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Lacrosse Eye Black Designs and Rules

In a game like Lacrosse, it is necessary to develop the skills and use the right accessories for the best outcome. Apart from using the right stick and attire, the players also put on lacrosse black, an accessory that adds some style. However, it is used not only for enhancing looks. You get some protection from the sun and glare of light by using eye black. Just adhere to the basic rules so that it works well for you.

What Are The Various Lacrosse Eye Black Designs?

You can pick from the available lacrosse eye black styles. The popular options are:

  • Messy Lacrosse Eye Black – This suit when you are going priority to grit over perfection.
  • Straight Bar Eye Black – This is a simple and clean style.
  • Interpretive Eye Black – It is a bold style that makes heads turn.
  • Blacked Out Eye Black – This is suited when you feel charged up about the gameplay.
  • Triangle Lacrosse Eye Black – This style is something the professional players choose.

Are There Any Rules For Using Eye Blacks In Lacrosse?

There are some norms for using eye blacks in lacrosse. It will depend on your age, gender, location, and position. If you do not abide by the rules, the coach may get offended and you may invite a penalty too.

NCAA Lacrosse Eye Black norms

In NCAA, there is no defined norms about Lacrosse eye blacks, as you will find out. However, it will be better if you play it safe and do not go for a style that looks too loud.

High School Eye Black norms

For high school level lacrosse, the players do not get the options to put on stylish or over the top style Eye Blacks. These players can put on solid strokes of black and no fancy style like logos and numbers are permitted. It can’t cross the cheekbone. However, a section of players does not always adhere to this norm. Even some refs do not always agree with this norm of high school lacrosse. It varies from one region to another.

Women’s Lacrosse Eye Black norms

When it comes to Women’s lacrosse, the eye black norms are not very different from the men’s version of the game. The college players do get freedom for accessories while the school level players have to cope with a few restrictions. Eventually, you can get away with some amount of eye black norm variations when you know the ref well.