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Best LSM Heads

Best LSM Heads

LSM or Long Stick Middies are those players who play as a midfielder but mainly acts as a defender.  Long Stick Middies usually get themselves equipped with a long stick. As you have already guessed, long stick definitely restricts the players from making killer attacking moves but it helps improving his/her defensive ability to a great extent.

The term – Long Stick Middies is used to denote those lacrosse players who play on both the sides with their long shaft. Their main role in the game is to help the defensive lacrosse players but their job does not end there! They can pick up the lacrosse ball and take it to the other side of the field and make a shot. To allow them juggle between these two different roles, they need to have a lacrosse stick that has got a durable head and tighter face shape.

However, finding the right LSM head is no easy job. There are several factors that you need to carefully consider before making the right selection. To ease your job, here we have listed top 3 LSM Heads –

Best 3 LSM Heads

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1. Maverik Havok Lacrosse Head

The Havok Head is ideal for the premium LSM or Defenseman and boasts of the latest Ground Control feature. Rating high in class design and strength to weight ratio, this head can help to give your game a boost. Ground Control comes with a bespoke scoop angle, so you can scoop groundballs and dominate the game seamlessly.

Has a Lightweight 3-Strut Design and Tighter Face Shape, offering an efficient strength to weight ratio. DuraTough material raises the stiffness levels and helps to keep your game consistent in all types of weather conditions.

X-Rail Technology is designed to transfer the stress to the opposite rail for engineering a lightweight and rigid design. Level 4 Bottom Rail features a mid-high pocket to deliver more power and stronger hold. Series of stringing holes so you have a range of customized pocket options

2. STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Unstrung Head

With the STX Stallion 700, the skilled players can scoop groundballs without much ado and grind stronger at the midfield position. An innovative design, this head includes metal-based accents, a leather ball stop, and unique details across the head which add to the elegant feel.

A rare combination of style and unmatched technology, STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Unstrung Head is the league of its own. With STX’s new Patented Speed Scoop, players can scoop balls effortlessly by reducing drag on turf and grass.

C-Channel technology allocates stress evenly on the sidewall, lending more strength around the lines. Class two-sidewall brace design gives added stability during checking and shooting. The latest Stallion 700 rates 5% lighter and 25% tougher than past stallion models. Caters to NFHS and NCAA guidelines.

3. Under Armour Command Universal Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Composed of nylon material that can hold up to all types of temperatures. Count on the Scoop technology and Gild for you to deliver the ball from any angle with ease. Sturdy sidewall for optimal performance. Completely offset for unlimitable force and feel.

Under Armour Command Universal Unstrung Lacrosse Head is a perfectly balanced LSM head that comes with truckloads of interesting features. It is strong, durable yet lightweight and thus making it a popular choice among midfielders. To enhance the shot speed and to allow players to experience better ball control, Under Armour Command Universal Unstrung Lacrosse Head has undergone a major metamorphosis. Offering better ball control is its shortened throat. This shortened throat allows you get closer to the ball and thus allowing you to have more control over the game. 

Rigid top rail is created by its asymmetrical sidewall design whereas the bottom rail has got a flexible design. Head and shaft are connected firmly which is one of its main USPs. Hand rattle has successfully been eliminated by its unique and innovative 4-point handle locking system.

Last modified: January 9, 2021