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Lacrosse Advice for Beginners

Lacrosse Advice for Beginners

As a beginner, it is important for you to learn the basics of the game otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the game for long. Lacrosse is a very fast-paced and exciting sport but, never thought that you will get the hang of it in one day. It takes time and patience if you want to master this amazing American sport from Canada!

The first thing that you need to focus on as a beginner is training yourself physically as well as mentally. Lacrosse involves physical intensity so, it can be difficult sometimes especially when your muscles start to hurt when they get tired. You have to keep on going because practice makes perfect!

In order to maximize your potentials, try and train with lacrosse players who are more advanced than you are during practice time so that you would know how far you have gone and where exactly you should improve. Lacrosse is very tricky and complex but as a beginner, you have to learn the basics first before advancing your skills.

Just like any other sport, Lacrosse requires a good level of athleticism which enables players to be fast in their actions on the field. As much as possible, try and train yourself physically so that you can have enough endurance to become part of an entire Lacrosse game.

Lacrosse Advice for Beginners

1. Lacrosse Stick-Handling

You need to learn how to control the Lacrosse stick without using your hands, especially when you are defending yourself from rival players who are attacking. Moreover, it would be easier for you to score goals if you know how to control the Lacrosse stick perfectly because this allows you more speed in your actions and you will surely have an advantage over your rivals. Lacrosse stick-handling is essential in this game so if there are any opportunities for you to train, take full advantage!

2. Lacrosse Passing

Passing is also vital in Lacrosse because it allows players to advance forward or backward without stopping. The team that can effectively pass the ball from one player to another would be able to gain a better chance of winning the game. Moreover, Lacrosse passing improves teamwork among players since they have to work together in order to successfully pass the ball from one teammate to another.

3. Lacrosse Shooting Techniques

It is never enough for Lacrosse players to just know how to control and manipulate the Lacrosse stick without using his/her hands but, they should also learn how to properly shoot the Lacrosse ball into their opponent’s goal.

4. Build Up Endurance

It is very important for Lacrosse players to build up their endurance and Lacrosse speed so that they can last the entire Lacrosse game. Lacrosse games are very fast-paced and players should be able to run with the ball as fast as possible without stopping in order to score a goal.

5. Train Lacrosse Defensive Techniques

Defending is also crucial in Lacrosse because it determines how good you are in playing this sport. When you want to defend your territory from rival players who are trying to attack, it is vital that you know the right defensive techniques on how to do it properly otherwise, your defense will surely fail. Moreover, defending strategies Zone Defense, Slough, Box and One and Man to Man Defense allow Lacrosse players to be active in Lacrosse defense so try and learn these techniques and use them every time during Lacrosse practice.

6. Lacrosse Drills Practice

Lacrosse drills is another way of training Lacrosse skills which enables Lacrosse players to know their strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve on it. Lacrosse drills help Lacrosse players maximize their potentials because, after each drill, coaches usually ask individual players what they have learned from the drill which allows them to improve even further if needed. Lacrosse drills are very helpful since they allow players to feel more comfortable playing lacrosse as well as making friends with other Lacrosse players who are also interested in learning this sport.

7. Practice Penalties

Penalties in Lacrosse is very important for Lacrosse players to know because Lacrosse penalties determine how good or bad a Lacrosse player is. Lacrosse penalties help Lacrosse players learn how they can improve on their weak areas and it also helps them recognize the right time when they should use certain techniques during the game.

8. Lacrosse Defense Moves

It’s never enough if you are only an offensive Lacrosse Players who knows a lot of offense moves but, you lack defense moves to counter attack your rival team so learning defense moves is crucial for all lacrosse players out there. Learn how to defend yourself from other Lacrosse Players who wants to score goals against you!

9. Use Both Hands while Practicing

Using both Lacrosse hands are very important for Lacrosse players. Lacrosse is played between two teams and it requires maximum effort from Lacrosse Players to be able to know which hand they should use when passing, catching or shooting the Lacrosse ball. Lacrosse players should also learn how to shoot using their off-hand if they want to conquer this sport.

10. Practice Ground Ball Pickup

Tackling is very important in Lacrosse because Lacrosse Players are always on the offensive. It is vital that lacrosse players know how to properly approach a Lacrosse ball lying on the ground without letting other lacrosse players get it first. They should also learn how to use this opportunity as an advantage instead of just avoiding it and play more defensively.

11. Learn Lacrosse Goalie Techniques

Yes, even Lacrosse goalies need some tips too! lacrosse players may sometimes become goalies when there’s no goalie available or due to injuries so, being able to be a good Lacrosse goalie will surely help you out during these situations. Knowing Lacrosse goalie techniques such as stick handling and controlling the rebounds can definitely save your team from losing Lacrosse games. Lacrosse goalies are also very important in Lacrosse because this position requires great defensive skills and knowing how to save the Lacrosse ball from getting to the Lacrosse net so that it will not be counted as a point for rival teams.

12. Aim Low While Trying to Score a Goal

Aiming low during Lacrosse games is very important for lacrosse players to know especially if you are using the Lacrosse head. Lacrosse players should aim lower than usual because Lacrosse heads usually fly higher once it hits the Lacrosse net so aiming lower gives you an advantage from other Lacrosse players who are also trying to score a goal with their Lacrosse heads. 14) Learn and Master Lacrosse Stickhandling

Lacrosse stick handling is done by using your hands, feet and body in order to control the Lacrosse ball which allows players not only to pass or catch but also dribble it too. Therefore, learning how to properly use all of your body parts while holding a Lacrosse stick will surely help you once you start to play Lacrosse. Lacrosse stick handling is very important because Lacrosse players must be able to properly control the Lacrosse ball when dribbling and escaping from rival Lacrosse players so that it will not reach the Lacrosse net.