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Best Lacrosse Sticks For Youth

Best Lacrosse Sticks For Youth

With the right gear in hands, Lacrosse is the best game that the kids and youth can enjoy. Apart from the protective gear, Lacrosse sticks are eminent parts of this game. There are multiple factors to consider while you choose the best youth Lacrosse sticks depending on build, length and material. You can either buy a single stick or simply buy them in parts – shaft with the head and then all you need to do is attach them.

Buying Lacrosse sticks for beginners and youth can be a daunting task so here we have tried to make things easy for you.

Best 9 Lacrosse Sticks
for The Youths & Beginners

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More and more manufacturers are coming up with multiple types of youth Lacrosse sticks and new features added into them to ensure that learning the game is easy and fun. Available in bright, bold and stunning colors, they are designed to attract attention of the youth and made capable of becoming a favorite with ease. It may take years for a player to perfect the game of Lacrosse and the right start will only encourage a young player to shine through in the long run!

1. Warrior Mako Jr. – Youth Lacrosse Stick

Warrior Mako Jr. – Youth Lacrosse Stick is a beginner’s friendly lacrosse stick. Shorter in size, Warrior Mako Jr. – Youth Lacrosse Stick is ideal for young lax players who just want to learn the basics of the game. The diameter, length, and weight of this lacrosse stick are just perfect for small hands. It will not tire down your little kids rather Warrior Mako Jr. – Youth Lacrosse Stick will allow your kids to enjoy the game. This lacrosse stick is designed for those players who are just not ready for a full-fledged adult lacrosse stick.  

2. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete Stick

STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete Stick is definitely not for high school players. It is perfect for those who have already learned the basics of the game and want to further improve their game. You can use regular size lacrosse balls with it. One more thing, STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete Stick is designed for male youth lacrosse players (not for female players at all). You can be rough with this beginner’s friendly lacrosse stick and it will be just fine. Since it is made from strong and durable materials, it can easily tolerate a lot of abuse.

3. Under Armour NexGen Junior Complete Lacrosse Stick

Under Armour NexGen Junior Complete Lacrosse Stick keeps a low profile but doesn’t get deceived by its simple look because it has got a lot of firepower under its sleeves. Carrying the ball would be less of a trouble if you are using Under Armour NexGen Junior Complete Lacrosse Stick. Less break-in time is ensured by the re-engineered soft mesh.

Picking up groundballs will be less complicated thanks to the inclusion of a Trusted Glide scoop technology that ensures fewer frictions. Under Armour NexGen Junior Complete Lacrosse Stick has got a wide catching area which is ideal for beginners’ lacrosse players.

4. STX Lacrosse Fortress 100 Complete Stick

STX Lacrosse Fortress 100 Complete Stick is another popular youth lacrosse stick that has gained immense popularity in the market. Designed for girl lax players, STX Lacrosse Fortress 100 Complete Stick helps girl lax players improve their overall performance level significantly without splurging your hard-earned money on something fancy or outlandish.

While throwing a lacrosse ball or catching the ball mid-air, you can make good use of its soft mesh pocket. The structure of the pocket is very simple and straightforward and thus needs very little maintenance. STX Lacrosse Fortress 100 Complete Stick is weather-resistant too.

5. STX Lacrosse Junior Stinger Beginners Lacrosse Stick

STX Lacrosse Junior Stinger Beginners Lacrosse Stick is extremely easy to maintain and therefore, it is a wonder why it has so much popularity among beginners’ lacrosse players. To improve its performance, soft materials were mainly used in the making of its shaft. However, STX Lacrosse Junior Stinger Beginners Lacrosse Stick is not meant for high school tournaments, so be careful.

6. Maverik Erupt ST Complete Youth Girl’s Lacrosse Stick

Maverik Erupt ST Complete Youth Girl’s Lacrosse Stick is designed for 5- or 6-years old girls who want to improve the accuracy of their shots and passes. The coolest thing about this Maverik Erupt ST Complete Youth Girl’s Lacrosse Stick is that it meets all the U10 US Lacrosse rules. To make it easier to catch ball midair, this Maverik Erupt ST Complete Youth Girl’s Lacrosse Stick has got a wide catching surface. To make it easier for girls to keep possession of the lacrosse ball for a longer period of time, this youth lacrosse stick comes fitted with a mesh pocket. It has got a thin aluminum shaft that makes it extremely lightweight.

7. Epoch iD Jr. Complete Youth Lacrosse Stick

Epoch iD Jr. Complete Lacrosse Stick-Youth is ideal for 7 to 8 years old lacrosse players who want to improve their game without spending an astronomical amount on a youth lacrosse stick. The shaft of this Epoch iD Jr. Complete Youth Lacrosse Stick is made from heavy-duty polymer that makes it tougher and flexible at the same time. Designed for under 14 lacrosse players, Epoch iD Jr. Complete Youth Lacrosse Stick is well protected from the UV rays of the sun. It has got a 2 mid/low pocket. Its polymer body allows the full transfer of energy while shooting a ball.  

8. StringKing Girl’s Complete Junior Youth Lacrosse Stick

StringKing Girl’s Complete Junior Youth Lacrosse Stick is designed specifically for junior high girls who don’t want to stop at nothing. Balanced and lightweight, StringKing Girl’s Complete Junior Youth Lacrosse Stick is just perfect for aspiring players who want to emerge as a professional player. It comes standard with a Women’s Type 4 performance mesh pocket and that means, it will help your daughter a lot to learn the basics of the game. If you are looking for a girl’s youth lacrosse stick to learn the fundamentals of the game in a fun way, your search should end with StringKing Girl’s Complete Junior Youth Lacrosse Stick. StringKing Girl’s Complete Junior Youth Lacrosse Stick has got a light head and it comes fitted with 28-inch A 105 alloy lacrosse shaft.

9. Maverik Critik ST Complete Youth Lacrosse Stick

Maverik Critik ST Complete Youth Lacrosse Stick is designed for lacrosse players under the age of 9. The shaft is made from 6000 series alloy and this is what has helped it shed extra weight. Mastering the basics of the game will not a trouble any more thanks to Maverik Critik ST Complete Youth Lacrosse Stick. Holding the ball will not a struggle anymore as this Maverik Critik ST Complete Youth Lacrosse Stick comes fitted with semi-hard mesh.

Should You Purchase A Complete (Youth) Lacrosse stick?

Complete Lacrosse sticks are the ready to use sticks in which head and shaft are already attached. Complete Lacrosse sticks are ideal for young players who want to learn the basics of the game. They are also available for the cheap.

Heads are designed specifically for the youths and beginners hence these are considered ideal for the entry-level players. The soft shaft is also made of materials that are comparatively less expensive. These are the kinds of sticks that are available in variety of lengths –

  • 30-inch field length
  • 40-inch goalie sticks
  • 60-inch defence length
  • 42-inch shaft

Youth complete sticks are available in 28-inch shaft length. For the players that are tall, suitable options are available. Usually for any 10-year-old player, Lacrosse stick with a 28-inch shaft or smaller will do the job well.

Can Both Boys and Girls Use Youth Lacrosse Sticks?

There are a few minor differences between the two. Women’s Lacrosse sticks are comparatively shorter than men’s version. The lax heads in men’s sticks are light and are available in bigger sizes. The rules in women’s Lacrosse is just a bit different than the men’s version. Women’s Lacrosse sticks tend to have lesser physical contact making the specifications a little different from each other. Women go for goggles and not helmets in the game. For youth, women and men Lacrosse sticks appear the same and they all use the same kind of sticks.

What do the Pro’s Think About These Youth Lacrosse Sticks?

Picking the best complete stick for youth in the game of Lacrosse can be quite confusing but we are here to make things easy for you. Know that they can be chosen depending on the learning potential, consistency, price and durability.

These are the features suggested by the Pro’s:

  • Head with wide base
  • Lacrosse shaft or stick that is light in weight
  • Standard form of stringing that may include mid-pocket, nylon shooting strings and so on

It is also suggested that the choice should ideally depend on a few major factors that include:


Goalie, long poles, midfield player, d-pole or anything else? What is the position you are playing for?


It’s an important factor in judging which is the best bet for your game. Young players need to feel comfortable in the game. Comfort should also drive their passion ahead for the game further contributing to the growth of their confidence which is extremely important for young Lacrosse athletes.


Of course, you need to rely more on the giant names out there but if you aren’t satisfied, you can just switch. However, the big names usually don’t go wrong and this is the reason they are immensely popular and trusted worldwide.          


It can vary as per quality of the equipment. However, many manufacturers run huge sales on such equipment and it isn’t really tough finding the best deal there.

Youth Lacrosse Sticks Questions & Answers

Buyers Guide to
Best Lacrosse Sticks for
Youths & Beginners

Market is full of multiple choices in Lacrosse sticks and hence it can be tricky for the beginners to pick the most suitable one. Here are the factors to consider to help you find the best one.

Head of Youth Lacrosse Stick

Head of Lacrosse stick carries the ball during the play. Most of them are created from plastic materials that are good in quality but may vary in weight, design and technology. You must consider the head specifications required in the league before making the final purchase. Head of the stick must have suitable measurement and weight. An ideal youth Lacrosse stick is believed to meet standard rules set by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA, and the National Federation of State High School Associations, NFHS.

While choosing the best head possible, you need to consider its three different parts – scoop, pinch and sidewall. Here are the details.

1. Scoop

Referred to as the top construction of the head in any Lacrosse stick, scoop is the part of the head that first comes into contact with ground during the game. Available in flat or in U-shapes, scoop can vary in design at the top. Usually, the flat headed scoops are best suitable for the beginners. Such heads allow more plastic to continue remaining in contact with ground and encourages more pick-ups. U-shaped scoop heads are best for more advanced players in Lacrosse. They can channel the ball very well during pass and shots even if they are not better with pick-up of the balls. Hence they are believed to be much more accurate than the rest.

2. Pinch

The narrow and wide face of the head is actually the pinch. Wide heads are best for beginners as the chances of catching ball increases here. On the other hand, narrow head can catch better and suit the game of advanced players more. However, the narrow head are not capable of grabbing ball easily from the ground. Pinch must be chosen depending on the playing position of any Lacrosse player. Players that are more into shooting go for narrower head and defensive players prefer wide heads.

3. Sidewall

As the name suggests, it refers to the sides of the stick and this part often decides the stiffness and weight of the stick. Heads with more plastic on sidewalls tend to be stiffer and heavier. Stiff sticks are ideal for the midfielders and defenders. Light heads are great for players that are more into passing or shooting, preferably midfielders and attackers. Light heads of the stick are more flexible reducing effectiveness in checks.

Choice of the head is hugely dependent on the personal preferences and gaming style of the players. Good weight or stiffness, you need to carefully look into the design of the head you choose.

Shaft of A Youth Lacrosse Stick

Stick length and material in youth Lacrosse sticks are among the major features to look into while buying shafts. Available in a huge range of prices and types, they are important for the game of Lacrosse where you really can’t compromise with quality. Manufacturers usually set the shaft price as per the materials involved. Apart from the material and length of the shaft, its strength, grip and weight are the other considerations involved in its purchase.

1. Grips

It can be of three types – smooth, sticky or sandy grip. While the smooth handles are common with the shafts, sandy grips are good for comfort. Smooth grips may even require tape to enhance the grip. On the other hand, sticky grips can be used without involving use of tape. However, it tends to wear off soon.

2. Strength

Material of the shaft suggests its strength and it’s also the same material that decides its thickness. Stronger shafts tend to sell at a higher price.

3. Weight

Thickness and material of the shaft increases or decreases with its weight. Heavy shafts are handy while they are used during checks and moves slowly with shoot and pass. Lighter shafts may not be good during stick checks but are good with passing and shooting.

Shaft Materials

They are available in different materials including alloys, aluminum, scandium, composite, blends, graphite and titanium but the highest number of shafts are still made of aluminum since it is comparatively lighter, less expensive and promises more strength. Alloys usually include C405, Vanadium and rest. Alloys can be good with a balanced ratio in terms of weight and strength.

Composite shafts don’t tend to bend or dent and are usually created from the carbon fiber materials. Not as cold as metal, they are still very strong and are more common on women shafts. Scandium are more suitable for players looking for more strength. Blends, as the name suggests, blend together titanium, scandium and alloy and are extremely good with both weight and strength.

Titanium is considered good for strength and are suitable for Lacrosse players that play aggressively. Weight of titanium is high. Weight of the shaft usually determines its strength and that should further tell you which ones to pick as per your game style. Whether you are picking Lacrosse sticks for beginners or intermediate players, you need to watch out for its weight.


Head in Lacrosse stick is available with pockets that promise different shapes and styles. Different leagues and different players might require different types of pockets depending on their game. For the ones, who are confused and not yet sure about the type to choose can always opt for universal pockets.