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Essential Lacrosse Protective Gear

Injuries ranging in severity from minor abrasions to head trauma are known to occur in lacrosse. But with the help of top lacrosse protective gear, you can defend vulnerable areas of your body.

Many of the most common injuries can be prevented or minimized with the use of lacrosse protective gear like these items:

Mouth Guard

Always wear your mouth guard during play, even during practices. Look for a mouth guard with shock-absorbing capabilities. Believe it or not, your mouth guard can help prevent concussion by absorbing impact. If necessary, there are special mouth guards that can be worn with braces. Look for latex-free versions that won’t exacerbate allergies.


It’s all too easy to take an accidental hit on delicate hand bones during a check. Properly fitting gloves will protect you without limiting hand movement. Although some girls’ teams don’t require gloves, it only makes sense to protect this part of your body.

Helmet and Face Guard:

Your lacrosse helmet should be National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) approved. If you purchase from a quality lacrosse equipment supplier you can be sure to get a top-quality safety helmet. Many lacrosse helmets are fully customizable, making them a one-size-fits-all design. But don’t be shy about trying on several models to find one that is comfortable and fits well. The helmet you buy should fit snugly and not move independently on your head.

Tip: Your helmet and face guard should never impede your vision or head movement.

Chest Protectors:

Tragically, adolescent boys are the demographic most frequently affected by cardiac arrhythmia due to ball-to-chest impact, according to StopSportsInjuries.org. Even seemingly innocuous chest impact can take the wind out of a player or cause significant chest bruising. The latest models of chest protectors for goalies offer anatomical design and lightweight construction that don’t hinder arm and body movements. Look for ones with heavy-duty straps that don’t bunch at the throat or lift up as you move

Rib Pads:

Although girls may or may not be as aggressive during game play as their male counterparts, female bodies are still vulnerable to just as many injuries. Stick hits can easily cause lead to broken ribs. Although girls don’t typically use rib pads, don’t take a chance on this easily preventable injury. For men, rib pads are essential to maintain a strong upper body and unbroken ribs!

Tip: Even if your team doesn’t require rib pads, don’t assume this piece of lacrosse protective gear isn’t important. If necessary, be the trendsetter on your team and set the example of safety first.

Dedicated lacrosse players tend to be a proud breed, wearing their injuries like badges of honor. But with solid protective gear, injuries need not be permanent or life threatening. Smart players know that to maintain their strength and speed, injuries should be kept to a minimum. Invest in top lacrosse gear to help ensure years of continued lacrosse action.

Last modified: October 21, 2022