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Best Lacrosse Goggles for Women

Best Lacrosse Goggles for Women

Using proper protective gear when playing lacrosse is not to be compromised with, especially for advanced level players. Professional lacrosse players not only need quality gears but they must also choose the best among all kinds of lacrosse goggles.

During the game, the players exposed to the risk of injuries due to high checks. Moreover, it is important to protect yourself lest the speeding ball should result in a face injury. Goggles are typically worn by women laxers as a substitute for men’s helmet. Since lacrosse for women is not as much of a contact-sport as men’s lacrosse, women need lesser padding and protective equipment.

Lacrosse goggle is necessary for every laxer irrespective of the level of gameplay. This article is just the guide you need before you go ahead and invest in the best lacrosse goggles. Read on as we discuss how to go about choosing the best lacrosse goggles.

Best 8 Women Lacrosse Goggles

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Here are the top lacrosse Goggles that money can buy –

1. Bangerz HS-OTG Goggles

Bangerz HS-OTG Goggles can be worn alone with your prescription glasses which is definitely one of the major advantages of these lacrosse goggles. Comfortable to wear, Bangerz HS-OTG Goggles is designed with meticulous attraction. In case, you are looking for a pair of lacrosse goggles that offer premium level of protection and improves field vision at the same time, you need to get your hands on Bangerz HS-OTG Goggles.

You need lacrosse googles that can withstand a lot of abuse on the field and thankfully, Bangerz HS-OTG Goggles can meet your expectations as it is extremely durable and versatile in nature. Its eye guard is shatter resistant and can easily absorb shocks. Its polycarbonate lens are extremely lightweight and is made to withstand high impacts without getting shattered in the process.

To improve airflow, Bangerz HS-OTG Goggles has got a nice vented design and are highly adjustable. Its lenses are crystal clear and can help players see through dense fogs. It meets both ASTM F803-0 and USRA & ASTM F803 standards. It has also got an ati- scratch coating which is impressive by any standard. rainbow tinted lenses offer optimal protection from UVB rays of the Sun. Its headband can be washed easily and Bangerz HS-OTG Goggles are also hypoallergenic.

2. STX Lacrosse Womens 4Sight Plus Adult Lacrosse Goggles

STX Lacrosse Womens 4Sight Plus Adult Lacrosse Goggles have got a sleek new stylish look and feel. To cushion impacts, STX Lacrosse Womens 4Sight Plus Adult Lacrosse Goggles has used wires across the face. The design itself is kinda low-profile but it gets the job done which is more important. The wires don’t interfere with your ability to see the field in one way or the other.

STX Lacrosse Womens 4Sight Plus Adult Lacrosse Goggles has got a nice oval shape and to maximize comfort level, contoured silicone molds are used in the making of this pair of googles. To reduce glare, matte-finish is being used on the wires and to get rid of breakouts, silicone’s anti-microbial agent has also been used in it.

Available in a wide range of colors, STX Lacrosse Womens 4Sight Plus Adult Lacrosse Goggles is definitely a popular choice among women lacrosse players in the United States. This pair of googles does not slide down that easily and offers protection from reflection and glares. Ideal for both beginners and advance level players, STX Lacrosse Womens 4Sight Plus Adult Lacrosse Goggles offers excellent value for money.

3. STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles

STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles is mainly developed for kids. In case, you have been struggling a lot while trying to reshape a pair of lacrosse googles which are mainly designed for larger children, you need to get your hands on this STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles as soon as possible. It fit perfectly and has got the rubber to make it even more comfortable.

STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles meet both the ASTM F803-03 rules and ASTM F2713-09 rules. Players would not feel any discomfort resulting from sweat. Cleaning STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles is super easy. Offering optimal viewing experience, STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles are known for its durability and strength.

Since the padding is made from vented silicone, the moisture and the sweat will not get absorbed by it and thus eliminating the possibility of breakouts.

4. STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggle

STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggle is a no-nonsense lacrosse google which is known for its superior comfort level and visibility. STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggle does not have too many wires which is good as it helps increase visibility.

To improve strength to weight ratio, Titanium cage is used in it. STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggle is SEI certified, and meets all the ASTM F3077-17 requirements. At this price point, STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggle is definitely a great choice.

5. STX 4 Sight +S Adult Lacrosse Goggles

STX 4 Sight +S Adult Lacrosse Goggles has certified by SEI and it meet all the 2020 lacrosse playing rules. It has got steel cages that help protecting your face from the impacts of balls. Steel Cages provide the much needed strength.

It has got a minimal design and the credit goes to the use of double bars. Use of double bars help improve visibility. STX 4 Sight +S Adult Lacrosse Goggles meets all ASTM F3077-17 requirements.

5. STX Rookie S LAX/FH Goggles

STX Rookie S LAX/FH Goggles is another incredibly powerful yet cheap lacrosse goggles available in the market. The coolest thing about this STX Rookie S LAX/FH Goggles is that it meets all the 2020 playing rules and it is SEI Certified. So, that means you don’t have to deal with any legal complication after putting this one.

STX Rookie S LAX/FH Goggles is designed for girls under 12 and offers a decent level of protection from impacts in the game. The wire is oval and it has got a patented cage. To absorb the shocks, STX Rookie S LAX/FH Goggles has got ample amount of Silicone padding but that not mean that it will smell awful once the game is over since the padding is resistant to moisture. The oval design does not interfere with the vision which is one of its hallmark features.

6. Hummingbird Sports Women’s Lacrosse Hero Goggles

Hummingbird Sports Women’s Lacrosse Hero Goggles is ideal for girls over 13 years. The main USP of this Hummingbird Sports Women’s Lacrosse Hero Goggles is that it is highly customizable. You can adjust its angle the way you like and it will offer superior level of fittings. The wires are made from hardened carbon steel that ensures 100% protection from impacts but the bars hardly interfere with the field of vision.

The padding layer is made from micro-cellular foam and thus offers maximum comfort during the game. Overall, Hummingbird Sports Women’s Lacrosse Hero Goggles is a good pair of lacrosse goggles for women who want to play their heart’s out without spending a ton of money.

7. Under Armour UA Charge 2 Lacrosse Goggles OSFA Silver

Under Armour UA Charge 2 Lacrosse Goggles OSFA Silver has got a nice sporty look that we personally feel will be loved and adored by your daughter. The frame is extremely flexible and thus it effectively takes the pressures away. Extremely comfortable, Under Armour UA Charge 2 Lacrosse Goggles OSFA Silver meets ASTM F803-11 standards which is kinda impressive to say the least. To eliminate the possibility of slipping, plenty of etching has been done on its inner frame. The rubber strap can be extended easily.

8. STX Women’s Focus-S Ti Titanium Lacrosse Goggles

With STX Women’s Focus-S Ti Titanium Lacrosse Goggles, you don’t have to choose between a great field of vision and safety. STX Women’s Focus-S Ti Titanium Lacrosse Goggles offers best of the both worlds and that too without spending an astronomical amount on it.

It has got Titanium cage which is ultra-light and is known for offering extreme level of comfort that you simply can’t expect to experience with any other commonly available lacrosse goggles in the market. STX Women’s Focus-S Ti Titanium Lacrosse Goggles has got a minimalistic design and it meets all ASTM F3077-177 requirements. It is SEI Certified too.

Lacrosse Goggles Buying Guide

Choosing lacrosse goggles is easy when you are aware of the key considerations like quality, visibility, and padding. Unless you narrow down your preferences, choosing the best quality lacrosse goggle will remain to be a taxing, and often a futile exercise for you.

Listed below are some of the key aspects to consider before diving headfirst into it.

1. Visibility – Adult vs. Youth Lacrosse Goggles

There is not much difference between adult eyewear and youth eyewear except for the size of the goggle. Adult players use wider and more adaptive eye-wears. On the other hand, eye-wears used by young laxers are narrow with a narrower frame. Beginners or young laxers can also use adult goggles if they are comfortable in them.

Young lacrosse players shall eventually have to get adult lacrosse goggles for themselves. It is wiser to test the goggles out for comfortability before purchasing. Even in case you have a smaller head for an adult, you can home in on youth lacrosse goggles.

2. Protection – ASTM Lacrosse Safety Standard

Laxers must choose ASTM certified goggles to be able to wear them during the game. ASTM certification is the seal of approval for buying a lacrosse goggle. ASTM seal implies that the product has been designed taking complete protection of the eyes into consideration. ASTM products are also tested internationally for safety.

You can also use ASTM lacrosse goggles for recreational play. As of January of 2016, all lacrosse goggles must meet the ASTM 3077 standard. The ASTM certified eye-wears are able to withstand the impact force of a ball moving at 60 MPH at adult level and 45 MPH at youth level.

3. The Right Fit for Lacrosse Goggles

You shall find plenty of popular brands offering a wide range of lacrosse goggles. But before you finalize your pick, you must make sure the eyewear fits you well. Buying too tight or too loose eye-wears will give you some trouble on the field. Tight eye-wears can trigger headaches and might also cause irritation. And if your lacrosse goggle is too loose, you will frequently need to adjust it during the game which might ruin the game for you. Thus, only the right fit qualifies to your purchase list.

Protection is another important aspect that you must consider. Make sure the glasses are durable and can withstand harsh blows and high checks. Therefore, it is imperative for you to evaluate the quality before blowing your bucks on lacrosse goggles. You can try goggles on and choose the one that offers maximum visibility.

Make sure head on to US Lacrosse and check their list of approved eye-wear before buying a pair.

4. Goggle Padding

The inner side of lacrosse goggles is padded with anti-microbial material. The padding can be either foam or silicone-based. The inner sides of lacrosse goggles come in direct contact with the skin. Therefore, for better comfort and great fit, padding in lacrosse goggles is essential.

Manufacturers make use of semi-rigid materials for padding which works well by absorbing high impact whips and blows, protecting your eyes from injury. Despite the inner padding, the goggle must be lightweight.

For players with hypersensitivity or skin allergies, silicone padding is the best as it is resistant to the absorption of moisture and sweat and is easier to clean before every lacrosse season. Alternatively, laxers can also go for goggles with gel padding.

5. Materials Used in Making Lacrosse Goggles

Lacrosse goggles are manufactured from hard plastic. The best quality lacrosse goggles frames are made from scratch-resistant plastic so that they last for seasons. You can also invest in a piece that features anti-fog coating so that there is no occlusion of the vision when on field.

Some lacrosse goggles are also designed for laxers who wear glasses. Laxers can get those lacrosse goggles and wear them over their glasses. They are comfortable and safe all the same.

6. Goggles Design

You will find a few different eye-wear designs offered by various brands and sellers. Lacrosse goggles with oval wire design are known to enhance the vision capacity and resist high-impact blows. It provides the laxer with greater peripheral vision and minimum obstruction in regards to visibility.

Laxers can also use enhanced downward vision which is also ideal for midfielders. These frames are lightweight and very adaptable when it comes to the right fit. Goggles also come with flat a bar which is characterized by a better fit and additional comfort.

7. Specifications for the Band

Lacrosse glasses must ideally be flexible as to avoid any impact from hard rubber balls and high checks. Before you buy lacrosse goggles, check the quality and fit of the strap. The strap must be firm enough to hold goggles in place so that it does not move around.

8. Additional Lacrosse Goggle Features

Some lacrosse goggles are designed to fit the shape of any face with maximum comfort. The models come with a flexible frame and a swivel clip. The soft inner padding ensures better fit and restricts goggles fro shifting around when on field. Players can also look out for the split strap feature for better comfort and protection.