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Best Lacrosse Mouthguards

Best Lacrosse Mouthguards

Communication on the field is one of the most crucial aspects of team chemistry. But when playing a high-intensity, contact sport such as lacrosse, you have to be careful and use the best quality protective equipment. Using a lacrosse mouthguard is as important as using any other protective gear on the field. Lacrosse mouth guards shield your lips, teeth, and gums from getting knocked off.

It is also important to choose your lacrosse mouthguard wisely to make sure that you are completely protected from the blow and high checks coming your way. This also ensures that you can communicate freely with your teammates without having to worry about getting your teeth knocked off in the process.

Best 6 Mouthguards for Lacrosse Players

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As per our research and after considering several reviews from the customers, we have successfully narrowed down the top 5 picks for lacrosse mouthguards –

1. Oral Mart Sports Youth Mouth Guard

Oral Mart Sports Youth Mouth Guard is designed and developed for kids under 11. Available in 10 different colors, Oral Mart Sports Youth Mouth Guard is in the league of its own. It has got a Gel Layer placed inside that makes customized fitting possible. The outer layer is made from rugged materials to offer superior impact resistance. if you are finding it hard to get the right fitting, you can always get in touch with the customer care departments and they will take care of all your problem.

Oral Mart Sports Youth Mouth Guard passes all safety tests with flying colors. And the best part, this lacrosse mouth guard is free of Latex, Phthalate and BPA. Made from medical grade materials, Oral Mart Sports Youth Mouth Guard is super easy to mold.

2. Shock Doctor Mouthguard

Shock Doctor Mouthguard is a no-nonsense mouthguard designed specifically for physically intensive games like Lacrosse. All you have to do is to read and the follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers and you will be good to go. It will easily conform to you mouth unless you are doing something horribly wrong.

The process is very simple. Just dip this Shock Doctor Mouthguard in boiling water and then wait for few minutes. Eventually, the mouthguard becomes soft. Once it becomes soft and moldable, just put it into your mouth and it will fit your teeth. Boiling part is important as it helps killing off the germs and bacteria. However, don’t boil it for too long as in that case, the form might become too loose to put into your mouth and it might fail to hold against your gum properly.

The good thing about this Shock Doctor Mouthguard is that it is available in a wide range of color options. To ensure comfortable fitting, Gel-fit Liner Technology is used in it. To make it easier to breathe after putting this thing on, the company has incorporated Integrated breathing channels in this mouthguard.

No matter how hard and intense the impacts are, your mouth will be protected by Shock Doctor Mouthguard and the credit goes to its Heavy-duty Exoskeletal Shock Frame. It will secure your teeth in one place no matter what.  

Made from heavy-duty silicon, Shock Doctor Mouthguard is strong and durable. Suitable for all contact sports like Lacrosse, Shock Doctor Mouthguard fits perfectly.

3. Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard is suitable for lacrosse and other similar contact sports. However, you need to follow the instructions carefully to make the most of this lacrosse mouth guard.

DON’T boil Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard because it will make it collapsed. All you have to do is to boil water for few minutes and then remove the water from the heat and then place this lacrosse mouthguard for EXACLTLY 12 seconds (no more, no less) and it will conform to the contour of your mouth precisely. It can be remolded by reheating it.  

The main drawback of this Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard is that it looks a bit bulky and therefore, you might face some troubles while talking. It has amazing shock absorbing capability and that means your teeth will be safe from impacts.

Just boil and bite and it will automatically conforms to your gum.

4. Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Made from Nexfit Gel Frame, Venum Challenger Mouthguard is equally strong and soft. All you have to do is to hit it and then bite into it. The best thing about this lacrosse mouthguard is that it does not interfere with your breathing. It can easily reach the rear molars and that means, you will enjoy 100% protection from impacts.

Venum Challenger Mouthguard is an ideal lacrosse mouthguard for both kids and adults. High Density Rubber Frame of this lacrosse mouthguard helps it keep your teeth protected from even the most brutal hits imaginable. The force of the impact gets evenly distributed and this is what protects your gums, teeth and your lips. It has identified the most sensitive areas of the mouth and have made those areas thicker so that the impact can be cushioned easily and effortlessly.

5. OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard

OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard does not come out that easily even in the fact of the most brutal impact imaginable. It is really comfortable to wear for long hours. The molding process is also simple and straightforward. It scores high when it comes to fitting. The fitting fins break down and thus allowing it to reshape it completely and grip your teeth firmly.

What is even more interesting is the fact that it does not interfere with your ability to play or speak freely. OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard is trusted by some of the most prestigious clubs and organizations like – England Hockey, New Zealand Rugby, Pop Warner, USA Wrestling and many more.

Guess what, this company was formed by a dentist and his objective was to protect the teeth of all players without spending fortunes on it. OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard comes with a jaw-dropping USD 20,000 Dental Protection. What else you can expect from a lacrosse mouthguard.

6. FearSpirit Sports Mouth Guard

FearSpirit Sports Mouth Guard is made from non-toxic materials and that means, you can put it on without worrying yourself to death. Your teeth and molars will be protected even in the face of most extreme impacts. FearSpirit Sports Mouth Guard is definitely soft than any other commonly available lacrosse mouthguards in the market. Dual density structure adds to its impressive strength and durability.

Only Medical-Grade Materials were used in the making of this lacrosse mouthguard and it has passed all the safety steps under the sun. Available in wide range of colors, FearSpirit Sports Mouth Guard is both Latex and PVC free.

Types of Mouthguards

Mouthguards for laxers can be typically divided into two main types. We elaborate on the main types of mouthguards below:

Boil and Bite Mouthguards

It is popular with laxers due to the excellent protection that it has to offer. The name gives an insight into the usage of the mouthguard. The laxer has to soften the mouthguard by boiling it in hot water. Next, the laxer has to bit into the softened structure for it to adapt to the shape of your teeth, resulting in the perfect fit of the mouthguard. This type of mouthguard seldom falls off.

Instant Fit Mouthguard

Instant fit mouthguards do not require any prior preparation. It can be used right after being taken out of the package. Instant fit mouthguards are easily removable during the game breaks.

Major Criterion for Evaluation

Mouthguards, like every other equipment in lacrosse, must be evaluated on the basis of quality and protection before making a final purchase. Lacrosse mouthguards from some of the best brands offer all-round protection of the lips, teeth, and gums.

Listed down below are some of the major grounds of evaluation for choosing the best lacrosse mouthguards:

1. Protection

Lacrosse mouthguards are designed to provide complete protection to your mouth. A hit in the face can damage a lot more than you can imagine. It is not only a painful experience, but it often results in laxers losing confidence in their abilities.

To keep mouth injuries at bay, you need a high-quality mouthguard that is designed to absorb any impact force targeted at the mouth. Mouthguards are made of flexible materials that not only diffuse but distribute the target force over larger areas in the mouth, ultimately reducing the risk of injuries and atrocities when in the field.

To enhance the protection of the mouth, some mouthguards come with lip guards that secure the lips from sudden whips and stick checks. You shall also find mouthguards that come with a dental warranty so that you are able to retain your peace of mind during the game. Mouthguards with dental warrant shall cost you some extra bucks but you get can the best deals online.

2. Comfort

Mouthguards for kids and adults come in various shapes, sizes and materials. If you are headed to buy the best lacrosse mouthguard for yourself, you must be aware of the size. Mouthguards that come in smaller sizes generally fit kids and junior athletes the best. Beginners can make use of the instant fit mouthguards. But custom-made mouthguards are more suitable for intermediate and pro-lax players. However, custom-made lacrosse mouthguards are more expensive than instant buy mouthguards.

3. Features

Cleaning, storage, and maintenance of the mouthguards are the most contributing factors to the longevity of the mouthguards. Proper storage also makes sure that you keep bacteria and germs at bay from the mouthguard so that hygiene does not atrophy. Choose a heavy-duty case to store the mouthguard. You may also invest in a mouthguard with Carabiner clips so that you can easily attach it to your gym bags.

Your mouthguard has to be fast-drying and ventilated so that it doesn’t stink. If you like to use a lip guard in addition to the mouthguard, you might want to zero down on a case that is big enough to have sufficient space for both of them. If you are buying the best quality mouthguard online, you must buy it from a seller that offers you a deal on the mouthguard and the accessories such as the case holder and cleaning spray.

4. Materials

Mouthguards are usually manufactured from Ethylene-vinyl acetate, also known as EVA. Ethylene-vinyl acetate mouthguards have been in the scenario for the last 30 years. These mouthguards are often preferred by athletes due to the desirable properties that it exhibits. These mouthguards are non-toxic and are easy to manufacture. Moreover, they are known for their elasticity and minimal moisture absorption properties.

Silicone base mouthguards are also easily available for cheap. Beginners and laxers at the high school and college levels can use bite pads for better protection of the mouth. Check the energy absorption of the material, its resistance to impact force and comfortability of the wearer before buying a lacrosse mouthguard. Adding air inclusions or increasing the thickness of the material can also enhance the performance of the mouthguard.

5. Use

Lacrosse mouthguards must be used carefully and stored in a clean, dry space when not in use. Beginners may shell out a few bucks to buy any cheap Charlie mouthguards. But those used by advanced-level professionals must be durable enough to last them for seasons at stretch. Lacrosse mouthguards not only offer complete protection to the gums, lips, and teeth, they also ensure a perfect fit for the user.

For better protection, you can invest in EVA mouthguards that come with 4 mm thick material. These mouthguards reduce the transmitting force by 32% as compared to various other lacrosse mouthguards. Of course, these are a little heavy on the pocket. Nevertheless, EVA mouthguards are worth every dime.

6. Mold

A good Lacrosse mouthguard should be easy to mold. If it takes too long to get molded to the right shape, you should better stay away from it because that would be a pain in the neck in the long run. Here is a guide on how to mold a lacrosse mouthguard fast that you can check out.

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