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Coach Fired After Pushing Opposing Player

I’m not sure how the game of lacrosse is played, but I do know that there are some pretty nasty on-field altercations. A Don Bosco Prep assistant coach was fired after pushing a player from an opposing team to the ground during one such altercation. The coach, who has not been identified at this time, had his contract terminated before the match ended and left with no chance of returning for any reason whatsoever.

The assistant lacrosse coach for Don Bosco Prep boys soccer team is seen first yelling at then shoving off-field an opponent after intense words during their match which ended with 20-0 victory for DP’s side. The NJ report states that this incident happened before the match ended and resulted in two players exchanging harsh words. One of these coaches is seen first yelling, then shoving his counterpart with both hands resulting in their immediate dismissal from all future games

The push by one coach wasn’t enough to stop another’s mouth though as it quickly escalated into arguments between heads of each side which led them being dismissed until further notice.

“It’s very unfortunate. Don Bosco doesn’t condone any violence towards coaches, fans or opposing players,” said athletic director Marcin Szorc in a statement.”The coach in question had been relieved of his duties before the game concluded. An internal investigation is being done to prevent such things from happening again.”