Lacrosse Agility Training

Lacrosse Agility Training

Lacrosse is one high intensity gameplay based sport in which players have to remain agile and full of stamina. That is why the coaches make the players undergo various agility training drills. This helps them master nuances of the sport. Agility training also aids in enhancing speed, balance and dodging the opponent team players. These agility training drills must be there in the workout routine of lacrosse players.

Before indulging in these agility training drills, lacrosse players should stretch to evade risk of getting injured. They also need to do muscle warm ups.

Listed Here Are the Most Useful Lacrosse Agility Drills:

Shuffle Drills

This can be done after creating a square with 4 cones, each at a corner. Make the players sprint to a cone and then shuffle to next and get to the next backwards. After that, they can reach the last cone. Making diagonal sprints within the square is possible too.

Mirror Drills

Lacrosse players prefer the “mirror” agility drills in which they are required to copy movements of a partner.

Agility Ladder Drills

These drills are based on agility and quick footwork.

Lateral Movement Drills

These drills are done by using two cones positioned apart in a field. The players have to shuffle laterally touching one cone and reverting to the other. This can be done 3-5 times.

Cone Drills

These are used for enhancing change of direction skill and overall agility. The T-Test is a popular agility drill. In it, the players run forward 10 years to one cone and shuffle left 5 yards to another. The shuffling continues in opposite directions. The timing required for shuffling is recorded.

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