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Best Youth Lacrosse Chest Protectors

Best Youth Lacrosse Chest Protectors

If you are a youth lacrosse player, it is important to understand the importance of chest protection. Chest protectors can be especially helpful for young players who are just starting out with the game and need some extra protection from contact. However, there is no one-size-fits-all device when it comes to chest protectors so understanding what your needs are will help you choose the best option for yourself or your child.

Buying the Right Chest Protector

Right away, you should understand that there is no one-size-fits-all devise when it comes to chest protectors. There are different types of chest protectors for junior players and seniors. There are also a number of features on these devices that can change depending on which one you buy. For example, some have padding in all the right places while others do not; some have straps so they won’t fall down or fall off while you play but others do not.

If you are searching for the easiest way to find what will work best for your child or yourself, consider buying an adjustable model instead of a one-time use item. Most adjustable models come with additional straps that fit around shoulders and arms and in some cases, the midsection. This gives you a higher level of protection but also an element of adjustability for future use.

The other thing you need to think about is how much protection you really need from a chest protector. Some models are designed to protect your sternum and ribs while others offer full-body protection that makes it impossible for any lacrosse ball to hit you in the chest without being stopped by the device. If you are just starting out with the game, consider buying a lighter model than those designed for seasoned players who know what they’re doing on the field and want enhanced protection from head-to-toe.

Best 5 Youth Lacrosse Chest Protectors

1. Warrior Nemesis Chest Pad

This chest pad is designed with good coverage, versatility and best-in-class protection in mind. Straps at the shoulders make it easy to adjust for a custom fit and the floating belly pad keeps the chest plate from riding up when you’re crouching, giving athletes more freedom of movement. And since it’s constructed out of our panion impax foam, which has superior impact performance – Warrior Chest Pads are all you need between your chin guard and ground-stroking balls!

2. STX Lacrosse Shield 200 Chest Protector

This chest protector is bold, fully armored, and ready for anything. Its lightweight construction allows unrestricted mobility so you can be the most effective player possible no matter what. This product comes with a stomach pad to offer even more protection to your midsection, ensuring that you stay safe on the back line. If you’re looking for something different than other models out there, this shield is perfect! Since it can be fitted to your body type thanks to its multiple hinges, no area of your torso should go unprotected while playing. Plus, this model is even available with an optional stomach pad for extra coverage!

3. STX Lacrosse Shield 400 Goalie Chest Protector

Built to withstand anything, the STX Lacrosse Shield is designed for serious lacrosse players. Offering complete protection, it meets the strict NOCSAE standard for chest protection and includes a floating chest plate with mobility and flexibility features like removable shoulder caps.

The STX Lacrosse Shield 400 Chest Protector fits like a glove, and will be the best decision you make all game. Say goodbye to bruised ribs or black eyes, because this chest protector offers protection up to three inches from your sternum. The floating chest plate gives you flexibility and mobility while also eliminating gaps in coverage that other pads have where guards are designed to keep it in place.

4. STX Lacrosse Shield 600 Goalie Chest Protector

What better way to protect your common rib, phrenology, and heart than with the Lacrosse Shield 600 Goalie Chest Protector from STX? This is a low profile chest protector that offers protection while keeping you as light on your feet as possible. The floating shoulder piece gives you more freedom of movement without sacrificing much in the shop of safety – there’s literally no limit to what this bad-boy can handle because it meets NOCSAE standards! Don’t risk being knocked out cold one day when falls at full speed or having the ball come straight for your face just get yourself a STX Lacrosse Shield 600 Goalie Chest Protector today.

5. Maverik Max EKG Lacrosse Goalie Chest Pad

Get your heart racing with the Maverik max EKG lacrosse goalie chest pad. Designed to keep you cool and dry while giving you the freedom of movement you need, this advances piece of equipment has a unique exterior kardiac guard that helps address commotio cordis. The MAX progressive design provides comfortable mobility for any position want to be in while providing maximum protection from all impacts on the field.

This chest pad is designed to help maximize the goalie’s freedom of movement while also minimizing his/her susceptibility to injury. It’s an essential part of any lacrosse goalie’s gear, providing protection and comfort as well as giving a tailored fit for each player!