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Lacrosse Cradling


You may want the young players to develop the skills in lacrosse well in advance.  They have to be good in cradling. It is what the players need to learn first-the act of moving swiftly in the field with the ball in the stick pocket. To ensure the young players become good at cradling, try these tried and tested drills.

Cone Weave

Lacrosse player have to master the art of making sharp moves across the field and then they will be able to dodge the defenders easily. This drill is excellent for improving the footwork – something all lacrosse layers need. You will need some Pylons or markers like plastic bottles or towels. Each player will be given a ball.

You will have to set up the markers or pylons around the field in a random way so that the players encounter variations while cradling through. You should set some pylons in close proximity so that players have to make sharp turns and leave bigger gaps among the others. This will ensure the players also have to run for long stretches at good speed.

The players trying this drill will have to keep their heads upwards and not at the field. You can also set a time to see which player is able to complete the run before the others. It is also prudent to ask the players to begin at intervals of 10 seconds.

Motion Mania

When the lacrosse players are able to run in all directions with the ball in control, the defenders find it tough to thwart their moves. The skill will be good for players who want to enhance their cradling skills. For trying this drill, each player will need a ball.

The players have to be lined up facing the coach, at the beginning. There should be a gap of 8 feet between the players. For big groups, use a number of rows to line the players up. The players have balls in their sticks. When the coach signals a direction, the players run towards it. Soon after, the coach indicates a different direction, and the players abide by.

The coach should mix up the directions to ensure the players have to make a lot of movements. The players should keep their heads up, not downwards. They have to move in varying directions as indicated by the coach and at all times, they will not look at the ball.

Last modified: October 31, 2021