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How To Cut A Lacrosse Shaft

Cutting a Lacrosse Shaft

Making strategic changes to your Lacrosse stick, in the form of a cut, can result in multiple advantages. The new stick, left after the cut, will help you improve your game and the resultant piece will give you an extra tool at no additional costs. In order to reap all the benefits from the act, the utmost precaution must be taken while executing the cut.

Why Is The Cut Advised?

Although there are multiple reasons for cut your Lacrosse stick, what is primarily important is the correct execution of the cut. A wrong cut would not only lead to a damaged stick but also render it useless. Some of the reasons for which a Lacrosse Stick is cut are cited below.

Improve The Offense Play

A prime advantage of a shorter stick is that such sticks are difficult to check during the game. The attack players use the reduced stick length to execute swift maneuvers and gain an advantage over defensive players. Woman’s Lacrosse Stick, for instance, must measure 35 ½ inches from the top of the head to the bottom of the shaft. Cutting off the extra several inches allows for better movement. However, one must doubly measure to ensure that the resultant stick is not disqualified by the referee for being below the requisite length.

D-I-Y Lacrosse Pounder

Pounding the Lacrosse pocket helps stretch out the mesh. A stretched mesh allows for better holding of the Lacrosse ball. Almost all good stringers break into the newly strung mesh by pounding it. An unused or an old Lacrosse Stick can be easily re-purposed into a pounder. The standard size for a handheld pounder is usually 12 inches or a foot and allows for the on-the-go pounding of the mesh. Measure 12 inches in an unused stick and cut it off. On the open end of the stick, secure a Lacrosse ball with tape and your D-I-Y on the go pounder is ready for use. The repurposed stick also helps in saving money.

Split The Lacrosse Long Pole Into Equal Halves

An underappreciated fact is that almost all Lacrosse long poles are two times the length of the attack shaft. Even though most of the long poles are marginally thicker than the attack shafts, they’re never two times the price of attack shafts. Cutting a long pole in two equal halves will result in shafts that are both 30 inches long. Adding the head to it will result in achieving the minimum qualified length of the Lacrosse stick. One must be doubly sure about the measurements when he or she intends to divide the long pole into two equal halves.

Repurposing A Damaged Lacrosse Long Pole

Often over a period of prolonged use, and due to wear and tear the Lacrosse long poles get damaged and are discarded from use. Most of the long poles usually get damaged from the ends.  A quick but ingenious way to repurpose old poles is to cut them into 30-inch shafts and use them as attack shafts by attaching a head to them. Doing so gives a new lease of life to the equipment and also results in substantial cost savings.

How To Cut A Lacrosse Shaft

The primary assignment at the time of cutting a Lacrosse Shaft is to get accurate measurements marked. It is always advisable to make a rather prominent mark of the measurement such that the shaft is not cut erroneously. The cut must be made straight down and at correct angles. Care must be taken that the Lacrosse stick is firmly secured in place such that it does not wiggle at the time of cut. Or else, it may lead to an uneven and useless cut of the stick. These sticks are usually kept in place either by using weights or by using a vise.

What Is The Best Tool To Administer The Cut?

A metal file and a table saw are your best bets when it comes to the choice of tools. A metal file is to be exclusively used on a metal shaft. Filing will result in slowly chipping away of the surface and make it weak enough to be snapped into two. At the time of using a table saw, care must be taken at all times to ensure that the blade in question is suitable for cutting metal or carbon fiber Lacrosse Sticks.

While the repurposing of a Lacrosse stick does have some inherent advantages, it is equally important to note that the cut is done by skilled cutters such that the sticks are not damaged.