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Best Womens Lacrosse Sticks for Midfielders

Best Womens Lacrosse Sticks for Midfielders

Lacrosse is a sport that has been around for centuries. It’s played by both men and women, but women’s lacrosse sticks are often shorter than the ones used by male players. This makes them ideal for midfielders who need to be quick on their feet and maneuver quickly without being weighed down too much. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best womens lacrosse sticks available so you can find one that fits your needs!

The best womens lacrosse sticks for midfielders are a very important part of the game. The midfield is often considered to be the heart and soul of any team, which is why it’s so important that each member on the field have the best equipment possible. If you’re looking for high quality women’s lacrosse sticks, then read more below!

Best 3 Womens Lacrosse Sticks for Midfielders

1. STX Lacrosse Exult 300 Girls Complete Stick

Your princess will feel like the most fierce midfielder in town with STX’s Exult 300Lacrosse Stick. With a premium blend of style, performance, and features, this versatile set has all she needs to leverage her strengths on the field. The rounded scoop improves ball control and ground ball pickups while further protecting from those accidental traps (just look how it slides into that tight pocket!). It also includes a lightweight composite shaft for added comfort when those long days wear you down. And it is strung with Crux Mesh Pro – company’s flagship mesh component – so she’ll get maximum durability over years of heavy use (and have plenty of breathability)! Pair this sweet stick with STX Earrings Wheels for an unbeatable combo.

Do you want a more diverse game? Introducing the Exult 300, the newest go-to for midfielders. The handles are sleek and strong with Crux Mesh Pro and diamond weave graphics that will impress anyone who loves playing like a pro. Perfect for side ball pick ups, ground balls don’t stand a chance against this stick’s reinforced sidewalls. With its flexible scoop, success in collecting your own possessions is the name of the game! Win with style this upcoming season by signing up for STX Lacrosse Exult 300 Girls Complete Stick.

2. Maverik Lacrosse Female’s Heist Complete Stick

The Maverik Lacrosse Female’s Heist Complete Stick is the perfect upgrade for any player. Designed with features specifically for women lacrosse players, this stick will give you a boost on the field and the feel of it in your hands won’t disappoint!

The Maverik Lacrosse Female’s Heist Complete Stick has an angle-specific scoop to make catching up ground balls a breeze and a stiff sidewall so that when defending those long passes or checking opponents, you won’t have to worry about breaking your equipment. The aluminum alloy shaft is strong enough to meet midfielders demands while still maintaining its lightweight properties. And if all these benefits aren’t enticing enough for both new and veteran players alike, then there are also strategic grip points that make this unique piece a great choice for women midfielders.

3. STX Exult 400 Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick

Take your game to new heights with the Exult 400. With an improved face shape, reinforced corner ledges and included components like a head, shaft and mesh this product is perfect for women looking to take their match to another level. Designed specifically for pure midfielders, you can also use the stick just as easily in a draw position thanks! It comes in black or pink if that’s more your thing.

The STX Exult 400 Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick doesn’t disappoint with its newest innovative design features such as the updated scoop profile which helps promote controlled play on different fields and ground types. The sturdy handle contour provides good control during rapid shooting strings.

You’ve got skills, and the STX Exult 400 Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick is helping you get even better. Pick up one of these bad boys for a midrange price and see your game skyrocket. You can rely on this lacrosse stick to be consistent for all seasons whether you’re just starting out or need some help conquering your opponents. With its reinforced corners that let you pick up the ball seamlessly, this stick is made as an investment that will only keep paying off for years to come.