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Best Women Lacrosse Cleats

Best Women Lacrosse Cleats

For the high-impact, agile sport that lacrosse is, women need gears and equipment that are designed specifically for the game. Buying the pair of perfect Lacrosse cleats can be exhausting. Well, having to choose the one perfect color, style and design among thousands is definitely draining. Truth be told, you cannot choose a pair of lacrosse shoes just because they are in vogue. Women laxers must measure them on the basis of comfort, weight, and durability.

In the game of lacrosse, you would want cleats that are both supportive and protective and yet does not limit the free movement of the feet. Cleats that allow dodges, cuts, shooting, jumping and sprinting the best must be considered.

At school and college levels, beginners and intermediates can make do with football or soccer cleats. But pro-players need only the best equipment to aid for agility, speed, and toughness on the field. Ergo, only the best women’s lacrosse specialized cleats shall boost your game to another level.

You shall find a plethora of options when it comes to women’s lacrosse online and also in the market. Before you get your hands on the product, allow us tell you more about women’s lacrosse cleats and how you can find the best lacrosse cleats –

Best 6 Women’s Lacrosse Cleats

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Here we have listed the top 6 lacrosse cleats that are designed specifically for women lacrosse players. Check out these reviews carefully before making the final decision –

1. Under Armour Women’s Lax Highlight MC Lacrosse Shoe

Under Armour Women’s Lax Highlight MC Lacrosse Shoe is super light and fits like a charm. You would not even notice that you have put on this shoe while on the field. It has got a sporty design and the foam cushion makes it really comfortable. When it comes to performance, Under Armour Women’s Lax Highlight MC Lacrosse Shoe is second to none.

Its synthetic sole is strong yet flexible at the same time, making this lacrosse cleat ideal for both beginners and professional lacrosse players. Under Armour Women’s Lax Highlight MC Lacrosse Shoe offers support to your foot and ankle and thus minimizes the chances of injuries. In case, you are looking for a lax cleat for your next big sporting event, you can easily put your trust on this.

Protection and comfort, Under Armour Women’s Lax Highlight MC Lacrosse Cleat offers the best of both worlds. Included is 4D foam footbed that prevents slippage. It even offers lockdown support which is just awesome and it conforms to the shape of your feet. Thanks to the inclusion of TPU cleat plate, you will enjoy good traction on the field.

The only drawback of this Under Armour Women’s Lax Highlight MC Lacrosse Cleat is that it feels a little narrow.

2. New Balance Women’s Burn X 1 Speed Lacrosse Shoe

Designed for speed and comfort, New Balance Women’s Burn X 1 Speed Lacrosse Shoe is definitely making it mark felt in the industry. With this lacrosse cleat, you will be able to accelerate fast. Just put on this cleat and you will be able to beat your strongest opponent in the field unless they are also wearing the same shoes (which is unfortunate, to say the least). To maximize down-hill speed, New Balance Women’s Burn X 1 Speed Lacrosse Cleat has got armed with a unique design plate.

Lace them up and you will definitely feel the difference. New Balance Women’s Burn X 1 Speed Lacrosse Shoe will make you feel more comfortable and confident on the field. Its sole is made from high-quality rubber and that means, it will last long, really long.

3. Under Armour Women’s Lax Finisher Turf Lacrosse Shoe, 11.5K

Okay, first thing first – you need to buy one size larger than what usually fits your feet. Other than this minor inconvenience, this Under Armour Women’s Lax Finisher Turf Lacrosse Shoe, 11.5K is a super luxurious and comfortable lacrosse cleat specifically designed for women players. It has taken the concept of an underfoot concept to the next level.

Designed to be durable, Under Armour Women’s Lax Finisher Turf Lacrosse Shoe takes off pressure from your feet and thus allowing you to concentrate your skills. The inclusion of outsole that comes fitted with mini-lugs allows this cleat to get a good grip on the ground. Be it an AstroTurf or natural field, Under Armour Women’s Lax Finisher Turf Lacrosse Shoe is not going to make you feel disappointed.

4. Under Armour Women’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe

Made from 100 Synthetic material, Under Armour Women’s Highlight, Mc Lacrosse Shoe is great addition to your impressive collection of lacrosse gear. Stunning and durable, Under Armour Women’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe promises spectacular performance and the manufacturer is not resting on laurels.

Looking for extra support for your heel and ankle? Well, Under Armour Women’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe has got you covered. Well, it does lock your feel down firmly but it does that with a touch of elegance. Extremely lightweight, Under Armour Women’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe is super comfy and offers superior level of performance under extreme conditions.

To protect your feelings, the 3D-molded tongue is included in the design. The fitting is something that we should not give a miss. It fits perfectly with your feet and the credit goes to foot-forming 4D Foam footbed. Dogging a player would be as easy as pie with Under Armour Women’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe as it offers easy acceleration. Offering superior traction, Under Armour Women’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe is definitely a cut above the rest.

5. Reebok Women’s Whippet Low at III Lacrosse Shoe

Reebok Women’s Whippet Low at III Lacrosse Shoe allows you to be a little more aggressive on the field. Synthetic leather upper has primarily been used to manufacturer this cleat. Since this Synthetic leather upper is extremely lightweight, Reebok Women’s Whippet Low at III Lacrosse Shoe will never slow you down on the field rather it seems it helps lacrosse players to gain top speed within a few seconds.

We all know how bad it feels to have wet feet and therefore, the company has used PlayDry® moisture-wicking liner that helps to keep the feet dry and cool for long period of time. Dual-density antimicrobial footbed with EVA is also included in this cleat that further enhances its brand image. Collar and the tongue of this Reebok Women’s Whippet Low at III Lacrosse Shoe are made from soft foam that adds to superior level of comfort and it also adds an extra layer of protection.

To offer a biomechanical advantage to lax players, Reebok has included Micro-perforated medial arch in the design. In an effort to absorb shocks better, EVA footbed and wedge are included in this cleat; it also even helps to keep blisters away.

6. Under Armour Women’s Finisher II MC Lacrosse Cleat

Under Armour Women’s Finisher II MC Lacrosse Cleat offers superior performance no matter what the conditions are. Synthetic supper adds to its extreme durability and to offer better fitting, Traditional lace-up closure is included in the design. Breathable textile lining helps to keep your feet dry and make you feel comfortable throughout the game.

To reduce cleat pressure, Under Armour Women’s Finisher II MC Lacrosse Cleat is using Molded 4D Foam footbed that easily conforms to your feet contour. To allow easy acceleration, CoreSpeed chassis is included that aids the natural motion of the feet.

Women’s Lacrosse Cleats
Buying Guide

Women pro-laxers chose their gears to reflect their style on the field. There is no dearth of lacrosse cleats in the market for women laxers. Cleats are available in various styles, sizes, and designs.

Lacrosse cleats for women come in three major cuts- high, mid and low. Each of these cleats is designed to maximize support and flexibility for the feet.

If you choose to go for high cleats, you choose better support for your feet and ankles. You may also choose low cleats that allow better flexibility. Often, laxers who are prone to injuries during the game pick high-top cleats. These cleats are designed to protect laxers from any potential injury in the ankles such as sprains. You can run, cut and pivot just the same wearing high-top women’s lacrosse cleats.

Mid-cut cleats are a combination of protection, support, and mobility. You can choose to buy mid-cut women’s cleats to help prevent the rolling. Low-tops are also some of the most sought-after cleats for women. It is the lightest among others as it comes with very less material. They offer the most ankle motion. Needless to mention, their flexibility is unmatched.

Let us discuss each type of women’s lacrosse cleats in detail:

  • High Top Cleats: The key feature of high-top cleats is that they protect the ankle from injuries even when the game gets aggressive. High top cleats cover you till your calf which is just the protective gear you need if you are an advanced-level player. For players with chronic ankle sprain, high-top women’s lacrosse cleats are the most suitable choice.
  • Mid Cleats: If you are okay with not wearing cleats up to your calf for added protection, mid-length cleats are just right for you. Such cleats give you the support you need but without limiting the movements of your feet.
  • Low Cleats: Low cleats are recommended for beginners as well as many intermediates. Low cleats stand for flexibility. They are some of the most lightweight options that you will come across on your hunt to the best lacrosse cleats for a woman.

You can try all of their kind and the best women’s lacrosse cleats for you depend on your preference.

1. Materials

Gone are the days when laxers used to wear shoes that weight them down in the name of lacrosse cleats. Accessories, shoes and protective gear designed for women’s lacrosse are offered by various big brands, that too in shapes, colors, and designs that keep the onlookers staring.

Do not go for cleats that are big, bulky pairs of random material. Laxers need cleats to get them going for seasons to come.

Play at lightning pace with the support and flexibility aided by the best women’s cleats made from quality materials. High-quality lacrosse cleats are pricy but they offer unmatched comfort and flexibility.

With waterproof lacrosse shoes for women, you can avoid the terrible feeling of wetness due to rain or snow.

It is also wiser to choose materials that will last you for eons to come such as synthetic and leather. Both of them are super-light material and do an excellent job of keeping your feet warm and dry.

2. How Loose Must Your Lacrosse Cleats Be?

The game of lacrosse is all about the lateral movements and quick cuts. Cleats that allow you to twist, plant and cut and showcase the best of your abilities are just the ones you need to zero in on.

When selecting the best-in-class lacrosse cleats from yourself, you have to be sure of the quality of the material used. Certainly, you would not want to invest in a pair that rips off just because you cut hard. Laxers lookout for lacrosse cleats that vamp up flexibility and protection without being a deal-breaker for flexibility and speed.

Cleats by some of the most trusted brands by professional lacrosse players design cleats that are supportive as well as stable. Brands are also using materials in various permutations and combinations to make cleats that are light on the feet and allow free movement of the feet.

The new designs in women’s lacrosse come with a plated outsole at the bottom of the cleats. The design has enough flex and provides great support to the feet when taking long strides or running in the field. What you choose completely depends on your preference. Women might also try the shoes and decide on the final purchase. 

3. Lacrosse Turf Shoes or Molded Lacrosse Cleats

Many a time, the laxers have to play on artificial surfaces; the ones that imitate the attributes of a lacrosse grass field. And as it goes, many choose lacrosse turf shoes to play on the artificial surface.

Lacrosse turf shoe features numb that bite at the turf and therefore, enables better traction. Lacrosse shoes, turfs or cleats, are designed to provide you with maximum speed and quickness in the field. Both of these foot gears are manufactured using the latest lax technology for increased traction on the field.

Cleats come with molded tips that dig deep in the ground for additional traction in adverse conditions. Laxers that live in places that experience showers of rain and snow for the most part of the year must home in on lacrosse cleats. Take a look at some waterproof cleats to shield you best against the weather and still keep you going in the lacrosse field.

Unlike cleats, turf shoes come in two cuts: mid-top and low. And since turfs are designed to reduce weight and increase flexibility, turfs are best for the players who are looking for quick cuts and unparalleled flexibility.

Molded cleats best work on grass. Alternatively, you can use lacrosse molded cleats on turfs. Molded lax cleats have as much as 4 pegs on the heels and about 6 to 10 on the forefoot. This feature helps you a bit on the ground even if that means muddy grass or waterlogged fields. However, molded cleats are for dry grass and shall make you feel ill at ease on wet turf.

The player who is used to playing on turfs shall certainly find lacrosse turf shoes better. With turf shoes, you can always be sure of traction even on dry and wet turf and dry grass.

You shall find large molded nubs of plastic on lacrosse cleats but mind you, they are solely for aesthetic purpose. Lacrosse surf shoes have threads like athletic shoes which makes them more desirable.

4. Right Fittings

Lacrosse cleats are flexible for you to perform to the best of your abilities. But picking up the wrong size of lacrosse cleats shall not assist the cause. You know how it works- cleats that are too tight are going to limit your foot movements and ruin the game for you. On the other hand, bigger cleats may make you uncomfortable in the field and you will probably waste much time fixing them.

One of the most common problems for laxers is jamming or rubbing their toes against one another when stopping or planting. If you deal with a similar problem, you can go for lacrosse cleats that come with reinforced shoelace holes. Ergo, you do not tear the material over time tightening them after each game.

On your hunt for the best lacrosse cleats, you shall come across cleats with the latest design, offering a plethora of color choices. If you are looking for lacrosse cleats in your team’s color, get ready to be spoilt for choice as you search for them online. There are varieties of brands that are more popular among the laxers. If you are a beginner, you may as well dodge buying from lacrosse cleat brands. But investing a few additional bucks just to get the best cleats available shall benefit you in the long haul.

5. Spike Pattern

Lacrosse spikes are essential for added traction of the shoes. Before you purchase a pair of lacrosse cleats, you must take a look at the spike pattern of the shoes.

Most of the lacrosse cleats come with 4 studs at the foot heels and a minimum of 6 studs around the toe area and the ball of the floor.

Types of Cleat Studs

It is best to use turf cleats when you are playing on turfs as they are characterized with plenty of built-in spikes that do not cut well into the ground. Wearing turfs on natural grass shall make you lose out on traction which is a major disadvantage during the game.

Molded cleats are some of the most popular types of cleats to wear in natural grass as they come with long studs for improved traction, stability and sturdiness. Cleats work on all surfaces besides natural grass.

Players can also go for detachable cleats which is another versatile option. The players can screw the studs on and off the shoe as and when required.

6. Cost

The best Lacrosse cleats for women come at different price points. You can get lacrosse cleats from renowned brands in the market like Nike, New Balance and Under Armour and Maverik online at discounted prices.

You can find quality lacrosse foot gears starting from $50. If you are looking forward to buying only the best foot gears there is, you have to climb up the price point. You can some of the best products in lacrosse women’s cleats under $120. Consider the reviews and ratings of the products before you buy lacrosse cleats online.

Difference between Women’s & Men’s Lacrosse Cleats

The fact is that lacrosse for Men is different from the lacrosse women play does not require reiterating for those who are already familiar with the game. In Men’s lacrosse game more legal aggression is allowed than in women lax. This, in turn, explains the need for padding on the chest, forearms, back, and shoulders for men. And just like every other protective gear, cleats for women are designed differently than men.

One of the major reasons for the same is the obvious difference between men’s and women’s physique. Women’s cleats are generally wider in the toes areas and also in the forefoot region. The shape narrows towards the heels. On the other hand, men’s cleats are larger and wider in every dimension. In fact, the shoes for men and women are manufactured using different materials for each. Nevertheless, Lacrosse cleats for both men and women are designed to provide maximum comfort and support when on field.

Another major difference in the design of men’s and women’s cleats is the use of different midsole material and distinct heel support. The reason is pronation.

Since women have larger hips, they are likely to pronate more than men. This calls for extra support for the feet during an engaging game of lacrosse.

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