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Best Lacrosse Heads for Beginners

Best Lacrosse Head for Beginners

Lacrosse is a team sport played with long sticks and a ball. Each player performs a defined set of tasks such as carry, pass, and throw the ball using the stick. Invariably, this makes the head the most important equipment in the sport. Thus the choice of the lacrosse head may break or make your learning experience. For the ones, who have been just initiated into the sport or are beginners in the game, beginners friendly lacrosse heads are usually recommended. Since there are so many varieties of beginners lacrosse heads available in the market, you might find it increasingly difficult to get your hands on the right lacrosse head that suits your needs and budget. To make your job easier, here we have listed the best 6 Beginners Lacrosse Heads that money can buy –

Best 6 Beginners Lacrosse Heads

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1. East Coast Dyes Rebel Offense Lacrosse Head

East Coast Dyes Rebel Offense Lacrosse Head is designed to give you more control on the field so that you can dominate either as a defender or an attacker. Pinched scoop gives you more control and its optimized face gives you more power while shooting the ball and thus making it ideal for both seasoned and beginners lacrosse players. Scooping a groundball has become a lot easier thanks to its rounded scoop and the entire thing has got manufactured in the USA and that means, you will not have to worry about its built-in quality. East Coast Dyes Rebel Offense Lacrosse allow you to have superior control on the ball while running like crazy in the field and its aggressive flare makes it super easy to maintain accuracy while passing the ball to your team mates.

2. Maverik Kinetik Universal Lacrosse Head

Maverik Kinetik Universal Lacrosse Head is a true animal in every sense of the term. If you are looking for a lacrosse head that can help you maintain accuracy while throwing a ball, you need to get your hands on Maverik Kinetik Universal Lacrosse Head. Maverik Kinetik Universal Lacrosse Head is lightweight yet it has managed to maintain stiffness. X-Rail Technology is being used in the making of this beginners’ lacrosse head and this technology helps it channelizes stress to the opposite rail. Experience better ball control with Maverik Kinetik Universal Lacrosse Head.

3. Epoch Purpose 15-Degree Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Epoch Purpose 15-Degree Unstrung Lacrosse Head is designed for women lacrosse players who want to wield better control while shooting or passing the ball. Innovative 15-degree technology is used in the making of this beginners’ lacrosse head and this is what makes the ball reach the sweet spot of the head. Epoch Purpose 15-Degree Unstrung Lacrosse Head has a modern and minimalist design. This beginner’s lacrosse head is extremely lightweight. The stiffness of this head is maintained by a single strut which is incredible and this is what has helped it shed extra weight. Epoch Purpose 15-Degree Unstrung Lacrosse Head will help you add more brute power to your throws while maintaining accuracy.

4. Dynasty Warp Pro Head

Dynasty Warp Pro Head is a versatile and durable lacrosse head which is designed for extreme climatic conditions. Experience better control with Dynasty Warp Pro Head and the credit must be given to its Tapered Rail Design. Throat stiffness is maintained by its sidewall. Dynasty Warp Pro Head comes standard with a high Warp pocket. Basically, Dynasty Warp Pro Head is a beginner’s friendly lacrosse head which is available for the cheap.

5. Stx X10 Men’s Lacrosse Head

STX X10 Men’s Lacrosse Head is designed for both middies and defensive players who want to have more control over the ball without paying an astronomical amount for that. You can use this STX X10 Men’s Lacrosse Head in high school tournaments or in NCAA since it meets all the rules and regulations set up by the lacrosse governing body. Multiple stringing options is definitely an added advantage. STX X10 Men’s Lacrosse Head is designed in compliance with NFHS and NCAA. Experience better stiffness and strength with this STX X10 Men’s Lacrosse Head. Experience better ball control with this beginner’s lacrosse head. Groundball pickup has got easier thanks to its innovative sidewall design.

6. Maverik Optik 2.0 Lacrosse Head Unstrung

Maverik Optik 2.0 Lacrosse Head Unstrung is designed for attacking players who want to add more firepower to their shots. Accuracy and control are what you can expect from this beginner’s lacrosse head. Tight face ensures improved ball control whereas low-mid pocket ensures accurate ball release. Maverik Optik 2.0 Lacrosse Head Unstrung is known for its legendary durability and the inclusion of X-Rail Technology helps it distributes stress evenly.

Why Is the Market Awash with So Many Types of Beginner Lacrosse Heads?

A quick search reveals that complete sticks have been recommended for beginners. It is done so for two reasons. The primary reason is that it helps beginners develop the fundamental skills of the sport. Unlike seasoned players, beginners require to focus on all aspects of the sport to not only learn the trick of the trade but also to find their niche. Therefore, customized lacrosse heads, which are well suited for only specific functions and where the shaft and heads are sold separately, are not really required for beginners.

It is strongly recommended that the beginners try playing in all positions and styles so that they can ascertain their strengths and weaknesses. A complete stick helps them acquire knowledge of the styles such as defense, attack, carry, and pass.

Secondly, at the initiation stage, advanced skills are neither required nor expected of the player. The use of customized heads at the beginner’s stage can and is likely to act as a handicap as these sticks are designed for specific functions in the game. Only after having played for a considerable time and figuring out one’s style of play should a player move to customized heads.

What Are the Attributes to Look for In the Beginner’s Lacrosse Head?

Lacrosse heads for beginners is usually lightweight and basic. These head lack the specific features that are incorporated in heads for intermediate or advanced players. There are a few basic elements of the design that must be looked into.

Wider Face Shape

A wider face allows for better practice with throwing and catching the ball. Rather forgiving in comparison to narrow-faced sticks, the wider faced heads also allow for a better ground ball game.

Pre-Strung Heads

Since the beginners need to focus and frequently practice both catching and throwing the ball, it is better to have a stick with a pre-strung head. Using a pre-strung head removes the challenges that may arise from a poor-quality pocket, which may hamper the practice and or affect the overall quality of the stick.

Higher Offset Of The Pocket

An offset of a lacrosse head is the gradual distance between the lowest depth of the pocket and the top of the head of the stick. A higher offset allows for better ball retention in the pocket. Basically, the higher the offset the easier it is to cradle the ball and retain it.

As a beginner, the player is constantly required to focus on his or her footwork and stickwork. Choosing a lacrosse head with higher offset assists the player by taking off some worry about retaining the ball.

With the knowledge of these aspects about the Lacrosse sticks, you can now select the appropriate stick for the beginners of the game.

Sidewall Durability

Sidewalls are the strings that connect the scoop and the head. Reinforced sidewalls can not only lead to longer stick life but also help with practicing ground ball technique. Advanced players prefer durable heads because they need to deliver punishing checks and scooping the ball off the ground. New players, on the other hand, should look for durability so that the stick can withstand the abuse that comes from frequent practice.

Considering that beginners have to focus on acquiring skills of maneuvering the heads and the footwork, a highly durable head immensely helps with the practice sessions.