Best Lacrosse Helmets for Youth

Best Lacrosse Helmets for Youth

What is the best lacrosse helmet for youth? This question pops up often, and it can be difficult to answer. There are many factors that go into this decision: what level of play do you participate in, how much money do you have, does your child have a big head or small head. I am going to help make these decisions easier by creating a guide on the best helmets for youth players. 

Best 4 Lacrosse Helmets for Youth

1. Cascade S-Youth Boys Lacrosse Helmet

You must have picked this Cascade S-Youth Boys Lacrosse Helmet out. It is crafted with care for all your favorite activities, including lacrosse. The Tri-Liner system is integrated perfectly with the SuperMono Shell to create a product that feels like it was designed just for you. Even better than that, it has added impact foam which provides protection to the crown of the head; while still keeping its shape even after heavy blows! Cascade S-Youth Boys Lacrosse Helmet is one step ahead of anything you might throw against it.

Protect your head while getting in the game with this tough but lightweight helmet from Cascade. The last thing you want is to find out later that those hits on the field have done some more serious damage than just a minor headache. But don’t worry, these helmets are designed for whoever’s looking to take care of their future and feeling safe at all times (#yolo).

2. STX Stallion 100 Youth Helmet

Your child is always looking to tear up the field, drive fast and score- all while still staying safe. With that in mind the company has developed thisCascade S-Youth Boys Lacrosse Helmet with an ABS shell that has impact modifiers for added strength and elastic strap System to ensure that it fits snugly over a wide range of sizes. The Stallion 100 also employs Adjustable EVA jaw pads for comfort as well as TPU cushioning for impact absorption. Your kiddo will be able to unleash their inner maker without worrying about having anything but great times out on the field!

3. Cascade CPV-R Boys Lacrosse Helmet

This helmet is made just for small heads! What a relief that this company takes time to create helmets for youth lacrosse players of all head sizes. This helmet does not handle the task alone – it comes with Cascade’s CPV-EPS liner system, so you know you have one seriously good looking and comfortable product on your noggin’. The EPP liners are top notch, coming from an outside vendor to offer unmatched protection in case of hard hits; plus, these liners are more comfortable than ever before! The FreeFlow vents make sure oxygen is always reaching our brains during moments when we need it most and will keep us cool even during hot practice or tournament days.


Name a better way to keep your little sprout’s noggin safe while they play in the mud. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or lacrosse player) to figure out that anything can happen when you’re running around on the field, so why not make sure their head is protected and ready for whatever might come its way? BURN JR HELMETS are fully loaded with energy absorbing vinyl nitrate foam pads, quick-pull adjustment straps, and an expanded polypropylene liner just for good measure- so there’s absolutely no excuse to risk it all out there.

Its liner is made out of Expanded Polypropylene plastic for protection from traumatic impacts, and its vinyl nitrate foam keeps energy away from your delicate skull. And best yet? This helmet’s easy adjustable velcro straps make it the most comfy one around!

Factors to Consider

Picking a Style

The first step in choosing your child’s lacrosse helmet is to understand the different styles of helmets and how they affect design. The top half of the helmet (the part with the face mask) has three main styles: classic, convertible, and hybrid. Below are descriptions of each style as well as some of the pros and cons of each style.

1 Classic Lacrosse Helmet

The classic helmet is lacrosse’s traditional look. It has a flat face guard in front that covers from eye to eye but does not extend over the nose.  The inside of this helmet is made for comfort by having holes drilled in it so that air may cool the head. On the back of this helmet is a plastic shell that protects the skull. This shell will cover much of the head and should be cushioned with foam to ensure comfort while playing.

2 Convertible Lacrosse Helmet

The convertible helmet, also known as a one-piece or hybrid, has an attached face mask connected by straps that run around both ears. The look of this helmet resembles that of an American football helmet – where plastic runs over your chin and up towards your eyes. This style of lacrosse helmet is extremely popular due to its ability to adapt into different positions on the field (attack and defense).  Who Should Consider Buying These Helmets? Anyone who wants more protection from shots coming at their head. These helmets are very protective and cover more of your face than any other style.  The Pros & Cons of the Convertible Helmet:

3 Hybrid Lacrosse Helmets

This helmet is a combination or classic and convertible helmets. It has the comfort of a traditional lacrosse helmet with added protection from shot to the top of the head from an attached cage.

What Size Do I Buy?

Finding the right sized helmet is just as important as finding one you like. If it hangs off your head too much then it will be very uncomfortable, but if it is too small then it just might not protect you from shots. 

Make sure to measure your head using a soft tape measurement or string. Wrap the tape around your head right above your eyebrows where a helmet would sit and take the measurement in inches. If possible, ask someone else to do this for you so that the size is more accurate.

Identifying The Best Helmet Face Mask Size

The face mask should sit close to your face without touching. There should be about a half inch of space between the two (more or less depending on how you feel). If the chin guard is in contact with your skin then it will become hot and uncomfortable after short period of time. The helmet itself should fit comfortably around your head so that it doesn’t move too much when playing.  Do not wear multiple helmets at once for sizing as this will only make finding the right size more difficult!

Why Are Some Helmets More Expensive?

As mentioned above, the convertible helmet has an attached face cage which means that some additional materials are needed to create this style of helmet. So what does this mean for the consumer? It means that a $100 helmet might not be as great as a $50 helmet. In fact, I would say that most of the time you don’t get what you pay for when it comes to lacrosse helmets. 

A lower-priced product may not have all of the same protection features (for example: air holes drilled in) and therefore won’t help your head stay cool on long hot summer days.  The general gist is that if you are looking at two different helmets and one costs more than double the other, then likely there will be a reason why – so make sure to ask!

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