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How to Catch Lacrosse Ball on the Move

How to Catch Lacrosse Ball on the Move

Lacrosse players are always on the move. Rarely will you find someone standing still and waiting for the ball to come to them. It does not matter whether you are a defender or an attacker, you will always have to be ready to receive a lacrosse ball while on the move. But catching a lacrosse ball on the move is easier said than done. It involves multiple skills like hand-eye coordination, concentration and a great deal of grueling practice to master this art.

Shuttle Lines Drill is designed to help budding lacrosse players to grab the lacrosse ball while running at full speed. But you can’t practice this drill alone. You need at least 4 players. You can always increase the number of players for this drill but try to keep the number below 8 because in that case, none of the players will get enough practice time.

First you will need to divide the group into two teams. The teams will be facing one another for this drill. Once the coach blows the whistle, players from both the team should make a run toward the opposite team while passing the ball among themselves.

Once a player makes a pass, he/she needs to keep moving forward and then try to keep moving in circle so that each player gets a chance to pass and catch the ball while on the move.

You can try different catching and passing techniques to master this like –

  • Sidearm passing
  • Quick sticking
  • Switching hands While Passing The Ball
  • Passing left handed and right handed
  • Catching and passing left handed and right handed

You need to keep practicing this drill until you feel confident in catching lacrosse balls on the move. No need to rush at all. You have to be quick on your feet while practicing this drill but what is even more important is the accuracy in catching and passing the lacrosse ball. Once you can do both with ease, you will be ready to take your lacrosse game a notch

Last modified: December 20, 2022