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Choosing Footwear: Lacrosse Cleats and Turf Shoes

The lacrosse cleats and the lacrosse turf shoes that you choose to wear makes a gigantic difference in how you play on the field.

Your choice of lacrosse footwear can make all the difference between losing the game and winning the championship at the end of the season… So it’s pretty obvious that they’re pretty important.

Lacrosse is pretty tough on your feet and the wrong pair of shoes can spell disaster for you and your feet. This article will delve into the different kinds of lacrosse footwear and why you should make a conscious decision about what you decide to wear onto the field.

What are lacrosse cleats?

Most outdoor field sports use some form of shoe that has “grip” on the bottom. In lacrosse, these come in the form of lightweight cleats that give great provide ankle support and great grip on the ground when playing.

Lacrosse cleats are not the same as football and baseball cleats. If you wear the wrong pair, you can be flagged during a game.

When buying a pair of lacrosse cleats or turf shoes to wear on the field, you’ll want to make sure that you check for four different things:

  • Price
  • Fit
  • Height
  • Material


Price is the number one factor in buying lacrosse cleats. You want a great pair of cleats without breaking the bank. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have a bunch of great lacrosse cleats at affordable prices.


Your lacrosse cleats or lacrosse turf shoes should fit very snugly on your feet. The fit should not be too loose to the point where your lacrosse cleats are coming off as you run, nor should they be too tight to the point your feet feel cramped and you can’t wiggle your toes.

You should have at least one half inch of space between your big toe and the top of your cleats.
When you don’t buy a pair of lacrosse cleats that fit well, you start to have problems with your feet. These include:

  • Blisters
  • Inflamed feet
  • Increased possibility of sprains


The height of your lacrosse cleats matter more than simply looking cool. They can help you get that extra edge on the field and augment your play style.

High top lacrosse cleats offer greater ankle support. These are excellent choices for players who find that they get a lot of ankle injuries.

Mid-cut lacrosse cleats offer the best of a high-top lacrosse cleat and a low-cut lacrosse cleat. These still offer incredible ankle support (while not as good as high tops) while still giving you great mobility. A lot of cleats fall into this category. An example of this type of shoe would be the Nike Huarache 5.

Low cut lacrosse cleats are ideal for players who want unrestricted mobility to make super-fast cuts and storm down the field.


Every lacrosse cleat and lacrosse turf shoe is constructed out of synthetic material. This helps to prevent injuries, allow for better mobility, and give more comfort. Many lacrosse cleats and turf shoes include mesh vents for better breathing room in the shoe.

The outsoles of the shoes are usually made out of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) spikes and/or studs to give better traction in various weather conditions.

If you play on turf, you should definitely choose artificial turf shoes. These shoes will have shorter studs, enabling you to have more traction on a turf field.

What are turf shoes?

Turf shoes (turfs) are the recommended footwear to wear on a turf field. Turfs have small, rounded grips protruding from the bottom of the shoe specially designed to grip turf surfaces

Turf shoes are the perfect lacrosse footwear for players with ankle or skin issues. These have more foot support than normal lacrosse cleats.

Lacrosse turf shoes are recommended for not only playing on turf fields but also for doing running and agility work during practice.

Which type of lacrosse footwear should you buy?

The answer? It really depends.

How often do you play on turf fields? Do you have ankle mobility issues? Do you have shin issues? Are you an attackman or a defenseman?

An attackman with no history of ankle pains will want to wear a different cleat than a defenseman who finds that he has trouble with his ankles.

If you do not know what size you wear in lacrosse cleats, go to one of our stores and get fitted for lacrosse footwear.

Lacrosse cleats and lacrosse turf shoes operate at their best when you have the best fit for your feet, the appropriate height for your style of play, and the right material for a lacrosse cleat that will be reliable and stay with you In the long run.

Good lacrosse footwear is a solid investment for any lacrosse player. Not only will they help your feet stay protected during a game, but they’ll also help you play at your best.

Last modified: October 21, 2022