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Lacrosse Goalie Gear Guide

Lacrosse Goalie Gear Guide

In lacrosse, all the players have to be agile and fast action is a prerequisite of the game. However, the goalies have to be more focused and agile in their positions. They also need to stay protected without affecting the agility.

While buying the gears and accessories, the goalies have to be careful. As a matter of fact, the goalies in lacrosse use a similar type of equipment as the other players, but their gears are a bit more specific in nature.

The Accessories And Gears Required By Lacrosse Goalies

Listed below are the accessories that a lacrosse goalie cannot do without:

1. Helmets

The lacrosse goalies definitely need to wear the rig type of helmets. Their helmets need to be more impact resistant than the other players. The goalie helmets are typically sold with a throat guard. Of course, the helmet should fit in well. It also needs to have the right amount of padding.

2. Throat Guard

Some helmets do not have an embedded throat guard and when you buy these, attaching the throat guard unit separately is a requirement. It safeguards the throat from all the shots.

3. Sticks

Like the lacrosse players, the goalie also needs to use the stick. There are hundreds of head, shaft and mesh combinations that you can opt for- in this regard.

4. Chest Protector

The lacrosse goalie needs to wear a robust chest protector as the shots can come from any direction. You can go for a model that is laden with reinforced chest plates. The padding should be adequate but the gear should not be too heavy. Some chest guards also come with additional padding to save the shoulder.

5. Gloves

The lacrosse goalie needs to pick a suitable glove set too. The gloves should offer a great grip and it also needs to have thick padding. The glove set should also have adequate ventilation.

6. Athletic Cup/ Jock

The male lacrosse goalies need to wear suitable athletic cups to protect the groin area. Opt for a cup that covers the groin well and has thick padding.

7. Cleats

The goalies need to wear the right and fitting cleats. However, these work the best on grass fields. Evade using the soccer cleats as they do not offer as much protection as lacrosse cleats. For playing in your neighborhood, you can also use turf shoes.

8. Mouthguards

This gear is essential for any lacrosse player-including the goalie. There are so many models but you may also get one custom fit by a dentist. Even in shops, you can find quality mouth guards that can be customized to an extent.

What Else A Goalie Needs?

Typically, a lacrosse goalie does not wear arm pads. These actually end up hampering free arm movement. However, they should wear shin guards. However, it is better that you buy a light pair so that agility is not hampered. A lot of goalies also wear pants for protecting the thigh and hip region and they also use light knee pads.

To store and carry all these gears, a goalie also needs a bag. Both backpacks and duffel bags can fit the bill as long as the bag is robust and has many compartments inside.

Last modified: August 19, 2020