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Lacrosse Bag Types & How to Choose One

Lacrosse Bag Types

In almost all sports, the players have to use and carry certain types of accessories and items. In a game like Lacrosse, the players have to use plenty of gears-regardless of gender. This is basically a fast-paced and high impact game and using specific gears and stuff is mandatory. The gears and items used by Lacrosse players include arm pads, the stick, headwear, gloves, jerseys and mouth guards. Apart from these, the players also need to carry towels and water bottles. Unless the players use the right bags, carrying all these gears will be tedious. So, it is natural for the Lacrosse players to invest in suitable lacrosse duffle bags.

to Consider Carefully

When shopping for lacrosse bags – you are going to be spoilt for choice – as there are plenty of options. The style, size, and suability of such bags can be daunting for a first-time buyer. There are bags made for male and female players. So, you need to compare the available bag options on some vital parameters.

1. Bag size and number of pockets

The size of the lacrosse duffle bag is something you need to think of. Some players need larger sized bags as they need to carry more gears and items than the others. The goalies typically need bigger bags as they carry more protective gear than the other players. You also need to think of the storage options in the bag. Not all bags have the same number of pockets and compartments. You can check for pockets to store dry and wet items.

2. Ease of transport and longevity

You also need to see how easily the bag can be carried. You have to think of commuting needs and your convenience. You need to think of how many gears you need to carry and the combined weight age etc. The durability of the lacrosse bag is something you cannot overlook either. It would be better if you buy a bag with a waterproof outer or inner coating. Buying a flimsy bag does not make any sense. The quality of zippers in such bags plays important roles.

3. Ventilation

This is another key aspect to analyze when buying a lacrosse gear bag. After playing in rain, the lacrosse gear bag will get stuffed with wet gears and garments. Without ventilation, you will end up dealing with messy and foul-smelling bags and items. The ideal bag should have mesh paneling, air vents etc. This will help evade foul smell formation and let the gears dry faster. Some bags come with dedicated pouches and pockets for keeping the wet gears. This proves to be quite convenient for buyers.

While you may not be thinking of lacrosse bags as style accessories, checking out the design and color options can be helpful. If you travel a lot for playing the game, buying a dark-colored bag is a prudent choice.

Types of
Lacrosse Bags

There are 3 types of lacrosse equipment bag that the Lacrosse players buy and use. These are lacrosse backpacks, lacrosse stick bags and equipment bags. The latter 2 are used only for carrying specific items.


here is what you need to know before buying a lacrosse bag

1. Lacrosse Backpacks

The lacrosse backpacks are what the majority of players use. The size of these bags, however, can vary. These bags have multiple sections and pockets so that the users can store and carry all gears with ease. You can also get some bags that have additional pockets for small gadgets and wires. These bags also come with straps and clamps for carrying the sticks easily. It is better that you buy backpacks with thicker shoulder straps ads it will enable you to carry extra loads easily.

2. Lacrosse Duffel Bags

The duffel style lacrosse bags are what you should look for if carrying a backpack is not your thing. The duffel bags look sleek and they can be carried at almost all spaces minus hassles. Again, the lacrosse duffel bags are available in multiple sizes and they also have inner pouches and sections. These bags are also available with water repellent coating and thick straps for ease of carrying. You may also check for pockets to keep wet attire or items while buying such bags.

3. Lacrosse Stick Bags

There are the stick bags which are bought by lacrosse players who do not travel or commute a lot. These bags are sleek, narrower and let you store a couple of sticks with ease. You may be able to pack in a few smaller items in these bags. One again, you need to check for durability while buying these bags. These bags are handy if you do not need to travel a lot for playing and require carrying minimal items.

Why Buy A Full-Sized Lacrosse Bag?

There are some players who opt for full-sized lacrosse bags. This can be advantageous for most of the players-actually.

When you buy a large-sized duffel or backpack, it lets you store everything you need in one place. You can pack in your accessories, attire and small gadgets in various sections of the bag with ease. So, you do not need to buy bags separately for sticks and other items. So, in the long run, these bags offer better usability as well as better value for money.  However, these bags will cost you much more than bags only for sticks. You may not consider buying such bags if you already have a few small bags. If you need to travel in crowded public transport then the bag size can be a hindrance too.

What Else You Need To Check

The lacrosse bags are sold at varying price points and there are several brands aiming such products as well. If you invest in a costly bag, it is better that you look for warranty terms. If you buy such bags online, it is even more necessary. Before buying any lacrosse bags from an online shop, look for the site’s replacement and refund options as well. Checking the online reviews of such products and sellers can also be quite useful in this regard.