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Lacrosse Drills for Midfielders

Lacrosse Drills for Midfielders

Midfield may just be the most physically demanding position in the game of lacrosse. Middies are at the center of the action all game long, running, scooping and dodging more than anyone else on the field. These essential players earn their playing time from frequent repetitions of midfield lacrosse drills that improve stickwork, shooting and agility.

Lacrosse Drills for the Midfield Game


Catching and Throwing

Wall ball builds a more fluid, ambidextrous offensive player. As midfielders split dodge down the field, they need to be proficient at playing with both hands.


When working on your shooting skills, practice like you play: in motion. Midfielders benefit most from focusing on shooting on the run during lacrosse drills.


There’s no doubt that midfielders who can scoop more groundballs attract their coach’s attention in lacrosse tryouts. Luckily, this important skill is easy to practice either on your own or with a friend.


Midfielders must be all legs if they are going to cover all ends of a lacrosse field. Wind sprints, which can be a part of a lacrosse practice, are something that midfielders may incorporate into their lacrosse workouts, too. A midfielder’s speed will improve after regular sprints at different distances, including 100, 60 and 40 yards.


Speed kills, but lacrosse’s four-quarter game requires top-tier conditioning from its players, too. Midfielders who regularly run distances of three miles or more can contribute more to their teams when it matters most.


In the fastest game on two feet, a midfielder’s footwork plays a central role in their success. To build championship footwork, regularly perform agility exercises.

Last modified: September 4, 2022