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Epoch iD Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Middie

Epoch iD Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Middie

For Lacrosse midfielders, using suitable shoulder pads is vital. If you are not sure of which products to buy- try out the Epoch iD Lacrosse Shoulder Pads. The sleek and stylish pad is also suited for the young Lacrosse players.

Designed For Lacrosse Players Seeking Comfort And Safety

The Epoch ID lacrosse shoulder pad is a premium product that can be used both by amateur and professional lacrosse players. It comes laden with a flexible cap and sternum setup. This part is usually used in costlier shoulder pads. The pads are lightweight and so the players will not have any problem in staying agile. It fits on the player’s body perfectly thanks to the brand’s Slim Fit strapping system. Those into high intensity gameplay can wear it. The pad has chest plate and padded neck liner which soaks in impacts easily. That is why it is especially suited for the midfielders. It comes with removable bicep pads too.

Affordable Price and You Can Get Discounts OnlineNothing in particular
The Pad Is Not Heavy and So Young Players Find It Comfortable to Use
Slim Fit Strapping System Ensures the Perfect Fit
The Pad Offers Good Impact Protection
This Pad Is Quite Suitable for Players with Varying Body Types
Build Quality of Each Component in The Pad Is Quite Good

Why Choose It Over Other Products

The Epoch ID lacrosse shoulder pad scores over the competing products in the category.

  • It costs less than most other shoulder pads yet offers a good level of protection and wearing comfort.
  • The young players, especially midfielders find it better suited for staying agile during the games. The pad is pretty lightweight and so does not add to the bulk when you pack it in the bag.
  • Not all lacrosse midfielders have same body type and chest size, as it is. Using the Epoch ID lacrosse shoulder pad is easier for them. They can adjust the rib strap to suit their comfort level. If necessary, the bicep pads can be removed. That can be practical during practice matches where high intensity gameplay is not involved.
  • In terms of aesthetics, the product scores really well. Its white and grey body looks stylish and sleek. If you are particular about using stylish accessories and attire for Lacrosse-this one hits the sweet spot.
  • Nearly all Lacrosse shoulder pads are laden with foam layer to absorb impact and hits. However, the Epoch ID lacrosse shoulder pad is one step ahead of the competing products! It ships with compression moulded, dual density foam and so offers better protection in high intensity games. This is something the midfielders should consider.

Should You Buy It?

If you are a midfielder and a serious Lacrosse player, the Epoch ID lacrosse shoulder pad should be there in your kit. The pad is sleek, lightweight and offers good protection from bumps and hits. Available for players from varying age groups, this pad is also customizable. The price tag and wearing comfort also works in its favour.