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Best Lacrosse Helmets for Concussion

Best Lacrosse Helmets for Concussion

Not all lacrosse helmets are the same. Some are designed to offer superior protection from concussion while others are designed to make you feel comfortable during the game. Direct impacts to the brain can cause major brain injury. Now buying the right lacrosse helmet for concussion should not be that complicated but it is and the reasons are quite obvious. Hundreds of lacrosse helmets are out in the market and all make the same claim to offer superior protection from impacts. Therefore, it is important to understand that some of these claims are just plain and simple lies. SO, to make your job easy, here we have listed some of the best lacrosse helmets that can offer maximum protection from impacts –

Best 5 Lacrosse Helmets for Concussion

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1. Cascade CPV-R Boys Lacrosse Helmet

With this helmet being available in various sizes, young lacrosse players with different head sizes can opt for it, without having to worry about suffering any concussions on the lacrosse field.

The XSmall size measures 21″-22.5″; the Small/Medium size is 21″-23″ in size; and the Medium/Large range has dimensions 22″-23.5″. The SPRfit adjustable ratchet system offers players the convenience of making micro-adjustments on the field.

The Cascade CPV-R is the first R-series helmet to come with an EPP loner system for greater comfort and protection. The 4th quarter is as comfortable as the warm-up sessions. The R-Series Shell has a FreeFlow venting system while offering a good combination of both style and speed, so you can remain cool on sunny days.

The Chevron Mask enables lacrosse players to enhance their downward vision with a lean V shape in the central point of the latitude bars. The CPV-R visor and chin are designed to offer a customized fit for all head sizes.

2. STX Stallion 100 Youth Helmet

The Stallion 100 youth lacrosse helmet comes with an ABS shell, having impact modifiers around the plastic for more strength. The built-in elastic straps fit comfortably over a variety of head sizes

The TPU cushioning and adjustable EVA jaw pads absorb shocks effectively, imparting comfort to the players. You can avail of the jaw pad in different sizes for a custom fit.

The EVA foam protection and inimitable liner add to its safety and comfort features. With the EPP liner, players can be assured of the complete head coverage.

3. Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet

The Cascade S helmet features many upgrades that promise better protection, more comfort, and improved vision. The Supermono™ S Shell is a unified shell and visor design to build a rigid system for absorbing impact force. The center of gravity lies towards the mid-part of the crown for aligning and balancing the helmet weight.

The Cascade Tri-Liner protective technology is effective against varying impacts. All three varied liner technologies combine for addressing the impacts of varying force. The Supermono™ S shell and tri-linear system integrate to ensure maximum protection. The Gen4 EPP extends protection against forceful impacts from the front of the helmet until the facemask.

The NV3 precision-molded impact foam offers added protection towards the crown portion of the head. The shell and liner work in unison with this molded foam for maintaining shape and offering comfort under impact.

Seven Technologies work via compression for the lateral displacement of energy while resetting completely within a matter of few seconds. Positioned in key impact zones across the side and back for handling repetitive impacts.

Strengthened dual-material chin pieces, the S-Series Jaw offers the benefits of extra stiffness. Stretched ventilation ports add to the breathability factor. Fresh air flows throughout the helmet and exits via the rear XFLO exhaust.

The HardTail SPRfit, along with the adjustable jaw pads, provides players with the convenience of a contoured fit. Visionbar’s PowerPress technology reduces wire diameter to improve your line of vision and heighten face mask rigidness. With better vision, you do not need to worry about the ball getting out of sight.

4. Burn Jr Helmet 19

Designed specifically for young lacrosse players who are below 12 years of age. Vinyl Nitrate foam liner is in place that helps to absorb the energy from impacts. Seamless Velcro pull-tab adjustment system for a comfortable fit for budding players. Prolonged Polypropylene (EPP) liner is used in this concussion helmet to provide protection from impact. The best thing about this Burn Jr Helmet 19 is that it conforms to both NOCSAE standards and SEI standards.

5. Warrior Lacrosse-Helmets Evo

Warrior Lacrosse-Helmets Evo is designed to protect lacrosse players from a concussion. It gets made in Canada and therefore, you can be 100% certain that no cheap material was used in the manufacturing process to keep the price low.  If you are looking for a lacrosse concussion helmet that can offer a uniform fit and allow greater adjustability, look no farther than Warrior Lacrosse-Helmets Evo. Enjoy maximum protection from impacts during the game and it meets all the guidelines set out by the NOCSAE and SEI.