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Best Lacrosse Mesh

Best Lacrosse Mesh

Lacrosse mesh is probably the only thing that has direct contact with the ball and this is where the shots and passes begin and milestone catches end. If you have been looking to supplement your skills this season with the most perfect lacrosse mesh, you will be glad to acknowledge that there are multiple brands of mesh to explore in today’s market.

What are the kinds of lacrosse mesh that are worth the money? Why is your lacrosse mesh almost a gamechanger? What are the kinds of mesh that you usually get to pick from?

Here are the answers to these and many more lacrosse mesh related questions that hover your mind often.

Best 5 Lacrosse Mesh
for the Money

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1. ECD Lacrosse Hero Mesh 2.0 Kit

ECD Lacrosse Hero Mesh 2.0 Kit is made from a lightweight fiber, code-named – Innegra, as per the claim of the company and offers the right kind of elasticity that almost all lacrosse players wish to have to perfect their game. Interestingly, Innegra is less elastic than LTH Fiber and it means, you will get a consistent pocket this time around.

The Channel of this ECD Lacrosse Hero Mesh 2.0 Kit is made from LTH Fibers that adds to the overall responsiveness of the pocket. These LTH Fibers are placed in strategic positions to provide soft touches.

ECD Lacrosse Hero Mesh 2.0 Kit has specifically been designed to offer a high level of control and consistency. The best thing about this ECD Lacrosse Hero Mesh 2.0 Kit is that its Hero2.0 Fibers are 100% weatherproof and these fibers don’t contract or expand that easily.

2. Ninjalax Sensei Lacrosse Mesh

Made from premium quality and high-performance semi-soft mesh, Ninjalax Sensei Mesh offers a superior level of performance without burning a hole in your pocket. Ninjalax Sensei Mesh is the outcome of hundreds of hours of meticulous research.

No matter how bad the weather is, Ninjalax Sensei Mesh will cover your back. Quality and strength are the two hallmark qualities of this Ninjalax Sensei Lacrosse Mesh. Ninjalax Sensei Mesh allows you to have complete control over the throw.

3. East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Hero 2.0 Mesh

High level of consistency and accuracy are what you can expect from East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Hero 2.0 Mesh. With East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Hero 2.0 Mesh, you will get to improve your lacrosse skills without spending a fortune on it. The quality of pocket and control that this East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Hero 2.0 Mesh is something out of this world. The only drawback of this lacrosse mesh is that you might have to replace this mesh frequently but given its numerous benefits and its lowball price, you can easily ignore it.

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Hero 2.0 Mesh will stay consistent no matter what and it is extremely durable and lightweight in nature.

4. String King Grizzly 1s Semi-Soft Goalie Lacrosse Mesh

String King Grizzly 1s Semi-Soft Goalie Lacrosse Mesh, as the name suggests, is designed particularly for the goalies. What sets String King Grizzly 1s Semi-Soft Goalie Lacrosse Mesh apart from other lacrosse goalie meshes that are available in the market is the fact that this particular goalie mesh is at least 30% lightweight than other goalie meshes.

If you want to improve your catching abilities and make your lacrosse a bit lighter, you should opt for String King Grizzly 1s Semi-Soft Goalie Lacrosse Mesh. With this incredible goalie mesh, you will be able to make incredible saves. String King Grizzly 1s Semi-Soft Goalie Lacrosse Mesh eliminates redounds and helps creates a horizontal stretch that helps the lacrosse ball die in the pocket.

5. East Coast Dyes ECD Lacrosse Vortex Mesh

East Coast Dyes ECD Lacrosse Vortex Mesh is designed for modern lacrosse players who don’t want to make any kind of compromise on the quality and performance front. It has got a nice SweetSpot in the pocket and if you look carefully, you will be able to easily spot two distinct diamond structure.

It is interesting to note that lacrosse mesh has been the same for quite some time now despite the fact that the game itself has evolved a lot in the past few years. The rules, techniques, stringing methods, head, etc have all changed dramatically in the past few years. So, it is quite expected that the mesh should also go under some kind of change in order to survive the assault of time.

East Coast Dyes ECD Lacrosse Vortex Mesh successfully incorporates two different diamond shapes into a single and unified dynamic mesh. a SweetSpot is created meticulously by its diamond pattern and this is what ensures the natural release of the ball. If you want to have greater control over the ball, just put your trust on East Coast Dyes ECD Lacrosse Vortex Mesh.

Types Of Lacrosse Mesh

Lacrosse mesh can be typically broken down into these major options and they are –

Performance lacrosse mesh

It’s a new kind of lacrosse mesh that performs best since its created with modern technology.

Wax lacrosse mesh

As the name suggests, it’s a kind of mesh that is treated with wax that can help mesh handle the ball well, improves the overall performance of the mesh and stands good in tough weather.

6 diamond lacrosse mesh

It’s a mesh designed with 6 big diamonds placed horizontally forming a row. The appearance gives traditional feeling of mesh encouraging the idea of less mesh coming in contact with the ball.

Hard Lacrosse Mesh

This is the classic type of mesh that has been used since ages helping players use it well in even poor weather conditions.

Soft Lacrosse Mesh

This kind of mesh was always used in the history of lacrosse mesh and suits varied positions and skills of level of players in lacrosse.

Semi-Soft Mesh

Made from softer material, semi-soft mesh is designed to be easy to stretch and string but it can also be easily broken in. Head with mesh will create pocket that comfortably moves with ball leading to better control, responsiveness and improved quality of hold.

Semi-Hard Mesh

As the name suggests, these are stiffer, can easily create a smooth release and the right kind of consistency. Compared to semi-soft mesh, it takes longer to break in and can perform extremely well during wet weather conditions.

How To Pick The
Best Lacrosse Mesh

Choice must be made depending on quality, stringing, pattern and its type.


Before making the final purchase, there is a need for you to explore what type of mesh you need or the kind of mesh you are picking from – soft, semi-soft, semi-hard or hard? What best suits your game?


Considering the pattern of the net is an extremely important factor in your purchase. Usually, the holes are designed in a diamond shape but they are available in multiple arrangements and sizes.


The more pliable the net, the better it is to handle. You may want a mesh that is much easier to string.


Quality can affect your game dramatically. Companies produce the best quality products that are available in the market after having passed multiple testing. The rest depends on the buyer. Carefully consider the construction and material that is an essential part of its design process.

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