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Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Lacrosse shoulder pads, also believed to be the backbone of lax pads, aim at providing highest level of safety to your shoulders and prevent them from falling off or facing an injury during the game. Even though shoulders look broader they still help in keeping sternum intact during the game, particularly when you are required to lay down on lax field.

Most Popular Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Selecting the right Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is definitely not as easy task as there are so many different varieties of Lacrosse Shoulder Pads available in the market. To make your job a bit easy, here we have handpicked the best 6 Lacrosse Shoulder Pads. Take a look and let is know –

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1. Warrior Rabil Next Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Warrior Rabil Next Lacrosse Shoulder Pads offers a decent level of protection from impacts. Available at an affordable rate, Warrior Rabil Next Shoulder Pads offers a snug fit and that means, you are going to feel any discomfort whatsoever. Natural movements of your body is not going to get restricted which is a big plus.  FLX mesh material has been used in the making of this lacrosse Shoulder Pads and it adds to its overall premium feelings.

Key areas of your body will be protected from impacts and the credit goes to an external sternum plate. Integrated rib protection is definitely one of its hallmark features. To be honest, this Warrior Rabil Next Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is mainly designed for the next generation of Elite lacrosse players.

2. STX Stallion 50 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

STX Stallion 50 Shoulder Pad is designed mainly for beginners who just want to stay protected while learning the basics of the game. Designed mainly for lacrosse players under 10 years, STX Stallion 50 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad comes attached with an extra detachable center chest pad.

What is unique about this STX Stallion 50 Shoulder Pad is the fact that it offers more protection than any other traditional Lacrosse Shoulder Pads that are commonly available in the market.

3. Epoch Lacrosse Integra Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

Epoch Lacrosse Integra Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is designed to keep you protected no matter what. To give easy access to Automated External Defibrillator, Epoch Lacrosse Integra Lacrosse Shoulder Pad has got quick release front protection straps. The textile that has been used in the making of this lacrosse shoulder pad helps regulate the body temperature of the lacrosse players. What is even more amazing is the fact that this same texture is used in the making of astronaut spacesuit.

Shoulder pads, arm guards and Integra gloves of this Epoch Lacrosse Integra Lacrosse Shoulder Pad are all utilizing the power of the new Phase Change Technology. This technology helps to sense the temperature of the body accordingly and then make the necessary adjustment to help the body dissipates the heat fast. As soon as a lacrosse player starts sweating, the microcrystals within the Epoch Lacrosse Integra Lacrosse Shoulder Pad starts absorbing the sweats and thus helps the player to keep his/her body temperature in check.

Made from carbon fiber, Epoch Lacrosse Integra Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is extremely lightweight and durable. It also ensures 100% protection from impacts. To make this Lacrosse Shoulder Pad more flexible, Dual Density Foam is used in the making.

4. STX Lacrosse Cell 100 Youth Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

STX Lacrosse Cell 100 Youth Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is mainly designed for beginner lax players. It has even got an extra removable chest pad that further enhances its protective ability. Raised chest plate helps keep the players protected from collision and impacts. Shoulder caps are made from hard plastic. Customizing this Lacrosse Shoulder pad is easy as it has got a few adjustable straps.

5. Brine Uprising Lacrosse Youth Shoulder Pad

Brine Uprising Lacrosse Youth Shoulder Pad has got a nice sporty look and the top of that this lacrosse shoulder pad is extremely lightweight. You will not feel any kind of restrictions while wearing this and therefore, it is no wonder why Brine Uprising Lacrosse Youth Shoulder Pad has gained so much popularity within a short span of time.

High impact zones are covered with the Internal palte system. Inclusion of Dual-density protection has made it ideal for entry-level lacrosse players.

6. Epoch Lacrosse iD Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Epoch Lacrosse iD Lacrosse Shoulder Pads does not interfere with your playing style in one way or the other. Reinforced chest plate provides much-needed protection while making zero sacrifices on the comfort level. Easy adjustment is made possible thanks to the inclusion of an adjustable rib strap.

7. Maverik Max Speed Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

Maverik Max Speed Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is designed primarily for the experienced lacrosse players who are looking for a Lacrosse Shoulder Pad that is lightweight yet offers a good level of protection. high-velocity impacts will be absorbed easily and effortlessly by this Maverik Max Speed Lacrosse Shoulder Pad. Faster sweat evaporation is made possible by 37.5 liners.

What Happens When You Pick Wrong Shoulder Pads?

With wrong lax shoulder pads in the game, you might start to feel stiff on field and also the passes and shots you play will be just off. Additionally, you can’t really guarantee good flexibility. Even though the Lacrosse shoulder pads can usually make your shoulders looks bulky, there isn’t a question raised yet on the safety and security they can provide to Lacrosse players.

How Do Shoulder Pads Work?

One of the most intricate pieces of safety equipment that players need to wear in Lacrosse, shoulder pads are designed to protect your shoulders and even neck and head to some extent. Lacrosse requires players to face all kinds of tackles, pushing, pile-ups and sacks that are an undeniable part of this game. Apart from high pads, thigh pads and knee pads, shoulder pads are the kind of equipment that are equally important for the safety of your body on field.

Shoulder pads are a hard-plastic shell with a protective foam padding that lies underneath. Perfect shoulder pads must fit well on your shoulders, chest and rib area. They are already well secured with multiple levels of buckles and snaps. They offer players with a “broad shouldered” look and are available in different models and sizes with multiple padding options and custom fitting.

Depending on the body type and potential injuries that Lacrosse players can face, manufacturers may also suggest the one that suits players and their game. They work by distributing shocks resulting from harder shots and instant movements to a larger area ensuring that there is very less pressure witnessed at the point of impact.

What Kind Of Shoulder Pads Should Players Go For?

Choosing the position you play in will determine the kind of shoulder pads best suited for you. No matter what position you are playing from – defence, attack, middle or goalies, a good Lacrosse shoulder pad should support you enough.

1. Goalies

You need Lacrosse chest protectors that are shoulder pads with heavy padding in chest area so that your stomach and chest area are completely covered.

2. Attack

If you are in attacking position, you need more protection and maximum flexibility to prevent those hits and slashes. You are exposed to more dodging and shooting so you need strong shoulder pads against harder shots and hits without it impacting your movement.

3. Middies

Average level of protection is needed for middies in the game. Actually, middies earn the liberty of wearing just any kind of lax pads that offers basic level of safety. You can choose “speedpads” that are flexible and lightweight and don’t have pads for upper bicep arm. Middies can be a bit relaxed and can opt for shoulder pads with just moderate level of protection.

4. Defence

Laying down for those hits and slashes doesn’t require you to go for thicker or bulkier shoulder pads because you are not in a position to receive them. A lightweight liner or speed pad will do the job best. All you need is a shoulder pad that’s not heavy and can offer maximum flexibility.

Why Lacrosse Requires Players To Wear Shoulder Pads?

Lacrosse is a game that requires speed and pace and is it’s a kind of full contact sport that is played with sticks.

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High-speed collisions and hard defensive shots are common in the game of Lacrosse and hence protective gears are mandatory in this sport. The men and women version of the game can be little different from each other but the men’s version tends to be more aggressive. This is the reason why shoulder pads have become a vital part of men’s and boy’s Lacrosse.

Few positions in the game are more vulnerable to hard shots, collisions and checks. Players in forward positions require higher level of protection since they are on the receiving end more often. Defenders, on the other hand, are usually less vulnerable to such shots but they still do need a basic level of safety.

Lacrosse Shoulder Pads: What Features Make The Perfect Ones?

Pro Tips: How to Buy Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Since lacrosse is a contact-heavy sport, it’s important to have lacrosse equipment that protects the player.

Lacrosse shoulder pads are available in a huge range of options depending on different protection levels. Majorly, all kinds of shoulder pads are aimed at offering full torso protection including bicep pads and shoulder caps. Since Lacrosse is a game of higher mobility where players run into each other, they can be hit on sides and back and Lacrosse sticks keep swinging around, it becomes important to get shoulder pads designed for utmost protection.

Defensive and midfield players will opt for lesser pads for increased level of shooting and mobility. Such players usually choose shoulder pad liners or speed pads and are common among college and high school players. Many shoulder pads for men are available with an ability for customization with respect to extra or minimal protection due to which now more and more players can feel free to opt for their preferred choices.

Lacrosse rib pads and youth Lacrosse shoulder pads are often paired with each other for added level of protection. Box Lacrosse players usually use rib pads more often. The choice and preferred features can also depend on age, preference and ability of the player. Beginner Lacrosse shoulder pads are also available for the little ones who have just started playing Lacrosse.

Different Types Of Men’s Shoulder Pads

Depending on different levels of protection and flexibility, there are three major variations.

Men’s Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Category Overview

Trice gives you insight to what separates Lacrosse Shoulder Pads and Speed Pads.

1. Traditional shoulder pads

If you are a Lacrosse player that majorly needs safety for the upper part of the body, this is the kind of shoulder pad you need to opt for! The entire setup does include the collapsible shoulder caps that help with more flexibility and motion. With multiple layers of protection and padding, these are meant to safeguard upper part of body, shoulder muscles and collar bones.

Even though they have a rigid design, the shoulder caps contract and expand with players’ movement. If you are looking for a protection for your upper biceps, you must put the removable biceps guards to use.

2. Chest shoulder liner

Chest shoulder liners are believed to be one of the legal equipment you need to carry to the game as a player. Counted among lighter protection, these are good for maximum flexibility and speed and are one of the basic safety equipment required in Lacrosse. It will safeguard your chest, shoulder and collars against injury. However, you must not expect liners to protect your arms and rest of the parts of your body against severe injuries or minor bruising.

3. Hybrid shoulder pads

With less bulky layers of protection, these are lighter than the traditional shoulder pads and fit well. They can prevent internal injuries to torso and carry option of removable bicep guards. However, they can feel bulkier to some players who like to play fast as they might find them little restrictive. As a result, few players began cutting off the excess padding involved in order to improvise as per their game. Few of the models available in the market also have reinforced padding inside and ensure higher levels of protection against injuries.

Which Variant Do You Require In Lacrosse?

It depends on playing style and preference of the player and there is no hard and fast rule for a Lacrosse player to continue using a particular kind of shoulder pad, particularly if it doesn’t suit their style. Traditional pads are for the aggressive players who often charge into defence. Hybrids are best for middies and attackers who need more speed and heavy shoulder pads will only slow them down controlling their effectiveness in the game.

Hybrids offer balanced performance much suited for defensive players too. On the other hand, liners are not suited for the game style of young players and attackers. For the ones who want to survive on field wearing just a liner need to have an athletic body in the first place. Minimum amount of padding is suitable for Lacrosse players who are addicted to run-and-gun kind of game style.

Difference Between Shoulder Pads & Rib Pads

Lacrosse shoulder pads are highly protective and offer a great range of motions. Manufacturers include elements of protection and comfort for all levels of players. Rib pads are meant to add that extra protection without compromising on mobility and extra padding. The skill level and position of the players largely helps them decide the option best suited for their own kind of game. With the right shoulder pads, you not just ensure adding extra protection that you have been looking for and that too without compromising on mobility but you also get an ultimate peace of mind and confidence as a Lacrosse player.

Perfect Sizing For Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Proper fit and size ensure maximum protection so you need to see to it that your shoulder pads are of correct size. They must sit well on torso, without gaps ensuring effortless movement. If it’s a misfit, the shoulder pads can rise up to neck with every movement of the player. Movements are very important in this game and hence the collar pad too must sit well on your collarbone. Available in Small-Small-Medium-Large-Extra Large size, they are sold as per information tables and sizing guides. You must pay special attention to the size charts of the manufacturers as they differ from one to the other.