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Best Lacrosse Tapes

best lacrosse tapes

Getting a good grip on a lacrosse stick is not always easy especially when it is raining cats and dogs. In case, you are wearing lacrosse gloves, things can get even worse, as you might have a hard time latch on to your stick. By taping your lacrosse stick, you can make a marked difference in your game as it will allow you to get a good grip on it.

Some people have taken this taping thing too far. Nowadays, some lacrosse players are using this taping process as a kind of pre-game ritual just to calm down their nerves or to get stay focused in the game.

Best 5 Lacrosse Tapes

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1. A&R Sports Major League Lacrosse Pro Stick Tape

A&R Sports Major League Lacrosse Pro Stick Tape is a reliable lacrosse tape and it is extremely durable. However, it has a sticky surface and that means, you might have to clean the surface multiple times after taping it on your lacrosse stick. Hardly will you notice any weak points in it even after using it for months. A&R Sports Major League Lacrosse Pro Stick Tape offers a good grip.

2. Black Athletic Tape

Black Athletic Tape is super strong but that does not mean that you would need a tape cutter all the time while using it. Use your hand to tear it and we are confident that it would not be a struggle. Black Athletic Tape is made from pure cotton and it will not come off that easily. It will hold on to its position no matter what thanks to its premium adhesive. Ideal for lacrosse sticks, Black Athletic Tape can be used for Physical Therapy as well. Black Athletic Tape is also known for providing superior tensile strength. 

3. Zechy Grip Tape

Zechy Grip Tape allows you to have a firm grip on the lacrosse stick at all conditions. This tape is resistant to water. It has got a nice woven pattern on it that adds to its appeal and it gets itself attached to the lacrosse stick without using any adhesive. You can apply this tape on other tools like a fishing pole, knives, etc and it will offer a firm grip nonetheless. You will get two roles in the package and each role is 15 feet long.

4. IMPACT Athletic Tapes

IMPACT Athletic Tapes is best known for its affordability and durability. To offer consistent performance, the company has used both poly fibers and cotton to create this amazing tape that you can apply on your most prized possession i.e. lacrosse stick. IMPACT Athletic Tape is extremely reliable and it has developed a special barrier to ward off moisture. Forget about skin irritation as the adhesive of this lacrosse tape is made from all-natural rubber. IMPACT Athletic Tapes will retain its original color for a long time to come since this tape is dyed two times. Long-lasting performance is what you can expect from this IMPACT Athletic Tape.

5. StringKing Lacrosse Tape for Sticks and Shafts

StringKing Lacrosse Tape is one of those few tapes that are available in the market that are designed and developed specifically for lacrosse sticks. A consistent tap job is what you can expect from this StringKing Lacrosse Tape. Easy to apply, StringKing Lacrosse Tape has got the right amount of stickiness and that means, you would not have to worry about dealing with the sticky residues on your lacrosse shaft anymore. StringKing Lacrosse Tape has got a rough texture that offers a superior grip. You have got three different color options to choose from.

Why Tape A Lacrosse Stick After-all?

Want to give your lacrosse stick a distinct look and feel? Well, tape it then. A good many lacrosse players is passionate about taping their lacrosse as it allows them to show the world their artistic side.

Lacrosse Tape Rules

The butt end of the lacrosse stick should ideally be made from either plastic or rubber. Some players go overboard taping and end up taping one-fourth of the end of the lacrosse shaft but we are not a big fan of this practice.

Faceoff lacrosse sticks can’t have multiple layers of taps on them because that would inadvertently impact the overall performance. Contrast is another area that you need to pay attention to. The idea is very simple. You simply can’t use black tape on a white faceoff lacrosse stick or a white tape on a black lacrosse faceoff stick.  

Lacrosse Tape Jobs and Lacrosse Tape Styles

The Criss-Cross Tape Job

Criss Cross tap job is quite popular in the lacrosse circle. The best thing about this taping style is that it can be done in a matter of a few minutes. There is no steep learning curve involved which is a big relief for newbies. Criss Cross tap job is popular in field lacrosse and rarely will you come across this type of taping job in box lacrosse.

The Standard Tape Job

In this specific tape job, only one-fourth area gets covered. This is a classic tape job that is widely used by lacrosse players all around the world.

How to tape a Lacrosse Stick

Grippy lacrosse tape is a nuisance. However, you can easily get rid of it by using a pair of old lacrosse gloves and then twisting the palms to get rid of excess adhesive from the shaft. Some amount of brute force needs to be applied to get it cleaned properly. Before reapplying the tape again on the lacrosse shaft, you need to clean the lacrosse tape properly otherwise it would come off in the middle. A clean contact with the lacrosse shaft is what a lacrosse tape needs in order to last long.

The Do’s

You start taping your lacrosse shaft from the bottom of the shaft to its very end and not the other way around. This will ensure that the lacrosse tape stays put. Rarely will it roll-up and this will have a positive impact on its overall longevity. Once the tape has been applied to the shaft, you need to heat its surface with a hair blow dryer and then try to smooth the surface by running your hand over it. This will eliminate frays from the surface.

The Don’ts

We all understand that you are sick and tired with sticky tapes but waxing it is not the solution. It will make the tape slippery and you will lose your grip on it which will have a negative impact on your performance in the field. Don’t start taping the stick just right before the starting of the game because you have no idea how it will turn out at the end. A botched tape job is the last thing that you would like to deal with at that moment.