Best Youth Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Best Youth Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

If you have a child who plays lacrosse, then it is important that they are properly protected. The best way to ensure this is by using the best youth lacrosse chest protector on the market. Learn how to choose and what features are available from our blog post below!

What is a Lacrosse Chest Protector?

Chest protectors are often made from either foam or hard plastic. Foam is more flexible and can be molded to fit better, but it’s less protective than hard plastic. The protection offered by an individual product will depend on what material they’re using as well as where they place the padding: front, back, side of ribs/sternum area or shoulder pads.

Best 8 Youth Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

1. Brine Uprising Lacrosse Youth Shoulder Pad

You can’t put a price on safety, and the price of these shoulder pads doesn’t even compare to how safe your child will feel. The excellent fit is easy because they’re lightweight without compromising their integrity – which means your child can keep moving freely, confidently battling pressure in the other team’s goal while feeling well-protected.

There are a lot of deals on shoulder pads, but with the Brine Uprising Lacrosse Youth Shoulder Pad, you’re not compromising quality for price. These padded gear pieces provide awesome directional protection and comfort by minimizing the weight while still increasing ball impact coverage. Basically, these sturdy yet lightweight arm guards will keep your little athlete looking good as he dominates in field play, all without breaking your bank.

2. STX Shadow Boys Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

You’re in the midst of a game and you need to concentrate on making plays, but your shoulder pads are so restricting that they make it hard for you to move freely. Don’t worry. You definitely won’t face this problem if you have STX Shadow Boys Lacrosse Shoulder Pads on! They were created specifically with lacrosse players in mind, these shoulders pads will keep the ball in sight and offer ample freedom to comfortably protect yourself from whatever is coming at you. With their low-profile design that provides maximum mobility, adjustable shoulder caps, stretch zones, and removable upper deltoid pads—you’ll always be ready for any kind of action!

3. Brine Youth Uprising II Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

In young lacrosse players, comfort and protection ought to come first. With the increased weight of youth players comes increased speed on the field, which requires added protection from shoulder pads like our Brine Youth Uprising II Lacrosse Shoulder Pad. The construction features dual-density foam for maximum impact absorption in all conditions and unmatched comfort when bearing any hit or tackle.

The Brine Youth Uprising II Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is perfect for the youth lacrosse player who needs a comfortably fitting and protective shoulder pad. With this adjustable bib design, you can customize the fit of your protector to best suit you. Dual-density protection provides superior impact absorption for added comfort as well.

4. Warrior Youth Rabil NXT Shoulder Pad

Ready, set, go. You’re as ready as your gear can be. The Warrior Youth Rabil NXT Shoulder Pad performs floating shoulder caps and has a great range of motion in the sleeves to keep you feeling comfortable and agile on the field or court no matter how tough the competition is. If you’ve got big plans for this school year, then make sure everything from head to toe is good to go including all of your protective equipment like these pads that offer integrated rib protection and external sternum plate technology so you know there’ll never be anything in between you and achieving that potential.

5. STX Youth Stallion 100 Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

With the STX Youth Stallion 100 Lacrosse Shoulder Pads, you’ll feel protected and confident on the field every time. With its first lacrosse cardiac silhouette coverage and raised chest plate, these shoulder pads shield you from any collision that might sideline your season. Hard plastic shoulder caps provide extra protection in case anything goes wrong while contoured panels all over fit comfortably with your body.

6. Champro Sports Lrx7 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

With the Champro Sports LRX7 Lacrosse Shoulder Pads, kids and beginners can play without worries about reduced range of motion or risk of injury. The floating shoulder provides full coverage for smaller arms while maintaining a flexible, unrestricted fit. The “Y” shaped design ensures that upper body pads cover the most vulnerable area over the sternum where severe injuries often occur in youth lacrosse. With adjustable straps to create a just snug enough fit, players will be able to go hard into every contest with confidence thanks to this amazing product from our line of youth football equipment!

7. STX Lacrosse Cell 100 Youth Boy’s Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

Featuring blue and gray STX highlights, this lacrosse shoulder pad provides complete protection with the enhanced coverage you need for your chest and shoulders. The adjustable straps provide a customized fit, while the plastic hard caps on both sides of your neck protect against all impacts. With simple design curves that speak to core principles at STX Lacrosse – empowering players, inspiring kids -this is a must-have piece of gear for those who are just starting out in boys youth lacrosse or looking to upgrade from their current league level.

8. Under Armour NexGen Youth Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Wow! What a young athlete could do with Under Armour’s NexGen Youth Lacrosse Shoulder Pads. These pads are perfect for your football, baseball, lacrosse, or soccer player that is any age between 6 and 18 to use while pushing themselves as hard as they can go on the field. They’re flexible enough to be worn all game long without causing too much discomfort from added weigh or lack of mobility. The padded straps and light weight material also help create an ergonomically safe level of comfort while maximizing range-of-motion for moves like tackles or blocks from just about anywhere on the field where you really need it most – in front & behind them!

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Chest Protector for Youth Lacrosse Players

Here are some factors that you need to carefully consider while trying to select the best lacrosse chest protector –

  • Youth lacrosse chest protector should provide enough coverage so that your most vital organs aren’t exposed to injury – this includes the heart and lungs which lie just beneath the ribcage in a person’s upper body region! You need one with adequate amounts of firm abrasion resistant material that also provides some protection to the ribcage.
  • Youth lacrosse chest protector should also cover your collarbone, which is a common area of pain and injury for athletes who play contact sports or are accident prone!
  • In terms of where you wear the padding and how much coverage it provides: front protectors offer better protection from an opponent’s stick while back protectors provide more protection on blows coming in from behind. Side ribs/sternum areas can be injured during tackles or if someone falls onto your rib cage. Shoulder pads will not fully guard against impacts with sticks but they do help keep shoulder joints stable when blocking shots―a key part of strategy in any game that uses goalies.
  • The chest protector should be comfortable and easy for your kids to wear otherwise, they will start throwing tantrums.
  • The best chest protector is one that fits perfectly and doesn’t restrict movement.
  • Not sure what size to get? Measure your child’s chest circumference from under the arms, around the widest part of their ribcage (opposite side of where a bra would go), up over their shoulder blades, across to the other armpit then down to the opposite hipbone for an accurate measurement in inches.
  • Youth chest protector should have vents already included for breathability.
  • Chest protectors are also recommended for kids who have a history of getting hit in the chest because it will provide an additional layer of protection to their ribs and lungs, which can help prevent serious injuries.
  • It sounds like you’re not sure if your son is ready for something as heavy duty as lacrosse gear yet! Youth players should wear a lighter equipment that still offers good support but isn’t too cumbersome or restrictive―that way they won’t get discouraged and lose interest before they’ve had time to build up some muscle memory! There’s no need to buy anything more expensive than what he needs at this point (for now).
  • MOST IMPORTANT POINT: If you are buying a used or pre-owned protective equipment be aware that its condition might not meet standards set by manufacturers―check with them before purchase if unsure about quality. While these might still provide some protection against injuries they’re more likely to fail during use.
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