Lacrosse Drills for Very Young Players

Lacrosse Drills

Do you have a few naughty and hyperactive kids at home and find it hard to keep them engaged in productive activities? You may teach them how to play lacrosse. Does that sound weird? Well, most people think lacrosse is a game meant for adults and at best, teenagers heading to college.

However, the reality is with a bit of patience and proper knowledge you can prepare your playful kids for this sport. It won’t be necessary to invest in a lot of lacrosse accessories. You will need to teach them some useful beginner lacrosse drills.

Simple Lacrosse Drills Meant For Very Young Players

Listed here are a set of simple lacrosse drills that can easily be performed by the kids. These drills are not hard and the risk of your kids getting injured while trying these drills is minimal.

  • Basic Dodging Drills – In it, the kids have to dodge past an instructor. Of course, you have to show them basic dodging skill beforehand. The widely used and basic lacrosse dodges are split dodge, face dodge, roll dodge.
  • You have to guide them on shooting fundamentals and show the simple shooting drills. For example, you can roll out ground balls for them to retrieve.
  • When teaching your kids lacrosse drills, go slow. Teach them the basic ones first and ensure they give attention to the drills.
  • Cradling Drills – In it, you teach them how to run a short distance while keeping the ball.
  • Ground Ball Drills – In it, you just roll out the ball so that the kids can see how to bend down and then scoop up the ball.
  • It is not always necessary to use lacrosse ball to teach your kids the drills. Trying the wall ball drills will make them experienced and they can evade getting hurt when using hard lacrosse balls
  • There are drills in which you give them easy passes so their catching skills are developed.
  • You may search online for some more kid-centric fun lacrosse drills.

As the kids pick up basic lacrosse kills, you may proceed to teaching them “regular” beginner drills that involve better coordination and attention spans.

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Enoch C. Williams

Enoch is a veteran lacrosse player. He has played on the same team for 20 years, and his teammates are like family to him. He's worked hard over the last two decades to get where he is today, playing in some of the best tournaments in North America with people that have become lifelong friends. Enoch loves pushing himself physically and mentally every time he steps onto the field, knowing that if he doesn't give 100% then there's always someone else who will take his place.

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