Best 4 Lacrosse Shafts for Middies

Lacrosse Shafts For Middies

Lacrosse is a fast-paced sport that requires quick reflexes. Middies, or midfielders, are the backbone to every lacrosse team. They play both offense and defense which means they’re always on the move. If you want to be an impact player at this position, you need to have the best equipment possible.

The lacrosse shafts for Middies are not the same as the lacrosse shafts for attackmen or defensemen. The reason is that each player has different preferences and needs when it comes to their stick. For example, attackmen want a lighter stick with more whip while Midfielders wants an overall stiffer stick without too much whip. This blog post will highlight some of the best options available on the market today so you can find one that fits your game!

Here are some of our favorite lacrosse shafts for middies:

Middies Lacrosse Shafts Reviewed

1. STX Lacrosse K18 Midfield Lacrosse Shaft

Get full control over the game with this high-performance STX Lacrosse K18 Midfield Lacrosse Shaft. It features a smooth non-slip finish that makes it ideal for both beginners and pro level lacrosse players. With graphic detail for style and pride, it’s the perfect sidekick on the field.

Overall, this lacrosse shaft has a streamline design; its sleek and lightweight properties make for easy handling. STX Lacrosse K18 Midfield Lacrosse Shaft features an ergonomic grip to help ease tension in your hand and provide added stability when playing the game of lacrosse. The product is made from high strength 7075 series aluminium alloy which makes it durable enough for industrial use.

Use this STX Lacrosse K18 Midfield Lacrosse Shaft for reliably accurate shots out on the field or side-lines as you gain an advantage over your opponents before they even know what hit them.

2. Epoch Dragonfly Elite Midfield Lacrosse Shaft FOGO Concave

Perfect for the agile player, the Epoch Dragonfly Elite Midfield Lacrosse Shaft delivers unparalleled performance to give its players optimal control of their game. Each shaft features Dynamic Flex iQ5 which creates a bend when you need it but maintains shape in order to provide maximum control in reaction time and accuracy.

Grip it and rip it to victory with the Epoch Dragonfly Elite Midfield Lacrosse Shaft. Designed with Epoch’s proprietary core technologies and complete with a lightweight design, this piece will give you just as much fire as it will ground coverage on your defensive side too. You can never be over prepared! But don’t forget about those enemies.

The Epoch Dragonfly Midfield Lacrosse Shaft represents the pinnacle of what modern lacrosse shaft engineering has to offer. The new carbon layering technology allows the company to produce sticks of predefined stiffness or customizability for unmatched performance, it’s no wonder the Epoch Dragonfly is considered one of the best products on the market.

3. Epoch Dragonfly iD Midfield Lacrosse Shaft

Why settle for a simple lacrosse shaft when you can have one so light and sleek, it feels like it’s the only thing in your hands? Epoch Dragonfly iD Midfield Lacrosse Shaft is here to help you emerge as a better midfielder at the end of the day. Different aspects of the lacrosse shaft that include release point, weight, durability, flex etc are all controlled by its uni-directional carbon fiber pre-preg property.

Never lose your grip on the Epoch Dragonfly iD Midfield Lacrosse Shaft. Featuring SLIP GRIP technology, this lacrosse quad will provide that one hundred percent certainty that you’ll be ready for any passing attempt. The FLEX iQ gives you the option to control how much give you want depending on what game situation you’re in – firm when it needs to be, flexible when it all comes down to the wire. With other brands made of fiberglass or carbon fibers, there’s always a chance they won’t keep their form but our shafts are made of superior quality materials!

4. Epoch Dragonfly Elite Midfield Concave Lacrosse Shaft

The Epoch Dragonfly Elite Midfield Concave Lacrosse Shafts boast a Dynamic Flex iQ5 design which provides and innovative and advanced level of dynamic flexibility. The Epoch Dynamic Flex shaft uses patented technology to provide you with the best balance between desired flex and overall firmness for stability and control while allowing you to shoot on the fly. If you’re looking for a lacrosse shaft that is perfect for players who like to roam across the field, then Epoch Dragonfly Elite Midfield Concave Lacrosse Shaft will compliment your playing style. You should take your game to the next level by choosing an Epoch product!

Have you ever dreamed of simply picking up a lacrosse shaft and feeling your game pick up? Ask and ye shall receive. Epoch’s Dragonfly Elite Attack/Midfield is the perfect shaft that will not only give you more power on offensive drives, but it’ll also let you gradually build up an arsenal for defending opponents. With its light profile, this lacrosse stick comes with all the right features (such as grip buttons) at the best price!

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