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Getting Open on a Lacrosse Field

Open on a Lacrosse Field

There’s more to scoring goals than having wicked shooting skills. How well you play off-the-ball on the lacrosse field may make just as big a difference. If you have ever been caught flatfooted (and we know you have), you will benefit from these three lax tips and tricks.

Don’t Stand Still on the Lacrosse Field

Ball-watching is a common mistake many youth lacrosse players make. They stand still while their teammates handle the rock, rather working to get open on the lacrosse field. The result is fewer touches and scoring opportunities.

A flatfooted midfielder or attackman is much easier to cover than one who is constantly on the move. If you are quick on your feet, defenders will be forced to give you space. That little bit of space gives you a big advantage over the defense.

Practice Good Spacing

Youth lacrosse can sometimes look a lot like a herd of buffaloes with every player gathered around the ball. Lacrosse fields are 110 yards long. There is no reason not to use each inch.

A lack of open space significantly reduces passing and scoring opportunities. Instead, lacrosse teams do better when their players stretch the field out.

Basic tips for creating more space:

  • Pass and clear through
  • Set a screen
  • Pick and roll
  • Give and go

Change Speed and Direction

A quick change of direction or speed is another way to get open on the lacrosse field. While these types of moves are common in dodging, they will also help you create space from your defender when you don’t have the ball. A quick cut or a stutter step can easily get you out of reach of a long pole.

For example, if a defender is cheating in one direction, a quick cut the other way will enable you to gain the space needed to catch a pass. This back door play, which is often used in basketball, also results in many scoring opportunities in lacrosse.

Since lacrosse is a team game, you have to first get open to help your teammates. If you put these tips and tricks into practice, you will get more touches that will lead to more goals and ultimately more wins.

Last modified: September 4, 2022