the hard lacrosse balls which most other players are used to playing with.

Position of Top Hand

To maintain perfect balance while shooting or throwing the lacrosse ball, you need to make sure that your top hand is placed at the is near the head of the stick. When passing to another player, you will have to bring down the top hand 10 to 12 inches but there should be enough gap between the top hand and the bottom hand.

While passing the ball, you need to make it a point that your top hand is not positioned near the tip of the lacrosse stick. If you try to push the ball while your top hand is positioned near the head of the lacrosse stick, you will not be able to generate enough power. To generate more power, top hand should come down the stick.

Buddy Pass

Whenever you are trying to pass the lacrosse ball to the your team member, you need to make sure that it is not going to get judged by others as a weak pass because if the pass lacks power, opponent team members might intercept those passes easily and effortlessly. Your passes should be straight and to the point as far as possible.

Passing Accuracy

Your Lacrosse passing accuracy must be well maintained at all times. The Lacrosse ball should land directly in the hands of the player you are trying to hit. If this is not maintained, then it will cost you Lacrosse goals each time that this happens because your opponent team members might easily steal those passes away from you. Always try to avoid sidearm passes rather focus on overhand pass to increase accuracy of the passes.

Ball Speed

While practicing passing, make sure that the balls are moving fast enough. You can practice playing Lacrosse using two or more passers and receivers but avoid leaving one single passer on their own because it will help them improve their game play as well and Lacrosse passing accuracy should be the aim when you play Lacrosse. Lacrosse passing practice like this will definitely help you to improve your Lacrosse game play because it helps you to pass much better than someone who doesn’t try this as often as possible. Lacrosse Passing is not an easy task but with some Lacrosse skills tips, every player can easily become a master of Lacrosse passing.

Lacrosse Passing skills takes time to develop and practice makes your Lacrosse passing better by the day.

Lacrosse Goalie Passing

If you are a Lacrosse goalie, then you better work on your passing skills because Lacrosse goals may be scored if you don’t have the ability to pass well. Passing accuracy is what keeps Lacrosse goalies focused at all times. It will also help Lacrosse defenders who can focus more clearly because they know that their goalie is capable enough of making a good pass which gives them time to get into position as well.