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Best Youth Lacrosse Sticks for Girls

Every girl has a dream to be the next star player on their high school, college, or professional team. That is why it is so important to have the best gear possible when they start playing lacrosse at a young age. The first step in achieving this goal is finding out what type of sticks are best for them.

A girl’s first lacrosse stick is not usually the best fit for them. The head of a women’s lacrosse stick can be too wide, and even if it fits well in their hands they could have trouble with an adult-sized shaft that will soon grow out of its usefulness as they get older. To address this issue there are now sticks designed specifically to suit young players’ needs by being made with narrower heads and shorter/thinner shafts so kids don’t ever become frustrated or discouraged from playing.

In this article we will discuss the different types of youth lacrosse sticks and which ones are right for your little athlete!

Best 6 Youth Lacrosse Sticks for Girls

1. STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Girls Complete Stick

Are you a girl who can’t seem to find the perfect lacrosse stick? The STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Girls Complete Stick is right for you. Not only will it be light-weight, but it also has many features that newer players love!

The STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Girls Complete Stick is a great option for the budding athlete. It’s lightweight yet strong design reduces your arm and wrist fatigue during practice. It also has features, such as sidewall construction that exceeds industry standards and gives you a competitive edge without scrimping on protection; raised ball-stop that prevents ground balls from rolling through your stick and onto the playing field; Stx forward cant, which provides better control when executing/catching an accurate pass or shot into net. The full-value package includes 6000 handle with pro tape grip enabling you to get started with everything needed to play lacrosse!

2. STX Lacrosse Exult 200 Complete Stick

As young players become more and more skilled, they turn away from the traditional complete sticks for something with better performance. The Exult 200 girl’s complete stick is perfect to take your game to the next level. The mesh pocket allows you to throw and catch easily without feeling like it’s “heavy.” There are also really simple pockets that don’t need as much maintenance so you can focus on playing lacrosse – not fixing your material. This stick also features Crux Mesh with Dry Mesh Lite on the handle for weather resistant performance in wet conditions. From first-year player to college star, this stick has what it takes for any beginner girl who is looking to compete. Get out there and show them how it’s done!

3. STX Lacrosse Youth Girls Lilly Complete Stick

The STX Lacrosse Lilly is a complete Youth Girls’ lacrosse stick. With a wider face and flat style scoop, this girls lax stick is great at catching the ball and picking it up from the ground. All Mesh construction with Crux Mesh in the pocket helps to create an even smoother feel of throwing and catching, while being resistant to weather conditions. The simplified structure of just one mesh pocket also reduces maintenance time, improves durability, making it perfect for youth players learning the game.

4. CAKLOR Lacrosse Complete Junior Stick

From catching to scoring, the Caklor Lacrosse Complete Junior Stick is filled with easy-to-master features. The rough and tough mesh string makes it a joy to pick up and catch on your hands, whether you’re making big throws or picking off passes. The soft head’s unique material offers a reliable response time when throwing in the air – just throw it like ya mean it! The 6000 series alloy handle also has an unyielding durability that will last throughout all of your scrimmages and weekends at practice. If this sounds right for you, go ahead and grab one today!

5. StringKing Girl’s Complete Junior Youth Lacrosse Stick

You know what gets kids stoked? Learning how to play lacrosse. You know what makes them just a little less stoked? Losing their brand new lacrosse stick on the first day of school, still in its original packaging, never opened because they didn’t even have a chance to use it. That’s not cool and that is why we’re hooping you had plans for this all along! StringKing Jr. Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick is lightweight so your kiddo can feel good about herself when she packs it up and heads off to study or play her heart out.

Make lacrosse easy and fun for your little girl with The Complete Jr. Girls Youth Lacrosse Stick. That’s because this lightweight, beautifully balanced (it has a Women’s Type 4 performance mesh pocket), expertly strung stick is designed specifically for girls

StringKing Girl’s Complete Junior Youth Lacrosse Stick is a great choice for younger, developing players. Its light and balanced-weight design makes playing with it incredibly easy and fun. The Girls complete Jr.-mates lacrosse stick has the perfect amount of stiffness that’s not too heavy nor top-heavy so beginners can still successfully learn how to whip balls upfield or shoot the ball on goal during her games in the backyard. Moreover, this Beginner girls’ complete junior youth lacrosse stick comes strung with a “StringsKing” Women’s Type 4 performance mesh pocket which helps provide accuracy and intuition during those final few seconds before someone takes their shot at scoring!

6. Maverik Erupt ST Complete Youth Girl’s Lacrosse Stick

There are many lacrosse sticks out there which could suit your child’s needs, but you’ll want to consider all of its features before making any purchase decision. What kind of player do they need protection from? What level are they playing at? Is their arm size appropriate for that type of stick? We’ve taken these guidelines into consideration while creating our Maverik Erupt ST Complete Youth Girl’s Lacrosse Stick – the best lacrosse stick for the absolute beginner and designed to make everything easier. The thin shaft is easy to pass, shoot, and cradle – but doesn’t skimp on strength! Mesh pocket holds onto the ball like a kangaroo! Thin aluminum shaft means no excuse for not goofing around with your friends this summer.

Best Girl Youth Lacrosse Stick Buying Guide

Buying a junior lacrosse stick for your daughter is never easy. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to fit, length, weight and more. It can seem overwhelming trying to decide which one is best for her age group but we’ve got you covered!


The weight of the girl youth lacrosse stick is a major factor to consider when you are making your purchase. Younger players, or those just starting out in lacrosse should look for a lighter weight stick as it will allow them to control the ball easier and get more shots off at once. As they grow older their body becomes stronger, so this is something that can be taken into account then!


There is no point in spending money lavishly on a girl youth lacrosse stick as she will grow out of it very quickly. It is best to spend a little extra money and get her the right one for now, as this can be used in conjunction with what she grows into later on down the line!


The durability of the girl youth lacrosse stick is just as important as everything else. If she has a flimsy, lightweight one that isn’t much good in the first place, then it will break almost straight away and this defeats the purpose of having anything at all!


The stick should be made from a tough material that is designed to last. This means getting one with a strong core and high quality construction, rather than something cheap from the store!