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Carbon Lacrosse Shaft – What You Need to Know

Carbon Lacrosse Shaft

Lacrosse is a popular sport and it involves intense physical actions. Like other games, the accessories used in lacrosse keep evolving with time. For a long time, wooden and metal shafts have been used. However, of late, the trend to use carbon fiber-based shafts is going up. As a matter of fact, the carbon fiber lacrosse shafts do not come for cheap. The steep price tag may deter a section of people. However, the proponents say the price tag is worth the experience you get.

So What Is Better Choice, Carbon Fibre Or Metal Shafts?

It is hard to say in a sentence, whether metal or carbon fiber shafts are better for lacrosse. Both types come with their shares of drawbacks and advantages. It is ultimately for a player to determine which option suits his/her playing needs the best.

Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shafts- The Carbon fiber shafts tend to be more resilient compared to the standard metal shafts. When you choose the former type, issues like dents, cracks do not affect the shaft. While carbon fiber shaft is not exactly indestructible, it does have a longer lifespan than typical metal-based counterparts. These shafts are in fact, constructed in layers. It lends them a better flex and better structural strength.

When you shoot using a carbon fiber shaft, it will bend but will revert into shape soon. It may, however, make the shot somewhat less accurate. Some shafts may be tapered too. Using such tapered shafts can improve stick control and shots.

Metal Lacrosse shafts- The metal lacrosse shafts offer less flex and they are more prone to breaking. However, these shafts offer more accurate shots and that is why the veteran players prefer them. Some of these shafts have layered build as well.

The Brands To Pick From

Even now, most lacrosse brands are making metal shafts and a few have started manufacturing carbon fiber products. Epoch is a top brand and its Dragonfly shafts are deemed as the standard of perfection in this segment. There are some other brands that you can check out such as Maverik, String King, ECD, Nike. Maverik’s Hyperlite line-up is good too. 

Carbon Defense Lacrosse Shafts: Hit Or Miss?

The lacrosse loyalists oppose using the carbon defense lacrosse shafts. This is because the defense lacrosse shafts are longer. They will bend more, naturally. So, using carbon fiber to make defense shafts is not a prudent idea. The shots will be far from accurate.

Summing It Up

This brings us to the important question-should you buy the carbon fiber shafts or not! The answer is it depends on your usage needs. Carbon lacrosse shafts do come with some advantages. Some players may not want to compromise with the accuracy of shots while others will prefer longer lifespan of the shaft and the flex.

Last modified: November 27, 2020