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Best Lacrosse Shin Guard for Goalie

Best Lacrosse Shin Guard for Goalie

Have you ever been got hit in the shin? Man, that hurts a lot! If you are a professional lacrosse player, you already know what I mean. It sucks man! Shin injuries suck. Shin injury could be one of the most painful experiences of your life and which is why it makes sense that you invest in a good quality Lacrosse shin guard. Repeated blows to the shin can cause serious damage and in some worse cases, you might have to undergo surgery.  This is the reason why you need to wear a shin guard to keep sensitive parts of your body protected from impacts.

However, lacrosse shin guards are optional and some lacrosse goalies tend to avoid them as they find these shin guards a bit restrictive. However, some people just avoid wearing them as they believe this might make them look like a big ‘p****’ (sorry for the cuss word). Modern lacrosse shin guards rarely interfere with mobility rather sometimes, they do the opposite. When you are armed with a good pair of lacrosse shin guards, you will feel confident inside and thus, you will be able to save goal more fiercely and fearlessly.  

Best 4 Lacrosse Shin Guards

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Here we have put together the best 4 shin guards that money can buy –

1. STX Valor Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards

STX Valor Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards is probably one of the most popular lacrosse shin guards available in the market. It has ultra-light construction and that means, you will hardly realize that you have put it on while stopping the ball from entering the goal. STX Valor Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards don’t absorb sweat which is good.

Its rib design allows air to flow freely and thus helping you keep your shins cool and dry most of the time. It offers nice fittings and has got adjustable straps. Made from high Def Polymer, STX Valor Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards is the best thing out there. Just get your hands on it before it is too late.

2. Brine Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guard

Brine Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guard is a no-nonsense lacrosse goalie shin guard that does what it does best i.e. protect your shin from impacts at all cost.  To maximize venting, Brine Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guard has got velcro strap system. It has got 5 hardshell plates that enhance its ability to provide maximum protection while making no compromise on the comfort. Brine Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guard has got a nice and comfy inner that makes it ideal for beginners’ lacrosse players.

3. G-Form Pro S Compact Shin Guard

G-Form Pro S Compact Shin Guard meets all the requirements set by NOCSAE. It is immensely flexible and soft. You will hardly feel any itching while putting them on for long hours. Though this G-Form Pro S Compact Shin Guard is made from soft material, it automatically gets hardened on impacts. Made from breathable fabrics, G-Form Pro S Compact Shin Guard helps eliminates sweats. The best thing about this G-Form Pro S Compact Shin Guard is that it is can be washed in your washing machine.

4. Brine Triumph N6 Shin Guard

Brine Triumph N6 Shin Guard is ideal for both beginners’ lacrosse players and professional lax players. If you are looking for a basic lacrosse goalie shin guard, your search is going to end here. This is a low-key shin guard that offers a decent level of protection. It helps to disperse impacts efficiently. Excellent for absorbing impacts, Brine Triumph N6 Shin Guard made from highly breathable fabrics. Foam construction makes it super comfy.

Lacrosse Shin Guard Rules

Okay, first thing first – if you are planning to put on shin guard, you need to make sure that it does not have excessive padding Shin guards with excessive paddings can dramatically increase the size of the body part and that could affect balance of the game because the lacrosse goalie would then enjoy some unfair advantage while saving the goal.

This is the reason why field hockey shin guards or ice hockey shin guards are banned in lacrosse as they tend to increase the size of the limb and this would definitely have an impact on the game.


As expected, the exterior part of the lacrosse shin guards should be made from hard materials otherwise, it will not be able to protect your shin from impacts. Carbon fiber or Hard plastic should be used in the exterior part of this lacrosse shin guard. Usually, the outer plate is made from a single piece but if you want to add more flexibilities, you should pick one that has got several parts interconnected. Interconnected parts will dramatically increase the flexibility of the shin guard.

The inner part of the shin guard should ideally be made from softer material as this will help to cushion the impacts. In most cases, foam is mainly used to increase its overall shock absorption ability.