Lacrosse Circuit Training for Girls

Lacrosse Circuit Training for Girls

Let’s face it, any athletic endeavor is less likely to cause injury if one is in good shape. Lacrosse is no exception. Life is so busy these days that it doesn’t allow is much time for working out. Time in the gym is precious, and needs to be used effectively. If you only have an hour to workout, and want a really effective workout, try circuit training. The key to great circuit training is to use only major muscle groups. Each exercise must use many joints at one time. One must move exercise to exercise rapidly to force the body to move blood from one area of the body to another quickly. This raises the heart rate, and increases metabolism, thus our bodies burn more calories. This “afterburn” of excess calories can last up to 72 hours if the workout is done properly. That means you have to do it less often.

This type of training is great for young women who have already started menstruating. Those that have not should seek some other form of performance enhancing training that does not involve weights. If someone starts training with weights too early, it can cause pre-mature closure of the growth plates in the long bones. This can actually, in theory, stop one from growing taller.

The stronger a player is, the better on the field. This will cause an increase in weight on the scale. These days, a lot of girls think that’s a bad thing. But, I assure you that it is a GOOD thing. When going after a ground ball, you often run into another player. If that player’s on the opposite team, it is better that you run them over, than the other way around. The denser you are, the more you way inch for inch, the more likely you are to come out ahead in a ground ball scrap. Ball control wins games. PERIOD. What is it you are looking for?

Warm up by riding a stationary bike before you do this workout, and always stretch afterwards. WARNING: Exercise at your own risk! This workout can be intense. It uses only 7 different exercises. Do the movements in each exercise slowly: say up on a count of 3, and down on a count of 3. Always exhale when the weight is being lifted, and inhale as it is being returned to the resting position.  Move from one exercise right to the other, without resting if possible. Start out going through the circuit once. Do that every other day for a week or 2. Then try to go through it twice. Then after a few weeks, go through it 3 times. Finally, you will do the 1st through the 7th exercises as many times as you can until either you are spent or your hour’s up! Do NOT do this workout more than three times a week.

Read through the exercises below. Be sure you understand the instructions given. Print out the chart on the final page. Go to the gym when it is not busy, and there is plenty of access to equipment. That way no one will steal your “toys” when you are off doing another exercise! The gym in the tri-valley area that is the most affordable, and has all of this equipment is the 24hour in Pleasanton.

Bicycle abs:

One can do these on the floor, or on a bench as shown here. Rotate and lift the upper body to touch the elbow to the opposite knee, and hold for 3-second count. Exhale as you touch the elbow to the knee, and inhale as you cross the center to go to the other side. The other elbow should be below the level of the bench, allowing for maximum rotation. You will start with 10, and work up to 50 each time you run through the circuit.

Close Grip Lat pulls:

Hold the handle in your hands, and lean back to almost 45 degrees from straight up. Contract your abs and hold them tight. Let the shoulders roll all the way up next to your ears, then pull down to the bottom and squeeze the shoulder blades together in back. Inhale as you let the hands up slowly, and exhale as you bring the handle down to touch your upper chest. Hold at the chest for a count of 3. Do this exercise with 40 lbs. to start with, and do 20 repetitions.

Incline Flies:

Sit in an incline bench as shown here, abs tight, 5 pound dumbbell in each hand to start. (You can increase your weight later, as this becomes easy.) Inhale as you lower the weights to level with your shoulders. Exhale as you press the weights up. Pretend there is a beach ball on your chest, and keep your elbows bent the same amount as you would if you were to hold that ball there between your arms in the top position.  Do 20 reps the first set, and see how it feels.

Decline Leg Press:

Put the Leg press seat back as far up as possible. Sit in the machine with your butt and low back pressed back against the bench. Walk your feet, on the foot plate, up so your toes hang an inch over the top of the foot plate. Feet should be slightly more than hip width apart. Press up with your feet and unlock the handles. Inhale as you lower the sled, to a 90 degree bend in the knee. Always press through your heels, and never hyper extend your knees. Start out with just the sled and no weight, and do a set of 20. Women usually carry a lot of strength in their lower bodies, so if this is easy, move up in weight next time. You may also find that your strength increases rapidly. Act accordingly.

Hamstring Curl:

Start with You legs straight, NOT hyper extended. Take a deep breath, and blow out as you raise the heels toward your butt. Inhale as you lower. Make sure you keep your pelvis down on the bench when you lift. This picture is actually incorrect; see how the pelvis is lifted in the second picture? This is what not to do. Keep your pelvis down! Start with about 30 lbs, and do 20 reps. Again: Women usually carry a lot of strength in their lower bodies, so if this is easy, move up in weight next time. You may also find that your strength increases rapidly. Act accordingly.

Back Extensions on the ball:

Lay on top of the ball, belly button at the highest point on the ball. Hands are behind your head. Feet in the corner where the wall meets the floor, toes out. Lightly squeeze the ball with your inner thighs, and take a deep breath. Lift up until your spine it totally straight, exhaling as you lift. Inhale as you lower. Try 6 reps the 1st time out. This exercise is difficult. Stop if your low back hurts!

ExerciseWeightReps intendedActualComments
Bicycle Abs010 Week 1
Lat Pulls4020 Go thru once!
Incline Press5 lbs- or more!20  
Leg PressSled only20  
Hamstring Curls3020  
Back Extensionsbody6  
Bicycle Abs020  Week 2, 3
Lat Pulls4520 Go thru twice!
Incline Press5 lbs- or more!20  
Leg PressSled +10 ea side20  
Hamstring Curls3520  
Back Extensionsbody7  
Bicycle Abs025  Weeks 4,5
Lat Pulls5020 Go thru 3 times!
Incline Press8 lbs20  
Leg PressSled +15 ea side20  
Hamstring Curls4020  
Back Extensionsbody8  
Bicycle Abs030 Weeks 6,7
Lat Pulls5520  Go thru 3 times!
Incline Press10 lbs20  
Leg PressSled +20 ea side20  
Hamstring Curls4520  
Back Extensionsbody9  
Bicycle Abs040 Weeks 8,9
Lat Pulls6020 4 times thru!
Incline Press10 lbs20  
Leg PressSled +25 ea side20  
Hamstring Curls4520  
Back Extensionsbody 10  
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