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Top 5 Dodges for Midfielders

Top 5 Dodges for Midfielders

Playing as a midfielder in a game of Lacrosse requires the player to have skills such as endurance and speed. These skills are required because a midfielder plays the role of both offense and defense player and the transition between these two roles occurs rather swiftly. Therefore, besides agility, it is important for midfielders to hone their game using some techniques.

 Listed below are the five types of dodges that midfielders can deploy to improve their game.

Top 5 Dodges for Midfielders

The Wing Dodge

Wing dodge is another technique that every midfielder must know and practice. The move involves having the defender chase you to the wing side of the goal and pull a dodge to score. A classic example of the wing dodge is known as face dodge. The offense player brings the stick near to his or her face and then swiftly dodges from under the defender. Often used by the Canadian players, the primary advantage of wing dodge is that, at all times, it allows the use of the dominant hand. Most players who are swift but short in height can immensely benefit from wing dodge.  

Split Dodge, RollBack

Often the most frequently deployed and unstoppable dodge, the technique helps in scoring the goal easily. Assuming that the player is a right-handed one, the technique involves the player to split dodge to his left. The defender tries to stop the dodge, and the player springs a surprise by rolling back and scoring the goal. Often it happens that at the time of executing the goal, the player is blocked out of goal keeper’s view by the defender’s position, and scoring the goal is an almost certain event.

The technique is so popular because of its high scoring ability that it is almost always taught to every midfielder irrespective of his or her built and style of play.

The Swim Move

A move made popular by Paul Rabil, one of the best Lacrosse players, it involves bringing your stick over your defender in a motion that is very similar to swimming.  All midfielders usually are advised to practice and execute dodges in as much space around them as possible, and preferably several feet away from the defender. However, this rule is not applicable for the swim move and is most effective when the attacker is in close proximity with the defender. A high-risk reward move, it is advised not to use the move more than 2-3 times in one game. The technique commences with the player trying to induce the defender to poke him or her and then swim over the defender in opposite direction. Care is required to swing the stick in such a way that the ball does not drop out.

The Answer Move

Deployed by only a few midfielders successfully, the answer move is an advanced and highly skilled dodge. The move involves the player running down an alley and getting as close to the goal as possible and shoot the ball using the inside hand. Unlike other dodges, the answer move doesn’t require the player to switch between the hands and therefore springs an element of surprise on the defense.  Any player who can execute the answer move correctly is bound to have a better ranking in the team and the game.

Deemer Class executes the answer move with a lot of accuracy and finesse.

The Bull Dodge

Perhaps the coolest of all dodges, the bull dodge involves using your build and strength to enhance your game. It doesn’t really involve any dodges but involves using your build and physique to bully your defender, stop and shoot the goal.  Executed properly, it always leaves the defense and viewers in awe.

Sergio Perkovic, the Notre Dame superstar and pro Lacrosse player, is the first name that strikes to exemplify the use of this dodge. The move is often seen in his game and has given him countless goals. If you need the motivation to lift weights, executing bull dodge is perhaps the best reason for it.

Practicing these five dodges will surely uplift your gameplay prowess. As a midfielder, the player often switches between offense and defense. Therefore, it is important to have as many techniques up the sleeve as possible.